Title: The Deafening Silence

Pairings: Harry Potter/Lord Voldemort (Tom Riddle)

First Setting: The graveyard scene in the fourth book, right after Harry's and Voldie's little duel.. This however does not end with Harry getting to the portkey, as you will obviously see if you continue reading these words.

Rating: Mature, mainly to be safe.

Warnings: In this chapter, I believe there is only innuendos you must look out for. However, in upcoming chapters, there will be more explicit scenes and colorful language.

Disclaimer: JK Rowling and her affiliates own all.. I own nothing, I say, nothing! Except the plot to this little ficlet here..

Author's Note: Read my author's note at the bottom n.n

Chapter One- Fates

"Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, is at my mercy.. Delicious.." the snake-like man hissed, slim fingers gripping a dark haired teen's arm tightly. Harry winced in slight pain. However, sparks of determination remained in his brilliant green eyes.

"I will never be at your mercy, Voldemort," the Chosen One spat. Within milliseconds, the pressure on Harry's arm was intensified, causing the younger to cry out in pain. Silent pleas left his lips, but there was no one to save him.. He was on his own and he was scared.

"Potter, you will find it pertinent to hold your tongue when your superiors are speaking. It bores no good reputation of your manners if you don't, and I do believe you know of my sadistic tendencies. They are rather unpleasant to ones like..you and your firends."

Lord Voldemort's tongue flickered out as he said this. It came to rest on Harry's cheek for brief moments until disappearing back into Voldemort's mouth. Harry swalled the bile threatening to come out should he open his mouth and started to struggle. A cool voice interupted his thought process, causing Harry to pause.

"My Lord, may I be granted permission to speak freely for a moment?" one Death Eater close to his Lord questioned. Though a white mask covered the Death Eater's face, there was no mistaking the long, platinum hair of a Malfoy.

"You may, Lucius, but make it quick. I am quite eager to begin torturing dear Mr. Potter here," the words were said flippantly in return by the Dark Lord, but they floored Harry. The teen had not expected torture, he had expected an easy death.

"I was under the impression, my Lord, that you wanted the boy dead. Is this not true?" Lucius' question was said with a tad of sarcasm and scorn that Harry couldn't quite place the reason for.

"Of course I still want him dead, Lucius.. However, his wand is gone and the love in his blood mixed with mine. I can touch him, I can break him-- And I will do so before I give him his one dying wish."

Lord Voldemort's grip had not wavered, but he moved so he held Harry in front of him with both arms.

"I understand, my Lord. Thank you for answering my question," Lucius bowed and slid back into his place among the Death Eaters. Lord Voldemort's ever-crimson eyes turned to his followers slowly.

"I have one more order for all of you. Tonight, I expect someone to pick up the other brat and take him back to Hogwarts. After they find the dead body, I want you to attack with no mercy. Try to kill only teachers, parents, or staff. It will not do to lose potential next generation Death Eaters..."

With that, Voldemort tooks his leave. He trusted Lucius to keep all wayward Death Eaters in line, and if not Lucius, Severus when they got to Hogwarts. The Dark Lord looked down at the struggling teenager in his grasp and smiled. It would be very fun to break the Chosen One's will, very fun indeed..

Smugly, Voldemort's cold hand passed over Harry's forehead and before the younger could protest, he was asleep.

Author's Note: This is short, I know. I myself had hoped for more. However, the next couple of chapters should yeild more ripe fruit and I do hope you will all take a bite. Also, please review. This not only improves my writing, but it helps me get used to constructive criticism. I will not tolerate flames though. If you think the very idea of Harry and Voldemort being together is disgusting, go whine to the people who care and wonder why you were such a jack ass for reading this in the first place when you know you do not enjoy it.