Different but Not Alone

"How did you become..... one of us Lukas?" Zora asked the wolf teen.

Lukas looked away from her trying to hold the tears in but decided maybe he should tell somebody.

"I was just an ordinary kid living with a foster family and I was in the park before sunset and this piece of weird rock fell from the sky and this weird glow surrounded me.

At first I felt fine but then when I was asleep, I changed.

My body was covered in fur, I had fangs.

It was pretty cool until my parents saw.

They..... were scared beyond belief until Susan offered me a place here and my parents agreed.

They were ashamed of me.

After that, I decided not to trust anybody because it would hurt too much if I tried and they hated me.

But you seem to trust me and it's not hurting me.

But why even though the other kids told you to avoid me?" Lukas explained to the dragon girl.

"Because I know you're just sad because of how people treat you like the other kids did when I became this.

I'd better get back to my room before the others find out." she said getting up off the floor but Lukas's furry face had a look of hurt on it as she entered her room and closed the door.

Later that morning Alli wondered what was wrong as they had breakfast but Zora wouldn't answer. But the alligator girl had a feeling she'd been with Lukas last night since he was quiet too and not eating.

"That's weird.

He never misses a chance to eat." Beth thought as she was with Susan. But Lukas sighed as he put on his image inducer and became human and left the house.

Most of the monster kids went to school but Lukas never attended. He knew he wouldn't fit in like the other kids. Susan knew this but had decided to leave him alone and let him make his own choices. But the other kids never talked to him.

Zora found him in the mall but he looked sad as he ate at the food court. She wanted to help him but went to school with Alli and the other kids but she couldn't stop thinking about Lukas in class.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Alli asked her as she nodded. But Lukas saw them as he returned to the house and sighed. He wanted to be like other normal kids only caring about acne and girls.

But he had decided to run away after what Alli had told him eariler......

"Why're you with Zora?

She's nice and friendly and you...... you're unfriendly, anti social and moody and I don't want you around my friend." Alli yelled at him. Lukas looked hurt but the alligator girl couldn't see that.

"They never did understand.

Maybe living here was a mistake." Lukas thought going to his room.....

Zora and the other monster kids wondered what was wrong with Susan and Beth but Alli had a feeling why they were worried.

"Lukas...... he's ran away in his normal form.

He left his image inducer in his room.

We have to find him before anybody else does." Beth told them. Most of the kids especially Zora were worried but Alli felt guilty.

He'd ran away because of what she'd said to him.

"Alli you okay?" a kid named Insectia asked but the alligator girl nodded.

Meanwhile Lukas was wandering around the city streets. It was dark and midnight so no humans would see him and get freaked out. He wondered what Zora was doing right now.

"But she wouldn't care about me especially if Alli talked to her." he thought miserably as the rain came on.....