Okay, I know I said I would have this sooner. But, with finals and with moving back from Alaska to New York, you know the deal. So without further ado …

The Bear

(The Right Door)


Without a second of hesitation, he walked over to the door I had pointed to after giving me one final look of adoration and of farewell. As he turned to face the destiny I had bestowed upon him, I immediately regretted it. Emmett stood in front the right door and quickly opened it. The ferocious bear came charging out and headed straight for him, but he did not move. Any other person would have run, but he just stood there.

The crowd roared with enthusiasm as the bear pounced on him. The beast clawed at his stomach and he hollered in pain. He fell back onto the ground, instinctively placing his arms in front of his face right as the bear was about to sink its teeth into his beautiful face, instead its teeth drew into his arm causing him to scream out in agony.

Emmett miraculously managed to get both of his legs under the bear and with all the strength he had, kicked the beast off him. The crowd cheered once again as he began to crawl away from the bear. He got up swiftly as he clutched his injured left arm to his wounded stomach with his right hand. He had only taken a few steps before he looked back up at the balcony to look me straight in the eyes.

I had been on the edge of my seat the entire time, clutching my aching heart. What I had expected to see in his eyes, the pain, the heartache, the betrayal, and absolute hatred was surprisingly nowhere to be seen, instead what I saw was forgiveness, understanding, relief, and above it all … love. For one instantaneous moment, we looked into each other's eyes and in that moment, I understood what it meant to love someone unconditionally.

What have I done?

I saw the bear stand directly behind, thus breaking our connection.

"Emmett, look out!" I yelled as I tried to fruitlessly reach for him.

The insatiable mob roared in enjoyment as the bear descended upon him, making me sick to my stomach once again. The feeling only increased when I turned to look upon my father, his eerie smile plastered triumphantly across his face. He had won.

The bear once again had Emmett on the ground and bit down on into his shoulder as it clawed at his leg. Emmett once again screamed, but slowly his cries of pain were subsiding just as the roar of the masses increased. I had to do something.

Oh God, what have I done?

Time was running out, time had already run out. I had told him hundreds of times that I had loved him and I truly did mean it, but I couldn't stand seeing him in the arms of another woman, especially one that I detested. My own selfish needs had ended the life of perhaps one of the noblest, pure-hearted souls in the world. It should be me down there, not him, not an angel.

I do not deserve to live. I cannot live with what I have done. If a thousand years of burning in hell is what awaits me when I die, then so be it, I will accept my punishment. I will die with my love; hopefully I will at least be given a chance to hold him on last time at the crossroads, so I can tell him that I love him.

I turn to my father; he still has that victorious smile across his face. He senses me staring at me and turns to look at me, his smile never wavering. I stand up taking one final look at the crowd, then down at my dying love, still being mauled by the beast, then back at my father. He notices my resolve and that smile finally fades.

"Rosalie?" he says.

I take a deep breath and sigh, "Good-bye, father."

Quickly I run up to one the guards to my right; I yanked his spear from his grip and lunged off the balcony, landing in the arena.

"Rosalie!" I heard my father yell. I heard fear in his voice for the first time in my entire life.

I ran as fast I could toward the bear with spear in hand. With both hands around the weapon, I thrust it into the bears back twice before it managed to turn around and snapped the spear in half the knife end was lodged in his body. The now irritated bear roared from the pain and dragged its claws into my chest. I fell to the ground grabbing my chest, crying out in excruciating pain. With all the strength I had left, I turned onto my stomach and tried to crawl my way toward my love, who lay bloody and motionless on the ground.

I still held onto the end of the broken spear as I heard the bear panting behind me and right as it was about to pounce on me, I somehow managed to turn around and with the pointed end of the stick I still had, drove it into the bears neck. With one final roar the bear fell onto its side. And then … there was silence. I could not hear the crowd, or my father who all the while kept shouting at the guards to stop me. I turned onto my stomach again and started crawling back to my Emmett.

His face looked so at peace, so angelic, almost child-like. That was the only part of him that the bear hadn't mangled. I reached out to caress his face, tearing flooding out of my eyes.

"Ro- Rosie?" my angel whispered.

"I'm … here, my love." I laid my head on his bloody shoulder. My body felt cold, I needed his warmth.

"Pl-please forgive me," I feebly cried. "Please, I love you. I am so s-sorry for what I have … have done."

I felt his arm weakly wrap around me and his hand gently caress my arm.

"Rosie, I—" he coughed as blood sprouted out of his lips and he flinched in pain. "I love you," he continued. "I will al-always … love you. I wo-wou-would … never (cough cough) want to … to live without yo-you." He continued to wince in pain as he spoke.

My heart literally felt like it had been torn into pieces. I could vaguely hear voices approaching us; all I could really hear was the fading heartbeat in Emmett's chest. As my vision began to fade I spoke my last words.

"Until we meet again, my love," I whispered before I let the everlasting darkness consume me.

A/N: I still suck at writing fight scenes of any kind, but I guess I can write a lot about a person being mauled. Anyways, this is the bear alternative ending. I will write the damsel ending as soon as I can. I already know what I'm going to write about, it's just a matter of writing it. Hahaha ... I'm just being lazy and for that I apologize.

And on a sadder note … I would like to give my condolences to the family and friends of Daddy's Little Cannibal. She was an amazing writer and she will be missed throughout the FF community. Rest in peace, DLC. : (