Dear Readers,

I am terribly sorry to say this is not a happy author's note.. And not a happy author. I have been trying to keep my personal life from effecting my writing over the past few months, and it seems I have failed to do so in not updating in such a long time.. But I will explain a bit for you, so you understand.

My mother found out I was bisexual… I know, for a twenty-seven year old, I should be strong enough to brush off anything my mother thinks.. But.. She said some very hurtful things, and we argued.. Then, to top that day off, my father died and I have to go to California tomorrow using my sick days to be there for the reading of his will..

But this isn't saying that I am taking a vacation, and will be back updating when I stop feeling depressed.. I am instead handing my stories, upcoming stories, and requests to a friend of mine. She's under 'NoUserNameAvailable' on ffnet, and she is a very capable writer. She has written several poems, and a great many short stories. I am trusting her to please you all.

Don't worry though, everything in my stories will be according to my plans, and when she finishes a chapter, she will call me, read it, and get my approval before posting. I urge you to continue reading TDS, and Wander, even if another author is taking over.. And that those of you who wrote me requests, read what she has come up with.. They are my babies, and I really want you to enjoy them. The first chapter of TDS should be out next week by her.. And there will be minor adjustments in the body, and lengthening..

Again, I'm so sorry I have to do this.. I just need a long sabbatical.. Eventually, I will return with new ideas, better stories, and a clear mind.

I love you all,