Fortress of Solitude, the Arctic

The Bat-cruiser smashes through into the icy surface above what was once the Fortress of Solitude after its passengers blacked out from sonic speeds used by Kal to bring them here from the Antarctic yet in his absence the place has become a dead zone. Nothing is alive there anymore since he left it to its own devices not long after the Lords took charge following his killing Luthor. Diana awakens first dragging Bruce along after the crash. It is not just physically cold here, but emotionally too, she remembered visiting here years ago when invited by Kal, but of course that was before Wally's death. Bruce had also been there then too, which made it all the sadder as the three of them no longer had that bond they kept as the triumvirate icons of heroes throughout the world.

The Trinity is broken though is it beyond mending?

They once inspired people, the same who come to fear and distrust them, of course some of it was deserved, but somehow a singular fail is enough to shatter a history of success. It is the hypocrisy that belongs to any age, but especially this one as there is a notion that fallen heroes never truly regain the people's trust. There were certain things that would always be so such as distrust though not from all or kept by all.

However what people does this refer to now?

The populace, the politicians, the paranoids, and so labels fail too. There is absence of unity in actions, beliefs, decisions, motives, in all that characterizes the human race, but this does not mean they are meant for destruction, that there is an inevitability of an ending. As he leans on her shoulder, they are further inside in what was the Hall of Weapons, but obviously in disrepair and disuse that the arsenal of weapons no longer functions. He sits down and reluctantly considers using the blue kryptonite node on Kal.

"I can't kill him. As much as he might deserve it or should get it, I can't, and killing is not in me."

"Then let me do it…"

"No, no more deaths dealt out by any of us."

"You'll just let him beat on us again. You fought back the last few times or found ways around it."

"I will not compromise, I might bend, but I refuse to break, you know well why not."

"Yes I do, but I will not let him harm you."

"I know."

Kal smashes through several walls of ice to reach their location.

"You first Bruce, and then Diana!" he shouts at them.

"Why me I ask again?" quips Bruce.

"You know well why you first!"

"Right blame me for the League Superman duping you and Luthor de-powering you!"

"It is more than that; you betrayed the promise, the cause, and us your ex-teammates."

"No, I did not, I did what I thought was right then and still even now."

"Either you are going to kill me with whatever you got or I'll kill you for doing nothing."

"You want it to end, end it yourself, because we have more important things to do now."

Kal races at them yet stumbles as Bruce pulls out the sliver of blue Kryptonite.

"It is not anti-Kryptonite is it?" he asks weakly.

"No it is not."

"So kill me already! I dare you!"

"No, you want everyone to suffer like you do, you see I used to think pain was the only thing that kept me alive when I almost died countless nights in years past, but something else kept me alive, something you have forgotten."

"What's that?"

"What being human means."

"I am not human!"

"Being human is not relative to a species, it is a condition of being, of feeling…"

"Just finish this already!"

"You do have a death wish, don't you?"

"What does that mean?"

"It means you want someone to kill you because you feel unforgivable."

He charges at Bruce even though his strength his slipping and so he noticeably starts to bleed then stop attacking again. Bruce turns to follow Diana out of the room as Kal sits there alone in the coldness of the monument, of the library, of the testament to a species that may no longer grace the universe with their legacy. As their legacy is far from what he used to be yet less than what he could be just the same. Bruce gets the Bat cruiser ready as Diana takes a parting look at the decayed Fortress then follows Bruce into the cruiser. It was time to go, to end this deadly waltz with Ra's Al-Ghul's Final Overture. As for Kal, he will follow to the end too so he gives chase, but not to end them anymore, just simply to end this looping psychology in his mind.

Sanctuary Base, Antarctica

The dark haired Templar then turns away after mentally knocking out Galatea and with a twirl of icy winds she is gone, just as Waller had been expecting though the girl had more than earned that right. As for the others they are up to their necks with Ultimen, but they hold just the same. She turns her attention to the exhaust trails leading skyward, they were all off to the battle ground, and she could safely say for once she had done the right thing, not the supposedly smart thing.

Lunar Tower, the Moon

The Outsiders begin the assault and of course the Society resists with all their numbers on hand. They start beaming in more to compensate, but the Outsiders in full force are an army to be reckoned with when truly determined except Ra's wonders why Bruce has yet to make an appearance though even he knows that some fights are more stealth and guile than anything else. The other thoughts are about Talia and his grandchild, but that would have to wait, he could not afford personal distractions. At present the lead front is being taken up by the Question and the Huntress as Black Canary, Green Arrow, Nightwing, and Batgirl cover them.

A strange surprise is seeing so many costumes here because for the longest time he had trouble discerning their full number, but now here, he sees they were far greater than even he knew at the present. Surprises abound with someone like Bruce Wayne in the mix and so he recalls their first battle many years ago when Ra's tried to drive the city's populace insane using a more lethal version of Crane's fear toxins. The first of many plots Bruce Wayne would foil, but of course Bruce had proven to be the latest in the long of individuals who kept getting in his way except this would be the last time, it would be so as he felt certain despite this so-called Outsiders army.

Ra's remembers back to the night he first had to deal with Bruce as Batman and before that too.

Gotham City at its peak is the magnet to all those aspiring to begin a better life in America, but of course most of the tall tales are false. The roads are not made of gold, the streets are not welcoming, the buildings are sponges of untold suffering and miseries, and this is only just the beginning of it. However this is not the side of Gotham everyone sees or believes unchangeable, but the principal function of the Society is to bring about a systematic collapse to start over because that is the way in accordance with the Society. However there are some who do not share this view. It was clear that Bruce Wayne would be liable to disagree, but he had taken in many steps further than just words at the end of his time studying under Ra's except at that point Bruce had known him as Drakon Renault.

Wayne had undergone the training to become a member of the Society. However on the day of his final test, he would not be the judge, the jury, and the executioner. He had been released from his aimless wanderings that gotten him thrown in prison for a theft that did not succeed even with him as active part of the plot. He had seen Wayne's crude fighting style as an amalgam of every teacher besides Ra's himself could teach such a driven and tormented young man. The boy was troubled, the youth was eager, but the man still carried the fear of both within him. He would teach him to face that fear and learn to accept the unacceptable that somehow he was not as responsible for his parents' demise as he had believed all those years.

At every turn, every test, if Bruce did not succeed from the outset, he would the second time, the pattern of resilience seem to defy every effort to deter or trick him, but of course he knows this about Bruce, anticipates yet nothing ever quite prepares for Bruce's work around. It would be that methodology that had given Wayne the opening to 'spare' a murderer to a trial, but of course he as Drakon would remind Wayne of how his parents' killer had been able to lick the system. He however insists that the man regardless of his crimes is to be held accountable by the people, not by some sole arbiter. It is that instant that everything went truly wrong as he incorrectly interpreted Bruce to be a willing protégé. This is the last error on his part, but by no means the last mistake as he would repeatedly insist to Bruce to take over the Society in the event that he passes away.

However this is where the declining effectiveness of the Pits begins as well, he had simply been using them for far too long and now he would have to figure out how to deal with it. It is the coming years that he begins engineering a method to transfer his consciousness to other bodies while pursuing a smoother method that would enable to hijack Bruce's body if that becomes necessary to use Wayne and his fortune to sustain the Society. The method proves to be tricky as replicating the process too many times eventually shows that is growing increasingly unstable to keep shifting neural patterns as they could degrade over had to find a way to remain in one body again otherwise the Society would end with his death leaving the task of restoring the balance undone forever.


He would confront Bruce for the first time as he recalls in the newest body at Wayne Manor following a party held to honor his late parents, but of course, he feigns illness to get them to leave as he must see the old family doctor before deciding what to do next. The crowd is vaguely sympathetic yet both men know it is all an act meant on Bruce's part to delay the guests' deaths.

"Quite a show you have given them, make them believe in this well meaning yet ever so slightly inept Mr. Bruce Wayne."

"What are you doing here? I saw you to safety after the destruction of the Ra's Al-Ghul's house of operations."

"You mean the destruction of my operations, you see, I am Ra's Al-Ghul, but I have gone by many names including the one I used when I first found you in that prison."

"I have been using other faces in the past too, so I no longer wear my real original face anymore."

"Facial surgery was not begun even its crudest form until after the First Continent War."

"I had kept my original appearance up until a matter of months after you went back home."

"So what did this new look is come from what exactly?"

"No one body seems to last forever even if you believe yourself immortal."

"This means the Pits are ceasing to regenerate you."

"Right on target, but things are best not left undone so I must be going to finish."

"You know I can't let you finish whatever the plan you have in motion."

"That is only so if you believe I'm the one endangering the world not everyone else."

"This city, this world still has people that can make it worth saving, resetting, restarting is not the way."

"You still have such young ways of looking at things despite how much has happen to you, but I did warn you about such things and that enemies would not share it though at one point I could hardly imagine you as an enemy yet if that is to be, so then it is."

"You make it sound like destiny or fate for us to be on opposite sides."

"Hardly, but goodbye Wayne, it could have been different."

Something strikes Bruce Wayne in the head, but of course his butler was nowhere to be seen at the time of the intrusion yet it is that older man to save Wayne from the flames so he would be able to go after Ra's to save the city. The train speeds along triggering the toxin as it went and the people did start turning on each other like as one expects under the effects of fear toxins. Batman descends onto the train roof and fights his way through the men guarding Ra's and the device on the train. In ones, twos, and sometimes even three sections quite responding to status update calls until it is only Ra's and two others with him.


"You and you keep an eye out for him."

Both are thrown into the next car before Batman cuts it off from this engine section car that also houses the device triggering the toxins.

"You fail to grasp, fail to realize that nothing stops the plan."

"Keep telling yourself that when this thing skids to a stop or lets loose from the track."

The engine section goes with the tracks after the pillar supports were shot out. As it plunges to street level, Ra's just stands there expecting the crash and the explosion even as Batman had been reluctant to grapple away. This would not be the end, just another setback for Ra's Al-Ghul, but if the test of the toxins was a 'success' then the Society would have gone global with it, but it was not so in the intervening years he would track Wayne's 'crusade' to save Gotham.

It seem to go surprisingly well at least until an identified himself as the Joker began operating in Gotham and for the first time Wayne would learn the price of underestimating someone. The whole mess left him or rather Batman hounded for a long while simply because he refused to allow Joker to ruin the reputation of the recently split in former Gotham D.A. Harvey Dent.

Dent as anyone well knows by now became Two-Face, another addition to Batman's growing list of enemies and super villains. The realization that occurs to Ra's is that Gotham's more infamous criminals were people that Wayne knew or Batman incidentally had dealt with before whatever brought them into the criminal fraternity. Bruce and Batman kept trying to help them believing that they did not intend to remain criminals, but most proved to be consistent in that being a criminal was the way many of them were stuck being for whatever cause or reason.

However one thing surely in common between him and them is the psychology that formulates their behavior and personality because like him nearly none of them possess powers to give them any kind of supernatural edge. This is the only difference between myself and your other Rogues detective, but maybe you would disagree, I'm sure you would he thinks after leaving Gotham that night though he would back. Each time the detective would find a way to stop him or even somehow find a way for Talia to throw 'a wrench' into the latest plot.

Habitat Levels, Lunar Tower, the Moon

The overflow and the bombs are taking their toll on the surface below, but for now the damage is self-contained. Inara zipping about the room is knocking over Society operatives left and right before stopping for a breather and sample Cadmus commissary food.

"Not bad, but our food was always better," sighs Inara

She zips off again.

Kyle, Roy, Donna, and Gar go on the attack once inside while Kory, Raven, and Victor help flank the way to the control room. As for Dick and Barbara they cover Steel, the Atom, and Captain Atom on the way to the power cores, but of course there is fierce resistance.

Another two blips appear on the tracking sensors, one definitely belongs to Batman's new ship, but the other is unknown at least until visual confirmation shows its Kal. Ra's is curious why the Kryptonian has not culminated his desire to kill his former friends, but of course his mind was already in bad shape to begin with so Bruce was likely to use that as an advantage. He orders the gunners to fire at the next targets and they do even as the battle continues around them up here.

Elsewhere in the base Vic elbows and fists multiple Society operatives while Helena just rapidly deals blows without much consideration as to what she is hitting though from their groans it might almost seem obvious that she was rougher than usual on the anatomy. Oliver is going rapid fire with the new crossbow yet at that moment he is almost struck by a trio coming after him except they tied up by a double arrow fired by Roy.

"Ex-sidekick?" jests Oliver.

"Ex-partner!" jokes Roy.

They both however are about to owe Dinah as she gets the drop on two guys about to jump them from above.

"Where did you find her?" says Roy.

"Put it this way, she can fight and well I love her."

"You better believe it Ollie!"

"I do Pretty Bird."

"You call her Pretty Bird? Right Black Canary," continues Roy.

"You would be Speedy I presume?" says Dinah.

"Correct well time to go."

The three of them meet back up with the recently ambushed Victor and Gar who had been trying to keep up with Kory and Raven who went ahead to clear the path to the control room from this direction. The other pathways are being mopped up by Vic, Helena, Vigilante, Dick, and Barbara. Everyone keeps pressing ahead, but there are enough Society operatives to slow their advance. The fighting is widespread as some are just holding the lines while others are shifting them yet there is a rallying point once the Outsiders start seeing Batman and Wonder Woman punch their way through.

Sanctuary Base, Antarctica

The body count is high, but the Templars have held the ground. The Ultimen might have had numbers on their side, but it takes more than that to win a battle, super powers or not. As for Shayera, she slumps into John's arms and so he with J'onn's help gets her to the medical infirmary just to check her over. The fighting was intense for all of them, but she had several near misses with those attacking her. She is alright though J'onn advises that she stays in bed for the time being so John stays with her there.

Kara reports in over the comlink from Smallville after hearing from those left to keep tabs on Metropolis and Gotham. The disasters are being held against for the moment and fortunately with a little help from Summer Gleason there's been a retraction made against previous accusations against the Outsiders. It is a small relief, but right now there is still the bigger picture with that binary gun.

Lunar Tower, the Moon

Ubu is taken down by Batman who had already gotten through Ubu's handpicked guard detail for his master. As he nears Ra's, the current body appears to be wasting away like the others, but then he tries grab Batman, to drain him for his life force yet Batman deflects his paltry attempts so Ra's elbows the detective hard. He tumbles backwards before Ra's goes to one of the control operators and drains him.

It is not a pleasant sight to say the least and then he brings up the next firing pattern before executing the firing command. The plan was to disable the fusion power systems to stop the gun except it was taking longer than Batman thought it should so he tries to contact Steel. There is no answer so of course staying up here means risking Ra's draining him so he heads back the other way and while in motion orders a shift from the control room to the power cores. It is too deadly to engage Ra's in hand to hand with what he just saw him do to that his follower.

Meanwhile Kal tosses both Outsider and Society without much care to what he was doing, but knowing what was up here drove him to come here. He stood above the chamber leading to the binary fusion cores and below several knocked down Outsiders are being dragged away by unhurt Outsiders. The Society operators are down, but members of the Bat clan get them out of there. He can hear them debating how to shut it down yet he grips the power conduit that relays the charge to the gun so as it about to unload into the gun so instead of it going there, it goes into him before the cores themselves appear to shut down. He heads for the control room where Ra's cannot seem to work out why the gun did not fire this time until he sees Kal.

"Who stopped the energy flow?" demands Ra's.

"I did," he answers.

"Where did it go?"

"It is in me."

Ra's grabs Kal and then Kal grabs him before almost going sonic to drag the old man back to the blast area.

"What are you doing?"

"I am ending."

"You really are insane."

"Perhaps, but saving by destroying is not the way."

"You dare…"

Ra's head gets hit by a random chunk of metal.

"Watch where you are flying!" he shouts again.

"Not like it is going to matter now."

"What does that?"

He is holding Ra's above the binary fusion cores now.

"You really do have a death wish don't you?"

"Yes I do… but you are too dangerous to leave alive."

"We had a deal, I brought you back to settle your personal vendetta."

"I was wrong, I have been wrong before, and I don't think I'll ever be right again."

Batman enters to see Kal holding Ra's by the collar.

"What are you doing?" asks Bruce in the Batman voice.

"Stopping him forever," answers Kal.

"You'll just be repeating what started us down this road."

"I'm at the end of mine, there is nowhere else, no one else to fail, my time is over, but I'm taking him with me."

"I'm afraid his death is not up to you."

The Blue Kryptonite does its work once embedded in Kal's side and as he drops Kara who had been beamed up in the past couple minutes reluctantly catches her deranged cousin and as for Ra's he is hanging onto the cross beams of the platform that houses the binary fusion cores. Ra's gasps before he laughs in an almost maniacal tone at Batman, at Bruce before he responds at all.

"You still won't let anyone kill, one day plenty are not going to be that lenient, one day someone will succeed at killing you because you let this world continue when I could just restart it from the beginning."

"Nobody is going to kill you, you either manage to pull yourself out of this one or plunge to your death from there. I'm not helping you. I'm just letting you work your way out or not."

His strength is fading, his age is showing, and it is then that he slips.

"You'll regret this latest insult Detective."

"Maybe, but I'm tired of you and your ending the world plans…"

"There is one thing however that you are forgetting…"

"You didn't…."

"Oh, but I did…."

Kal slams Kara into the bulkhead then starts gripping his skull. The last of host of Ra's dies, but his sense of manipulation was enough to finish driving Kal in the direction that former Superman had already been heading toward before getting back to this reality. He rushes at Bruce and grabs him by the neck. Diana upon hearing a scuffle not far ahead in the cores spots Kal dangling Bruce over the edge.

"Hera NO!" yells Diana.

"Don't worry Diana because you'll be with him in the afterlife soon!"

"They used to say I was insane, well you're worse than the Joker."

"Sure and you belong in a straitjacket, Detective."

"Hold the phone you never called me that before."

"I was able to suppress the other parts of his personality after too many sessions in that tank."

"You invaded his mind?"

"He was already quite full of negative emotions for all the former Lords, but especially you, I just used it the same way I used Cadmus."

"People as tools, as ways to ensure your everlasting designs that always fail!"

In every opening to the chamber stands a pack of Outsiders or their allies up here.

"I really suggest those of you are not willing to deal with me in this state to leave."

No one moves…

"These cores are going to overload if someone does not fire off the energy buildup."

"You realize you share his weaknesses in that body."

"Right well that's what you think."

Kal's head jerks before Kal tries to speak again after throwing Bruce towards Diana

Inside his skull howls Ra's voice, you dare not do that!

He only answers I certainly do dare.

"Everyone clear out now!"

The blast envelopes the chamber in a blinding light and then the binary gun falls silent as the discharge within the cores themselves knocks everything down to emergency power.

Bruce and Diana enter the ruined power cores to see Kal's body lying there unmoving, but the expression on his face more benign and saddened rather malevolent and tormented then there is a gasp as he raggedly exhales just a little.

"Tell them I'm sorry…"

"You can tell them yourself…"

"Somehow dying doesn't seem so bad now…"

"You aren't going to die…"

"I think you are wrong…"


"If you had not already noticed, Ra's had the last laugh after all."

"This base is about blow itself up courtesy of the Society rigging the backup power generators to destroy this place."

"All teams back to the Javelins immediately."

Some might find this particular twist unbelievable, but often the most unbelievable things transpire at the most darkest of times, and so two drag one away from the wreckage that one is content to die in so that from here the Trinity might be reborn.

"Somebody help me carry him."

"There is no time, you can't save everyone Bruce."

"Just shut up already, I'm tired of your fatalistic spews."

As the three of them move towards one of the last remaining Javelins, the weakened Kal is passed off to Kara and Donna. It was only later that they learned that the tank's radiation had a side component that reacts badly to binary fusion discharges, but it took time to work its way through his body. The world wouldn't forget what almost happen that day, the day that would be in retrospect called the Near Apocalypse of 09.

Kent Farm, Smallville, Kansas

As for Kal, he will probably spend the rest of his life trying to get reacquainted with just being Clark if that was still possible. The physiological damage from the radiation only meant that he would no longer be able to use his powers to perceived maximum levels. However this gradually ceases to bother him, he felt terrible about his behavior, once he had begun to accept that no matter how powerful he was, he still made mistakes, people died, and he could not prevent it. It would take a long time to come to terms with what happen in the past several years, but even when the Outsiders reformed into the Watchers not long after Near 09, he was content to stay on the side lines.

The buck had been passed off to those who had proven they could shoulder the weight because he knew it was time to step aside. His Earth parents were not likely to be around much longer so even there he is met with the fact that people die, but at least he could be with them again. Most of his loved ones were eager to forgive, which surprised a lot of people, but they didn't matter much. Of course the government in some areas wanted to execute him though what good is it to kill a man that already was intent on dying for his own behavior.

Even the best of us falls down some times, commits unthinkable acts, and so the world has to live with the consequences, is that any different than any other time, maybe held higher because one saw him and others like him as the best of Earth's heroes until a stumble or a fail. Waller ultimately decides in agreement with the former Outsiders to recast Kal as having died in that final battle fighting Ra's Al-Ghul. From a certain perspective many could see the point of it because he wasn't anyone he was before except for maybe being Clark again and for most that was fine.

All was not forgotten, but perhaps they had to shove forgiveness into him regardless of whether he wants or deserves it.

The world hobbles along for a time after this yet the important things were almost best left unsaid whether you went to being a farmer with a woman who went onto a become a novelist like Lois Lane or you were a teacher who was on his way home to propose to his great love.

"Somehow I actually love living on a farm now, but maybe it is my love for you my handsome farmer," whispers Lois.

Martha comes out to join her on the porch with Lana and Kara. Lana answers the phone and passes it over to Lois, its Lois' doctor here in Smallville. She had moved here on a permanent basis after telling Perry she would prefer to become a novelist now, she had enough of newspapers for awhile.

"What?!?" gasps Lois.

"What is it honey?" asks Martha.

"I am…"

"You're kidding!"

All three of them hug her after she finishes the call and he looks over in their direction with a slight smile.

Wayne Manor, Gotham City

Diana inhales the air above the cove as a certain someone sits down beside her.

"There's something I have been meaning to ask you for awhile, but I think now's the time."

"What is that?"

The little blue black box is all the indication she needs before he can even open it as she snatches it out of his hand and opens it herself. She pins him on the rocks after putting it on and whispers to him that her answer is yes though of course she is too busy kissing him for him to respond after her answer.

London, England

Roy tenders his resignation from the organization because he says he is unsure what he wants to do now after having been up there with all his former comrades in the fight to save world from a literal endgame. Donna unexpectedly meets him on the way back to his tenement and she looks too lovely to ignore so he wonders how she became so attractive to him.


As for Kyle he is taking over as Earth's Lantern in accordance with the Guardians' decision while John is busy with Shayera in her last month of pregnancy with help from Virgil among others. In the two months since the averted endgame, the world had been a different place mostly due to a great many reporters of the Outsiders, now the Watchers in the efforts to stop it. However as one can expect not everyone is accepting this as usual, but for the moment public opinion is against the shadowy and scattered opposition.


Cassandra is celebrating her first day of walking on a beautiful afternoon swinging from the arms of her parents who were able to return to their jobs with the thanks of Bludhaven, Gotham, and more. As for Tim, he is spending the day with them and unofficially he has been made Cassandra's uncle. Alfred is enjoying the afternoon with some tea after noticing Bruce approach Diana with a palm sized box in his hand.

In many other places, the people behind the costumes are on the move, but not for missions right now. Kory, Victor, Gar, and Raven are making a day trip to Tokyo for the first time in years. Helena and Vic go on a road trip alone. Oliver and Dinah go traveling alone together as well. It was not a goodbye, not a departure, but it was a time to travel, to do new things, be in the company of those that matter instead of being brought together by things like the end of the world.

Lastly a dark haired girl carrying a raggedy doll in her arms settles down into a swing and begins rocking it with her mind. She misses them every day, sometimes she feels guilty about their deaths, sometimes she regrets what she's done since then, and other times she is glad to be away from all that now. It is a time to just be whatever felt natural to the moment and all look to where the land meets the sky that could be called the infinite ring because it spans the world.

A/N 1: Begins at the abandoned Fortress of Solitude between what used to be the big three or triumvirate. Of course Bruce won't give Kal what he wants nor will they allow him to get in their way because Ra's must be stopped.

A/N 2: Ra's comes very close to succeeding, but he fails even when screwing around with Kal's head during the time in the tank when Vandal had been trying to restore his powers. Most of his behavior is own splintered mind, but Ra's just stirred it further. He also leaves a surprise behind in Kal, a measure to make Kal finish the deal, but some part of Kal's mind is able to resist.

A/N 3: I debated Kal and Ra's killing each other... in the end, I wrote Ra's dying and Kal dying technically as Clark returns. As for him staying alive as a farmer (nod to For The Man Who Has Everything fantasy life). The Kents, Kara, Lois, and Lana are just heart hungry to have Clark back.

A/N 4: The Outsiders reform into the Watchers following the Near 09 in this story, but some before actively taking part in the new group decide to travel, I mean go see the world you were out to save not so long ago. Again not everyone is forgiving and of course no one is forgetting either. Most of the former Titans go to Tokyo, nod to the Trouble in Tokyo. Vic and Helena go on a road trip in his Pontiac. As for Oliver and Dinah, they just use the time to get lost traveling too.

A/N 5: Bruce proposes to Diana in a way similar to how he proposed to Andrea. As for John and Shayera, the kid is coming soon. As for Kyle, he's on permanent assignment on Earth. As for Roy, Donna pays him a visit in London. This chapter plot-wise is similar to Divided We Fall.