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Night approached on wings that beat nearly audibly. The hours surrounded by friends new and old had done little to prepare Harry or settle Nathanial for the coming night with Belle Morte and her crew. With only three hours until dusk, Harry adjourned to his playroom with an eager Nathanial and a nervous Draco.

The heavy wooden door closed behind them with a solid thunk that shut out the world. Nathanial instantly relaxed, his limbs loosened and tension in his face disappeared. The leopard stripped completely and knelt elegantly on the padded floor to rest his hands on his thighs. Draco awkwardly copied him.

Harry smiled at them and walked up to kiss each on the forehead. It gentled Nate who released a gust of hot air on Harry's thigh but Draco tensed further.

From his pocket Harry pulled his time turner and after enlarging its chain he spread it around the room so all was incorporated in the magic. Then he spun it 9 times.

When he checked, Harry found Draco following his movements, fear swimming behind his eyes.

"Draco, my dove, I don't like explaining myself." Harry extended his hand and caught the aborted movement as Draco tried not to flinch away. All Harry did was pull Draco back so he was leaning against Harry's legs while they both watched Nathanial breathe and relax into his sub space. "I hate it that everyone out there questions everything I say and do. 'Why did you go with the red outfit Harry? You look so good in green." Harry mocked them and Nathanial smiled at him, the leopard's movements were slow and loose but Harry knew there was still a tightness yet to fully vacate Nathanial's muscles. The removal of this pressure and rigidity in Nathanial was Harry's challenge, and his pleasure.

"In here I expect total and complete submission. I want you to trust me."

Harry released Draco and stepped back, pleased to see Draco catch himself as he leaned back following Harry's body with his own.

He stepped on a nearby red stone which activated the magic and summoned Nathanial's flogging bench. Behind Harry, Nathanial moaned.

"Control yourself, pet," Harry told him, grinning. "We have plenty of time now."

Harry didn't react to the quieter groan of desperate need.

"Draco, come here." Draco obeyed with a swiftness born of the clear need to avoid punishment that also decorated his face.

With a strong and gentle but unrelenting hands Harry positioned Draco on the bench facing him with his back resting on the thinly padded support plank. He strapped a suede lined band around Draco's chest to hold him in place and used gentle strokes up and down his sides to sooth him when Draco whimpered.

"Because you don't know me or trust me I'll explain my plans for tonight just this one time. After that you'll be guilty of doubting me if you fear me in here." Draco's pupils dilated in fear. "Do you remember the punishment for doubting me?"

"F-f-five smacks," Draco stuttered, is voice raspy. Each time Draco spoke in this new husky deep voice brought on by the damage he'd suffered under Belle's hands, Harry was surprised anew. It wasn't that he forgot how damaged Draco was, but as Draco was silent most of the time Harry could trick himself into believing the same spoiled arrogant tone would come forth every time Draco opened his mouth. Harry refused to let it anger him. Anger had no place in the playroom.

"Yes dove. Good." Harry kneeled on the bench to kiss Draco on the cheek in praise and Draco held steady to accept it.

"Here pet," Harry called and Nathanial appeared beside him instantly.

Harry maneuvered Nathanial into place with a hand on his low back and one on his shoulder. He then strapped the subs together chest to chest and groin to groin. Nathanial was sporting half wood and Draco jerked hard in his restraints and whimpered when he felt it.

Nathanial tensed, unsure what to do as Harry was still guiding him down. "Easy," Harry said softly. Draco's eyes were wild as he trembled and whimpered. Harry released Nathanial who backed up but Harry stopped him from leaving completely. Nathanial sat on the bench and Harry kneeled and gripped Draco's hand softly.

Any kind of full touch would be too much for Draco while he was in this mental space, even if it was for comfort.

"It's okay Dove," Harry said softly. "Let me explain for you. Nathanial is nervous, he hasn't performed in almost 2 months and is worried that he'll fail and shame me." Nathanial dropped his head in acknowledgement and flushed, though his eyes never left Draco. "I realize you're afraid that I'll lose you back to her or be just like her, but I can promise you that won't happen." Draco met Harry's eyes at the promise and Harry was relieved to see a small slimmer of derision among the ocean of doubt and fear. "I'm not going to promise never to hurt you because accidents can happen. You can talk to Nathanial later about misunderstandings and how I can get busy and forget him on occasion." Draco was calming slightly and Harry let his other hand drop to Draco's knee to rub little circles on the skin there.

"Tonight I mean to take our minds off of it and used my time turner to give us the time to do it. As I promised, I have no intention of fucking you or touching you in any way more sexual than this." Harry squeezed Draco's hand and knee for effect. "I'm going to strap Nathanial to you so that while I hurt him he rubs against you. Of course, he's not going to cum until I say." Harry shot Nathanial a pointed eyebrow and the leopard nodded and blushed, his dick, which had softened in the face of Draco's now relenting fear, lifted again.

"This is your first experience with us so I understand if you'd rather sit in the corner and watch," Harry told Draco seriously. There was disappointment of course but Harry was a better dom and a better man than to allow his pleasure to determine what was best for his subs, especially with such fear. Sometimes it wasn't about sex.

Draco watched them for a moment, staring pointedly at Nathanial's cock which stood hot and heavy near Draco's leg, almost close enough to touch. Harry knew Nathanial wouldn't be embarrassed, He loved to be watched. There was not one part of Nathanial that was unworthy of attention.

"I…" Draco started and then cleared his throat against the remaining mucous thick slime that coated his throat from his panic. "I would like to try." There were so many words, explanations, and demands that battled in Draco's mind and got caught in his throat, unable to be spoken, that Draco wanted them to know and was desperately afraid for them to know at the same time. He wanted to be worth something. He wanted to have pride again. He wanted to be desirable again. Whether or not Harry understood Draco didn't know but Harry grinned softly and kissed Draco's cheek. Draco recognized it as conditioning but it was nice and soft and pleasant and was a better reward than anything Belle had ever come up with.

Rising, Harry held out hand for support while Nathanial returned and rested carefully against Draco. Lavender eyes were quiet and concerned but also excited and Draco couldn't help but be moved by them.

Draco's arms wrapped around Nathanial and Harry smiled and rubbed them into place gently. "Good Draco, I want you to touch him." Harry lifted Nathanial's hands one at a time and lashed them into chains that hung from the ceiling. As Harry moved him Nathanial relaxed more completely into Draco, allowing the smaller sub to support his weight. He held his hips off of Draco until Harry finished tightening the restraints.

Harry placed a solid hand on Nathanial's low back and pushed, keeping constant eye contact with Draco to watch for the return of the panic. When Nathanial had finally relaxed into the contact and Draco continued to be mostly at peace with it, Harry released them and said, "Nathanial needs to relax. I expect him to completely forget about you and react instinctively. He will not hurt you, but he will likely hump you and cum on you and he will most definitely cry on you." Harry grinned at Nathanial's smile and Draco's calm.

Harry smacked Nathanial's thigh and when the leopard gasped and rocked forward slightly, he did it again and again until Nathanial was practically humping Draco. The blonde bit his lip at the suddenness of it and made sure to keep his hands resting on Nathanial's skin in the exact place Harry had placed them.

Seeing it, Harry stood and asked, "How many ribs does he have Draco?" Draco blinked and twisted to try and see but Harry shook his head. "Count them, with your hands."

With one finger Draco pocked at Nathanial but Harry stopped him again, "no like this." He grabbed Draco's wrist in a soft grip and ran the whole hand along Nathanial's sides. "Don't be afraid to touch him. I want you to share in his pleasure. Don't touch his ass or his dick or his mouth unless I give you permission okay?" Draco followed the motion Harry showed him so softly he was barely feeling skin. Nathanial twitched, and again until he was giggling and jerking away from Draco's hands.

Draco stopped immediately but when Harry turned around, flogger in hand, he was grinning. "Nathanial really hates to be tickled." Harry winked. "We'll do that later."

"No Master, Please," Nathanial begged immediately turning as best he could to plead with Harry.

Harry yanked on Nathanial's braid, "Now, now, don't be disobedient that's not what I need tonight. " Nate immediately stopped.

"I'm sorry," Draco sub-vocalized knowing Harry wouldn't hear him. Nathanial winked at him and nuzzled his cheek, slipping further into his instincts as the pleasure of having his master's attention settled him. Draco hadn't meant to give Harry more to torture them with.

"My pet likes to be surprised so I'm not going to tell you how I'll hurt him, suffice it to say, it will be lengthy and lovely."

Nathanial threw back his head and shivered but Draco's fear returned.

Harry read it easily, "Don't worry dove, He'll love it."

That said, Harry gripped his flogger and directed Draco to keep his hands on Nathanial's hips if he didn't want them caught.

Magic was a wonderful thing and truthfully Harry didn't need to actually strike Nathanial, spells could create the same effects for the leopard but Harry needed that which spells couldn't provide. Harry need the he rhythmic thunks that vibrated in his arm, needed to be the direct cause of Nathanial's gasps and cries, his hisses and moans, his agony and his pleasure.

The flogger was a warm up. When his pet's skin was red and flushed Nathanial had long ago dropped his forehead to Draco's shoulder, Harry stopped.

"How are you feeling pet?" Harry watched carefully as Nate met his eyes.

"Warm master," Nathanial whispered.

Taking the time to properly put away his instrument before picking a new one gave Nate a chance to catch his breath.

"Master?" Draco called out, his knuckles running along Nathanial's sides.

"Yes dove?"

"Would you like to beat my hands?"

A disappointed look made Draco blush. "If I did, I would have told you to keep them out wouldn't I?"

Draco just nodded and placed them back on Nathanial's hips.

Irritated, Harry bypassed the bullwhip for the paddle. The bullwhip's crack was nice but Harry needed more weight, and he was just on the wrong side of pissed for something so vicious.

Without warning Harry landed two smacks on each of Nathanial's ass cheeks and then went for his thighs. Nathanial arched into Draco's hold.

"Hold him tight," Harry commanded and paddled Nate's thighs until the red hue darkened. Panting, Harry drew back. Nathanial was whimpering and leaning fully into Draco and pleading under his breath for more.

Harry straddled the bench and sat, pulling Nathanial into his chest. Nathanial cried out but didn't arch away from the pressure on his sensitive skin.

"You needed this didn't you pet?" Harry asked gently.

"Oh, Oh yes master," Nathanial gasped.

"Who do you belong to?"

"Harry Potter, you master."

Harry bit into Nathanial's shoulder and locked eyes with Draco.

"Who takes care of you?" Harry's voice roughened. A quick spell freed his cock from the aggravating containment of his trousers.

"You, only you," Nathanial whispered. The passion in his voice was clear.

Harry thrust between Nathanial's ass and the bench, the tip of his dick catching on Nathanial's hole only briefly. Nathanial keened and rocked back.

"You want me to fuck you, don't you?" Nathanial thrust back three times in quick, helpless, succession begging with his body as he begged with his voice.

"God yes, I need you in me, need you cock filling me up, owning me, claiming me, please."

Draco whimpered with empathy and rocked into Nathanial, caught under the same denial spell but not quite as desperate. Nathanial had rocked against him, dicks rubbing together and Draco couldn't help but get hard. His training demanded it but also Nathanial was beautiful and Harry was a striking picture: all that power and energy focused into a fine and dangerous point. Draco ached with want for them, not their bodies but what they had together. The peace, trust, lust and devotion he could see echoed in each of their eyes. He could feel the magic emanating from the bonding marks along Nathanial's arms and wanted that for himself; the partnership. Clever fingers found the tips of Nathanial's braid and Draco rubbed the hair between his fingers and leaned forward to brazenly lick sweat from the leopard's clavicle.

Harry found it a beautiful picture made sweeter when Harry asked, "And you Dove, do you need to cum?" and Draco turned those pleading grey eyes on Harry.

Draco nodded, clenching his eyes to let two fat tears drip through and turning away in shame. "Shh, dove. There is no need for embarrassment. I'll take care of you. Won't I pet?"

"Yes," Nate agreed, "You always take care of me."

Harry licked a strip along the markings up Nathanial's arm and slammed in suddenly and without warning. Nathanial screamed and Draco cried out in sympathy. Reaching down, Harry dipped a sharp nail into Nathanial's piss slit while also he forced fingers into Nathanial's mouth; penetrating the leopard in every way. Nathanial grunted, wholly giving himself over to the pleasure and pain gifted to him by his master. Harry was careful not to touch Draco at all but he did release the sub from the denial spell.

"Unf" Nathanial begged around Harry's fingers, but Harry wasn't quite done yet.

"How many ribs does he have Draco?" Harry asked with a cruel grin. Draco took a minute to understand and he did so at the same time as Nate who shook his head with wide wild eyes.

A stern look from Harry made Draco stop hesitating and he reached up to gently 'count'. Nathanial keened, his body shaking and jerking uncontrollably. The reaction was much more intense after the previous stimulation and Draco stopped after only a brief time.

"More," Harry demanded using his hand to force Nathanial's hips to remain still.

Giving up the counting ruse, Draco began to tickly Nate in earnest. The leopard bucked hard, writhing and laughing so hard he was screaming.

Harry released the spell holding Nathanial's orgasm back. It crashed forward with the force of a tsunami, soaking Draco in jizz.

"Harry" Nathanial screamed as he arched. As the orgasm passed, Nathanial collapsed against Draco.

"I'm here" Harry grunted thrusting into Nathanial's pliant body. Usually Harry would enjoy this part, slow down and build Nathanial up to another crest but the tickling was new and it excited Harry too much for slow. Harry erupted inside Nathanial then rested for a moment.

The aftercare had always been important to Harry and he took special care that each sub was properly cleaned and healed -even the effects of Draco's confinement with Belle- before he'd let himself rest.

Draco hadn't cum but he was soft when Harry released him and he leaned into Harry, allowing Harry to hug him and even resting his head trustingly on Harry's chest while he was cleaned. It was a dramatic improvement and it made Harry smile.

There was a stack of ligaments to help Nathanial limber up before his performance but that wouldn't be for another seven hours.