Title: Past the Dawn

Rating: G

A/N: This chapter is for Isha's birthday :D Happy Birthday!






Calling Kel 'apprehensive' as she returned to Corus with the Third Company in tow would have been an understatement. More than an understatement actually; it would have been a mistake. One that probably would have resulted in getting your ears boxed.

The easy-going Lady Knight became tighter lipped the closer they came to Corus. Even the slowest of her men realised their Commander was best left alone.

When she finally knocked on his door though, and he whisked her inside and gathered her up in her arms, she realised her fears had been for nothing.

"I missed you," he whispered.




Kel settled into an armchair in front of the fire while Dom looked for a blanket. He finally produced a brightly coloured bundle.

"Ah ha!" He shook it out, admiring it. "Here you go." Dom took it over to Kel, and without asking, wrapped the knitted blanket around her tightly.

Kel glanced down, wincing slightly. Whoever had made this seemed to think orange and purple complimented each other. "Its, uh, very nice."

Dom beamed. "I made it myself."

"Yourself?" Kel repeated, unbelieving.

"My grandmother taught me when I was too young to do anything useful." Dom replied. "Neal as well."




Everything was so slow.

The horn blew again. New Hope's soldiers were gathering at the gates with the Own, ready to ride out and meet the oncoming raiders. It felt like an eternity as the men settled on their horses and readied their weapons.

Kel should be there. She should be the one leading them out, not some green knight.

Sir Warric. Kel corrected herself. He'd do an adequate job. He just... wasn't her.

The look on Dom's face as he met her eyes just before riding out, told her that she wasn't the only one who felt that way.