When Your Knees Buckle

Chapter 12: The Year 2111

In the year 2111, I turn five.

I can remember that day, now more vividly than ever. My dad took the day off to spend time with me, make it special. He rented a Super Jump 9000 for me and all of my friends and I remember being disappointed because that particular jump house only fit three hundred kids and only let you jump six hundred feet. But at the end of the day, my friends were happy, so I was happy.

It didn't hit me until now. All of my family was there. Uncle Linus and aunt Ren, my cousins Gary, Traven, and Kira. Hundreds of unnameable kids in my neighborhood, and my grandparents, Kyle Jr. and Geraldine. All on my mom's side.

But there was one little girl in particular at that party that I spent most all of my time with.

Little Keely Teslow.

I recall her hair being in pigtails that day, held up with orange hair ties. It was brown, not blonde, maybe the reason I didn't recognize her. She wore a silver frilly dress with little orange flowers trickled throughout. She came at me, skipping alongside her mother, bearing a gift box the size of a CD case.

"Happy Nirday, Phil!" She oozed, stuffing the box in my face.

I gladly took it and thanked her accordingly, asking, "Wanna go on my Super Jump with me?"

She nodded enthusiastically and we ran to the Super Jump, joining the other kids in a joyous day.

Mike wasn't there. He took my dad's shift that day, just so he could throw me this party. In fact, I remember my mom asking where Mike was as Mandy and Keely arrived.

Mandy and my mom had been close for years, long before I was born. Long before Mandy met Mike, which was in 2109, when Keely was only three years old.

I know I was only a kid, and I didn't understand the things I do now. But thinking back, or forward, on it... There's was always a sort of unacknowledged tension between my mom and Mandy. They both acted strangely whenever Mike was around but only if my dad my wasn't there. He was kind of the peacekeeper for three of them.

As Mike continued, the pieces of the story seemed to be fitting together much more accurately than I'd expected.

Turns out, Mike was fired three days after my Nirday. He blamed my dad which led to their falling-out. After which, Keely and I never spoke.

When 2121 finally came, my dad went through the time machine renting process. He told my mom that we were leaving for good.

"So, yeah, Phillip... You are my son. When I found out that your dad was removing you from the century... Well, I think you know what happens next," Mike kicked the door over and over, aiding it to break.

I watched silently as his polished Bulldozer Boots came bursting through the door, again and again, until he could enter.

Time seemed to have frozen. The Bulldozer Boot was mid-kick and halfway through the door. I looked at Keely who was holding an Alpha Wizrd.

"How did you do that?" I ask her, puzzled. I knew that Wizrd model was new, but I had no clue that it could freeze time.

"Are you mad at me, Phil?" She slips the Wizrd in her back pocket and crosses her arms nervously.

"Keely, how did you-"

"Phil, are you mad at me?" She urges.

At this particular moment, I don't know how to feel. I use the time given to me to storm out of this musty closet of lies. All this time she had the means to save ourselves and she didn't do it until now... It almost makes me think she wanted me to know everything. She just didn't want to tell me herself.

"Where are you going, Phil!?" She calls after me.

I continue walking out, up the stairs, down the hallway and out the front door. She doesn't follow. I start to wonder how long this time freeze will last and if she'll ever come to find me.

And then there's the elephant in the room.

Quite technically, Keely is my sister. And she knew it, too, which is what makes this whole situation very wrong. Like a bad remake of Cruel Intentions.

"Phil," Yurna appears behind me. I forgot she was here. "It's not Keely's fault. She didn't know."

Shouldn't she be attacking me or something? Drugging me and tying me to another bed?

"Will you talk to me, please?" She asks.

I turn towards and nod, following her back inside.

She takes me to the kitchen and prepares a pot of coffee. "Want any?" I shake my head.

"Keely didn't know?" I pose.

"No, she didn't, Phil... In fact, she's just found out the morning after you're guys' little... You know," she says.

"Why are you being nice to me?"

She stirs her coffee on the counter before sitting down next to me. "I'm not a big fan of Mike's, believe it or not..."

"So why help him?"

She hesitates. "... Did Mike get to the part about his ex-wife?" I nod. "Mandy and I, we have a similar story. Only difference is that I'm not going to fail." She sips her coffee sullenly.

"Fail at what?" I question.

"Killing Mike."

There's a painful silence that follows before I speak. "Yurna?" She looks at me. "Where's my family?"

Her face turns cold and she places her coffee cup on the table, crossing her arms tightly. "Do you know what year it is, Phil?"

The year?... I didn't even think about that.

She continues. "It's 2126," she reveals.

Al that time when I was knocked out on who knows what, he took me back to the future.

"You're parents are dead, Phil."

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