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The crisp air of pre-dawn morning never failed to wake Harry up fully. It was consequently why Harry enjoyed being up this early. Even the birds were asleep and it felt like he ruled the world. That feeling of total domination and the euphoria of endless power was just what Harry needed for what he was about to attempt. Remus was still asleep, as were the other wanted and unwanted occupants of Grimmauld place, and would remain so until well after anyone could do anything to stop what was about to happen.

Harry took a deep breath to center himself, reveling in the power of the moment and then breathed out, letting the air take with it all his insecurities. As his mind cleared, Harry allowed his past to rush through his mind; living with the Dursleys, finding out he was a wizard, learning that the hopes and lives of thousands rested on his small, weak shoulders. His first five years at Hogwarts passed by, leaving only vague images of trials, tribulations, adolescent frustration, failed romance, and betrayal. Harry sighed though the pain Sirius' last moments caused him, he still hadn't given up hope of getting his godfather back from the veil. He consciously slowed down the memories of the past year, his sixth in Hogwarts, and this past eventful summer.

The time turner he'd successfully stolen and kept hidden from Hermione in third year proved invaluable once Harry finally decided he'd have to train himself. Each day was redone twice, the original was spent at school, keeping up appearances, the first redo at Remus' practicing and learning with masters the old wolf found on the sly. The second redo was done without Remus' knowledge as Harry felt he needed the extra practice to perfect what he learned at Remus'. Since Harry aged three times as fast as his peers, he was lucky that wizards didn't age the same as muggles. Any at Hogwarts passed his unusual maturity off as pre-awakening. The first male in each Ancient and Noble line, of which Potter was, went through an awakening on their 17th birthday. As Harry was 16, and there was no doubt to anyone that his awakening would be powerful, people simply assumed that his magic and body were maturing quicker than normal to allow Harry an easier awakening.

Of course Harry knew none of this as no one felt it necessary to state the obvious, but he didn't question his luck and was relieved when no one was suspicious. Time has a way, however, of preventing loop holes and due to Harry's time-turning, Harry's awakening came earlier than anyone could have guessed.

The wind carried on it scents of early morning as the small animals began to awaken for the day. Harry took a few more breaths and re-centered himself, but continued to look through his past memories. He felt it important to remember exactly what had been done to get him to this point.

His magical awakening was a surprise in and of its self, to both Harry and his ancestors. The night of his maturity, though Harry didn't recognize it as such, Harry had the weirdest dream of his life. He stood in a huge court yard before a castle and standing at the gate were a witch in dark clothing with red eyes, and a Wizard who looked like a more powerful and humble Dumbledore. As it turned out, he had been chosen by Morgan LeFay and Merlin as their Heir. The test they put him through to prove his worth and power was blocked from Harry, but he had dreams of flashing color and breathtaking shows of power.

As he was also the only living descendant of Gryffindor through his father, he was tested for that line too. He vaguely remembered a duel of some kind being in that test. Harry had simply thrown as much power as he had at his ancestor and blasted him back. The Potter test was performed by Harry's founding father. The first Potter asked riddles that not only tested Harry's mental acuity but bared his sense of honor, duty, and willingness to help the defenseless. Since Sirius named Harry his heir by blood and magic, the Black founding father tested Harry for potential in dark and blood magics. Finding Harry advanced or knowledgeable in Occlumency and Legilemency as well as an animagus, the Black founder grudgingly allowed Harry the title, provided that Harry name a son of either Draco Malfoy or Nymphadora Tonks the Black heir. After each test was passed, Harry had learned more about what each line expected from him and was proud to hold each title.

Morgana and Merlin told him how Dumbledore had been chosen by Merlin but hadn't passed the test and it had driven him more than a little mad. They informed Harry that his power influx granted from each line's founder was changing him, correcting the damage he had suffered from living with the Dursley's. Best of all, they had explained his link to Voldemort, and told him of a way to drain him of his magic. It hadn't been done by anyone since they had to drain their unfortunate son Morgan, who had apparently been driven insane by his power boost at his majority and gone on a killing and world domination spree, but they thought Voldemort was a serious threat. He couldn't be killed because of some kind of Horcrux thing that they'd not explained properly to Harry, so this was the best alternative. Voldemort had been an heir for LeFay, but each of those Horcrux things had taken away more of his humanity. Now he was a monster that Morgan was ashamed to call hers.

It was simple really. According to LeFay and Merlin, all he needed to do was open the link to Voldemort and concentrate through it to find Voldemort's magical core and…pull it into him. It would probably hurt, but Voldemort's magic would become his, more than doubling his own reserves. It would pull all of the magic out of Voldemort, thus destroying all his Horcrux which used his magical core to sustain themselves. After Harry absorbed Voldemort's magic, the magic sustaining the Wards around him would be cut off, and Harry could just Apparate to his location and kill him. They warned him not to tell anyone about the link, since it worked both ways, and Voldemort could do it to him if he found out. It would also allow Harry to be tested for the Slytherin line too. His link with Voldemort had magically named him Voldemort's heir, and with his death, Harry would be tested for that line as well. They'd also told about the abilities they'd unlocked in him, though not how to use them.

After his majority, Remus spent spending more of his time with Harry, training his abilities. From Morgan LeFay, he got a gift for languages, both written and spoken, including Parseltongue as well as a talent for wandless magic. Merlin gave him mage sight, the ability to see magic in its natural state, auras, and the ability to see through illusions and invisibility, including invisibility cloaks. From Gryffindor, he got knowledge of weapons and dueling. From the Potter line, Harry was granted a talent in transfiguration and a large power influx. The Black line awarded him tighter Occlumency shields, a talent in Blood magic and ritual magic, and a boost of magic.

Harry remembered that this dream, intentional or not, heralded a change, not only in Harry and his bearing, but in the world. They clamored for his attention, for rescue by him. This only increased after Draco Malfoy let the Death Eaters into the school which resulted not only in Dumbledore's death at Snape's hand, but the large scale turning of most of the upperclassmen into werewolves.

Harry spent the last few months at his Aunt and Uncle's house writing letters to politicians and news papers, proclaiming and supporting any efforts to making life easier for these new lycanthropes. For the most part he ignored the outcry for his presence to sooth the frightened civilians but an article where the Minister claimed Harry was afraid sparked a response. Harry sent letters to the papers and magazines, charmed to prevent miss print, about how one could protect one's self and endorsed several warders he knew through his trainers. He also wrote about how he was just one boy, and that he was counting on each and every wizard and witch to do their part and help out in this war. He said they were all heroes; all they had to do was look out for one another.

He was very surprised when he got howlers from Mrs. Weasley and Hermione. They had both yelled in different ways about how this was his war, and he was expected to be the hero, and that this kind of talk was just going to get more people killed. Harry had hesitantly spoken to both Charlie and Bill on their next visit.


July 30, the day before his 17th birthday.

"Harry," Bill started after seating them all at the kitchen table, "Our mother is…well…not who you think she is. When we were growing up she portrayed the perfect mother, trying to teach us to be good people and work hard for what we wanted, but whenever we disagreed with her, or wanted something different then what she wanted for us, she became violent and….well… frankly, banshee like, as you've just witnessed."

Harry turned, wide eyed, to Charlie as he continued explaining. "Most of us know this. She screams at Bill for working with 'those horrible disgusting creatures.'" Charlie's voice raised several octaves and decibels in a horrendous rendition of his mother, "I am wasting my potential working with dragons 'in that horrible country'; the twins…well I gather you understand why she is angry at them. The only ones she doesn't yell at are Ron and Ginny, and that's because they follow along with all her suggestions. We had hope for them when they befriended you but…they seem to not have back bones. By their age's we were yelled at constantly and beaten black and blue with whatever was handy whenever we came home."

Harry was horrified, all this time he'd thought they had the perfect family. They both laughed when he told them, "Yeah, well, no one has the perfect family. Everyone has their issues, we knew you didn't get enough affection here and wanted to think the best of her so no one told you, but now we figure you're old enough."

Bill ruffled his hair, and Harry scowled at him. "But what about your dad?"

"Ah good old dad," Charlie sighed, "he tries to make up for it. He loves his wife, and just doesn't have big enough balls to stop her. Ron is a lot like him, and Hermione is a lot like mom. We have a poll going that they end up as the second generation, and she treats her kids just the same."

Harry didn't ask about Percy because they never included him in their family any more.

"Hermione? Yea, I don't know what to do with her. When I first started school her mothering ways were endearing, since I'd never had a mother before and I thought she just wanted the best for me. But after third year?" Harry sighed, "I haven't actually told her or Ron anything serious about me in a long time. I never told them about this time-turning thing, I just didn't want to hear it. And Ron,"

Harry looked up to see if they were going to pummel him for speaking bad for his friend, but was interrupted by Charlie, "Yeah, look kid, we love you like our brother, but Ron has always been your friend because of your fame. He joined you on the train your first year because the twins told him you were there. It has always been about what you could do for him."

Both the oldest Weasley brothers looked on sadly as Harry simply looked out at space. Finally he broke the silence, "Is that why you're all my friends?"

They both protested so violently that they stood up and knocked over both chairs and the table. "NO! We have never thought of you like that, nor the twins, we hated that he was using you like that."

Both men were worried when the only reaction they got from him was a blank look and a nod. "And Ginny?"

Bill sighed, righted the table and chairs and sat back down, "it's the same Harry, you've never been anything but the boy-who-lived to her, we were going to tell you before you signed anything or married her, but then you broke up with her, and we figured you knew."

Harry nodded again, "I suspected, but it was a nice few months, besides I'm gay anyway."

Harry didn't notice either man freeze up because he was starring off into space again trying to deal with this much betrayal even though he suspected…. He knew he probably shouldn't have told them he was gay, knowing it how taboo in Muggle society it was and probably was in the Wizarding one as well.
He was interrupted from his musing and wallowing in self-pity by Bill's voice. "Harry, please tell me you haven't had sex yet."

Harry froze and slowly turned to look at them, they were shockingly apprehensive looking. "Um….I don't see how this is any of your business but no…"
He was even more confused by the unbelievably relieved motions the two were making. "Oh Merlin Harry, you would not believe how happy that makes us..."
Harry watched them chuckle and wipe sweat from their brows, "why?"

They both looked at him, but it was Bill that spoke, "Harry if a willingly wizard has sex with another before their majority is reached, then the one that bottoms is marked by the one that tops."

"Marked?" Harry asked them, he'd never read anything on this.

"Yea, Marked, their magic is marked by the other, their magical signature changes to reflect the others, and to signify that they are well…owned. They become completely dependent on the wizard who topped. In the past, Dark Wizards have gathered armies this way, and the Dark Mark is supposed to symbolize it. Now not only will the one who tops be kissed for 'Marking' another, but the 'Marked' wizard is also killed, it is called a mercy killing as they would have no free will of their own."

Harry froze, "um…WHAT! How in the HELL does that work." He paused as another more horrifying thought occurred to him. "HOLY FUCK IF I WAS RAPED…"

He was interrupted from his perfectly good rant by Charlie, "No, Harry, you have to be willing, and it's only before your 17th birthday, which is tomorrow, after that you can do whatever you want with whomever you want and it will not harm you."

Slowly Harry relaxed. He let out a good many deep breaths and utilized his Occlumency training to compartmentalize this new knowledge. "Okay, did your brother Ron know about his?"

Bill and Charlie were uncomfortable with the ramifications of this question, "Yes, everyone in the Wizarding World knows. Well..I guess all those raised in the Wizarding World know, they are all told at the age of 7 along with 'the talk'. Why?"

"Um" Harry didn't want to answer because he didn't want to mess up with their relationship with Ron, but the looks they were giving him made him continue. "Well since I told him and Hermione that I was gay, he's been trying to set me up with guys." He winced at their screams of outrage. "Maybe he was trying to help, and didn't think I'd sleep with them? I never did like any of them. Everyone he mentioned only wanted me to be a hero." He turned a thoughtful face, "Maybe that's why he mentioned them, so I'd be the Hero. Anyway I told him I was wrong and started dating Ginny, and he left off." Harry shrugged, and smiled slightly at them in an attempt to disarm their anger. "Anyway aren't we going to train today?"

After a light training they had both chuckled evilly and said they had a brother to speak to anyway.

end of Flashback

And now, as Harry finished going over his memories, he delved deep into his mind to the dark raging section of his mind that was infected by his link with Voldemort's insane mind. He penetrated deeper then he'd ever gone before, bypassing Voldemort's consciousness. He pushed against Voldemort's Occlumency shield, using all his strength and ignoring Voldemort's panicked threats. Finding the swirling center of Voldemort's subconscious that pulsed like a living thing, Harry quickly and without finesse scraped off the dark sections that came off in hardened chips. Harry latched ahold of the pulsing swirl and pulled with all his might. At first it was difficult and Harry strained without movement but then something clicked and the swirling center broke out. Harry picked up speed as he rushed back to the safety of his own body. Vaguely he heard Voldemort's tortured screams and felt vindicated but then, before he was really aware of it, Harry opened his own eyes to look into the worried faces of the order members. Focusing on Remus, the only order member he really cared about, Harry smiled.

"oh! Hello."

And then passed out.

Chapter 1

It took Harry a week to assimilate Voldemort's magical core. During that time, Harry refused to use magic at all, afraid that he wouldn't be able to control it. He also had to re-work his occlumency shields as the hole left by the horcrux he unknowingly carried left them wide open. Then he had to wait until Voldemort left Malfoy Manor. Since they were at Malfoy Manor the wards protecting Voldemort from Harry's immediate fury were keyed to Malfoy and Harry's swift retribution was thwarted. He set Dobby and Winky, the elves that had bonded to Harry without his knowledge, watching and waiting for Voldemort to move. Surely Voldemort couldn't hide his magicless existence forever and Lucius Malfoy would never serve a squib.

Weather Malfoy found out or not, Harry didn't know, but when Winky popped in to notify Harry that Voldemort was on the move. Harry Apparated outside Malfoy's wards and waited. As soon as he spotted Voldemort's scaly head, he launched a perfectly aimed knife and ended the so called Dark Lord's miserable existence for the second time.

He was hailed as a hero and used his fame to head a search for any way to get his godfather out of the veil, and succeeded. He'd also, after an extensive and angry chat with Dumbledore's portrait gotten Snape pardoned. He'd even put up the money for Snape to realize his dream and open a highly specialized potions shop.

The next thing he did was lead his growing forces on a man hunt for anyone wearing the Dark Mark. He had one of his loyal followers escort said Death Eater to the ministry and stand by their side to ensure a fair trial. Only one man was declared innocent as Veritiserum proved that he'd been under Imperius curse from his father.

It was a good thing that he'd done these things immediately, because as soon as the public had realized that Harry had literally sucked the magic out of his foe, they were horrified and dubbed him a danger, thinking that he could do it to anyone he wanted. It didn't seem to matter that he'd only been able to do it with Voldemort because of their unique link. The public had wanted him kissed, and the Ministry had acquiesced, making him public enemy number one and putting out an arrest warrant for him. He went into hiding in Gryffindor Manor with his newly returned godfather and Remus and only ventured out under disguise. After a few years the Ministry put a substantial bounty on his head, dead or alive, creating a man hunt that Harry had simply laughed at.

He spent ten years this way, watching how the Wizarding community failed to learn their lessons. Hermione and Ron jumped on the bandwagon immediately and provided 'proof' that Harry had always been dark. The advances in benefits for Werewolves and other beings were demolished and all the good Harry was able to do disappeared. Death Eaters were released based on false accusations of conspiracy by the Order Harry led.

But even that idiocy was topped by this stupidity. Harry watched from beneath the bonnet of an elderly lady that fit with his matronly disguise in abject fascination as the Wizarding populous proved again how idiotic they were. He was standing at the back of a throng of people watching Lucius Malfoy's acceptance speech. They had just voted him Minister of Magic.

He stifled his horrified laughter. It would seem suspicious in this silent crowd.

Malfoy had gotten out of going to Azkaban because Fudge hadn't any proof that he was a Death Eater (i.e. he paid to stay out.) and had since then had rally after rally speaking about the hazards of bringing new people into the Wizarding World and citing the deceased Voldemort and Harry Potter himself as the perfect examples. His platform had been based on the fact that Voldemort was a half blood and had no experience with the Wizarding World, turning him dark. Malfoy Sr. wanted to kidnap all the muggleborns at birth, regardless of how loving their family was, and put them in Wizarding orphanages to be adopted by 'proper wizard families' (i.e. purebloods). He also wanted to bind the magic of anyone who wanted to live in the Muggle world. Which Harry thought was seriously overstepping the ministry's authority. Magic was a gift that no one should take away simply because of where or how they chose to live. Stripping a person of their magic should only be used as a punishment or last resort for the worst kinds of criminals.

Harry looked to his left at Sirius and Remus, who nodded at him and then Apparated back to Gryffindor Manor where they'd been living for the last ten years. When the other two men got there, Harry was already drinking tea. He glanced up as they entered the room. "Well boys, I'm leaving. My signature changed enough after I assimilated Voldemort's magic that they will not find me." He looked at them to decide how much of a battle this would be. They could not come with him. Their signatures could be traced. From their faces it seemed that they had seen this day coming.

Remus confirmed his suspicion when he spoke, "I know cub. We'd like to know where you're going to be, if that's possible, and we'd like to see you sometimes." Harry smiled at his Godfathers and called Dobby to him.

Dobby had apparently bonded with Harry when Harry freed him in second year. It was some kind of safe guard for having free elves. A house elf could not be without a bond, their magic was too erratic to not have a master, and it would eventually kill them. If a wizard caused a house elf's master to free said elf, then the elf was bonded to the wizard. And so without Harry's knowledge, he had gotten a house elf in his second year. It had happened again at the Quidditch game before his fourth, when he had been the closest, most amicable wizard to Winky when she was freed. Her subsequent drinking binge had been their idea to keep Hermione from trying to make Harry free them. Harry thought they were ingenious little elves and used them all the time for everything.

"What can Dobby be doing for Master Harry?" the little elf had calmed down a great deal of his exuberance due to Harry constant company and 'greatness' but he both elves would always call him master no matter what he said.

Harry just rolled his eyes and thought he saw a glimmer of mischief in the bouncing elf's eyes. "I need you to get me all the plans I made for moving, it should be in my office." Dobby's ears drooped and then he was gone. Harry began explaining to his Godfathers about what he'd read about America, how lax the Ministry there seemed to be about keeping control over every magic user and creature and how the muggles knew about magic and how the vampires and lycanthropes were a part of everyday life there. Dobby popped back in with all the information he'd gathered over the years. Harry had kept track of a few cities to see which ones were having the most problems and such. Harry just wanted a normal, quiet, life where he wasn't the biggest and the baddest on the block, but he didn't want to be bored like he was stuck in the manor here.

By the end of the day, the three of them had talked it out. They were currently talking the pros and cons of Harry's most promising choice, St. Louis, after rejecting Las Vegas and New York.

"It looks like the new Master of the City as a pretty good hold on his Vampires and a good relationship with the lycanthrope groups. I am also intrigued by the Vampire Church there. The only thing I see that has me worried is his close relationship with the necromancer." Harry said.

Sirius looked at him closely, "What is the problem with the necromancer?"

Remus scoffed, "Love, do you even read the books from you library?" Sirius just shrugged and so Remus explained, "She has power and control over the dead, yea?" Sirius nodded still confused. Remus rolled his eyes, "And the Master of the City is a Vampire, yes? That means she has control over him, and since he's recently become a Sourdre de sang, she controls all in his bloodline and all who's oath he holds."

Sirius' eyes widened and he looked at Harry, "so that means she has control over all the Vampires in the City?"

Harry nodded "That's what I figure; also the Traveler said that she had the Master's ardeur also, which could translate into making them love her. So she could have made them think they were doing the things she wants because they love her, and not because she is using them."

Sirius leaned back in his chair, "Holy bleeding fuck, that's a lot of power, you going to take her out, if you decide to live there?"

Harry shook his head, "I don't know if she knows she's doing it. Having the ability and using it are different."

Sirius and Remus didn't comment knowing that Harry was seeing a similarity between them; they both had an ungodly amount of power that could decimate anything in their path, if and when they want to. They also realized that although Harry could kill for no other reason than because he thought someone was hurting another (they'd seen enough of this in the war) he generally didn't do it for no other reason than because said person was a threat to him. He tried hard to hold onto his morals.

"So have you decided then?" Remus asked.

"Yeah," Harry responded gaining back a measure of his excitement, "I think I have, I'll visit the goblins in the morning and get the ball rolling. Until then, want to play a game of poker?" He asked with a small smile.

Neither Sirius nor Remus could ever say no to that smile, the one that said 'I didn't have a family and don't know what it's like to do things together will you teach me?'

They ended up playing until late in the night and Harry, as usual, won all their money.