Harry still had a hard time believing sometimes it had been over a decade since he finished school, two since he first took the train. So much had change, more then most people experienced in that time. He had found friends, a new family, and the love of his life, gone from the kid everyone looked at because of the scar, the boy who lived, to looked at as one of the best seekers in history, having broken every record he could with the United in the eight years he played, when not on paternity leave. Three years ago he made his dad incredibly happy when he took over as DADA professor, Remus having hoped his son would one day, even though he had been happy for his son to play. Harry saw his dad every day for Remus remained head of Gryffindor and was assistant headmaster under his husband, Severus being promoted when Minerva finally retired five years ago, as well as writing text. Lucius and the kids lived weekdays with him at school and weekends and holidays at the manor, but though the kids had lived at school for three years, Jordan insisted on the real experience.

Harry smiled as he watched Eddie and Jordan together, best friends even though a year apart, more like brothers even though it was Uncle Jordan to Eddie technically. Eddie was a second year Slytherin with his Uncle Sev's love of potions and his Papa's skill on a broom, and hoped to make chaser that year, and Jordan was sure to follow. Jordan was Lucius all over again, other then his Papa's skill as a seeker, and Harry had no doubt he would be a snake. He may have had Fred as a godfather but he was not much of a mini marauder, he left it to his little sister.

Harry smile as Draco and the boys headed their way, he and Blaise had two sons. "Eddie you better watch out for your Uncle when he makes Slytherin."

Eddie smirked. "Ah come on Grandpa Harry, you know we flush the heads of the first years, it is tradition. Never know he could be a badger."

Jordan put his nephew in a head lock, and Draco's younger son, nine year old Crispin Blaise Malfoy, whispered to his Uncles that they had taken a bet his brother would have been a lion. If there was a lion among them, it was the child who should have been godson to the twins, Harry and Lucius' second son, Iain. Iain and Crispin were only weeks apart in age, both August babies. Iain was Fred all over again, full of jokes and smiles, a ball of energy, and very smart, but not much for books while Crispin was quiet, into books and puzzles, and often helped Iain come up with pranks. They definitely had the makings of the firs Malfoys to not be Slytherin, Iain likely a lion and Crispin would make a good Ravenclaw.

Iain Scorpio Malfoy, the future Lord Potter, had cemented Lucius and Harry having three, for they had considered two and Harry making Crispin heir to Prince for Eddie was for Malfoy, but his husband had wanted a little girl so bad, and Harry agreed to try once more. Five year old Regan Libra Malfoy was her Daddy's princess, had him wrapped about her finger since birth, a little ray of sunshine both Grandpas said was Lily all over, and the only female Malfoy.

Lucius looked past the red heads they expected, Molly and Arthur now having not counting Harry's three, sixteen grandchildren, ten grandsons and six granddaughters, from the six they still had contact with.

Harry saw him too and nodded curtly at Ron. "Ronald."

Ron sneered at him as his brood moved around him. "Malfoy."

Lucius had left the spell on until Ron had as many as his parents did, though he had been lucky, his husband's shop and inheritance actually provided enough income for the kids to have a better up bringing as Ron would call it, from his. His husband had opened two more shops, and from what Lucius had heard, planned on all his children following in the business, well sons. It seems Mortimer and Agatha Jiggers had made Hogwarts, and saw they took after the rotund greasy apothecary, looking a mix of Severus and Neville in an odd way. There seemed two further sets of twins, ten year old and eight year old who were all boys, and a daughter who looked to be a year older then Regan if he was not wrong.

Fred who had come over with Bree and her little brother looked at the boys. "I expect to hear you got at least one detention for pranking those two."

Eddie laughed. "Too bad they are not in Slytherin for I don't know any one in Hufflepuff to allow me in there."

Harry reminded his grandson as the kids got on the train, most Weasleys were Gryffindors, all the grandchildren who had started so far, except Victoire who was Ravenclaw, were lions. Harry who had been shocked when he was named head of Slytherin by his stepfather, a laugh since he had been the Prince of Gryffindor for so long, also reminded the boys he did not want to have to take points from his house, at least for the first week or so.

Lucius held Harry as the train pulled away. "Your first son off to school, feeling old yet?"

Harry elbowed his husband in he ribs. "Coming from the man with a grandson on the train and had used a cane since I met him."

Kissing Harry and reminding him he considered Eddie and Crispin his grandsons as well, and loved them as such, the two happily took their two youngest to apparate to school. They could have stayed with their Grandpas but had insisted they wanted to come.

Author note: I thought the scene was a bit reflective of Harry and Draco and Ron in the real epilogue, Ron and Draco switched. I thought seven kid, including three sets of twins was a good punishment for Ron, but softened a bit and let his husband not be in the poor house.

Crispin Blaise Malfoy: Crispin (Latin) curly haired, the son of Constantine the Great (Roman culture for family), Blaise (French) stammered, for Daddy

Iain Scorpio Malfoy: I decided Jordan was heir to the Blacks so he would have a constellation for a first name but all the kids have one. Iain is the Scottish form of John. As future Lord Potter, John or Iain came from British history including king John, means God is Gracious, was also chosen for Remus' dad (Remus' middle name) Scorpio (Latin) scorpion for a constellation and link to both brothers. Was name of Draco's son in books

Regan Libra Malfoy: Regan (Celtic) means king's heir. She stands as future Lady Prince after Severus and Harry, so name seemed fitting. Libra (Latin) equality for a constellation, link to brothers

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