The Stream of Time

An Inu-Yasha Fanfiction

By Azurite


Rated PG-13

Part 1: Sealed

Author's Notes: Whee! I'm really getting into reading/writing IY fics. There's so many authors out there that I admire, and it'd be a pain to list them all… but my absolute favs are Lazuli, Katra Winner, Drkdemon, and Sensu. You guys, please keep up the great work on your fanfictions! ^^ I hope I get to be as good as them someday… I only write Ranma/Sailormoon fics, so I hope I can be original here.

Disclaimer: You all know I don't own Inu-Yasha… Rumiko Takahashi does, and its why she's the richest woman in all of Japan (really!). Also, Shogakukan owns the rights to the manga, while Viz owns the rights to the Americanized version. As for the Japanese Anime, I think it's Emotion… but I don't know for sure… ^^;  

Timeframe: You should know now that I've only read up to Manga 8 (English). I plan on buying everything up to 23 once I get enough money, but for now, just assume the party consists of Miroku, Inu-Yasha, Kagome, and Shippou. I know who Naraku is, Kikyou's back-story, and how Sango came to join the party… but I just don't want to flub up, so I'm sticking with what I know. I'll try to "end" this fanfiction so it ties back into the series as it comes out via Viz.



hanyou – half demon, half-human, such as Inu-Yasha
youkai – demon, such as Sesshomaru, Inu-Yasha's half brother
taiyoukai – great demon, demon lord, as Inu-Yasha's father was
kitsune – a fox-demon, able to transform into other creatures or objects for a short period of time. Shippou.

With all that jabber said, let's get on with the fic, shall we?


The day began as it normally would—that is, to say normal for a girl who had the ability to travel between the 21st century and the 16th. Kagome Higurashi couldn't seem to define herself as "normal" anymore. Normal girls her age had boyfriends, studied hard for the high school exams, and hung out with their friends… not some half-breed demon, a childish kitsune, or a perverted priest… back in the Warring States period. No, Kagome Higurashi was by far not normal.

Normal, for her, was waking up to the biting cold of a breeze in the mountains, or a cry of some sort—either from her male companions or someone in danger. Or, all the more often, a "Get up, Wench! We have to keep looking for the Shikon shards!"  Kagome would sigh at this point, and wish she was back home—where there was warmth, her family, females to associate with, and most of all—no demons! The few times demons appeared in her time were labeled as coincidences… and the fact that Inu-Yasha followed her home, instead of staying in the past.

"Why take those stupid tests, anyway?" The half-demon, half-human griped. His dog-like ears flattened low on his head, to convey his distaste at Kagome returning to the future. More likely than not, she would stay far longer than she needed to, forgetting their mission.

It's not like I want her to come back. She's just a…

Inu-Yasha's thoughts took a trip off their track as he glanced at Kagome. The more often he saw her, the less he thought she looked like his past love, Kikyou. The less she smelled like her, the less she… the less she…

Bah! She's a stupid human! Just here to search for the shards! And when I get them all, I'll turn into a taiyoukai, and get these blasted beads off my neck. And then…

Again, Inu-Yasha found himself unable to continue his thoughts. After "and then…" there was nothing. And then? What was he to do, once he collected all the shards, and reformed the Shikon no Tama?

*Baka! She's the one that has the jewel in the first place! She's the only one who can find it, not to mention the only one who senses all the other weird things that happen… you might be 50 years behind the times, but she's several hundred in front of you! She knows more, and is a great help!*

A great help!? She "Osuwari's" me more than she…

*Not that you mind, of course. All this time you've spent convincing yourself she's not Kikyou, for the purpose of…*

"Inu-Yasha!!" Kagome's voice called the hanyou back to reality—away from his ridiculous thoughts. But Inu-Yasha had a creeping suspicion that his idiotic human conscience wanted him to think… wanted him to feel something other than he cared to admit. He shoved those "feelings" away, and turned angry amber eyes on the human girl.


"I just thought you would want to know that I'm leaving now!" Kagome lowered her voice an octave, and hung her head. It was just impossible to get along with him. He didn't want to!

I try to be nice to him… sometimes. I give up my friends, my family… so I can help him find the Shikon shards! I'm a complete idiot, but I'll keep doing it, because…


Because I… I…

Kagome harrumphed to herself, confusing the hanyou before her. She placed her hand on the rim of the Bone-Eater's well. Her rucksack was bearing down on her heavily, and she wished for nothing more than the gravity of the well. For once she stepped in, she could fall back to her own time… her own home.

Where I belong.


The word suddenly seemed foreign in Kagome's mind. A sense of belongingness was hard to find… did Kagome really belong in the future? It was true, she hated math tests, but went back to her time to take them. She thought her little brother was annoying, but she loved him. Her mother was far too passive, and hardly any fun at all, but Kagome needed her.

Inu-Yasha grew up without his mother. Look what happened to him. He's not horrible, but he always seems so distant. And he's so… crude. He claims to hate his humanity, but…

"I don't know what I'd do without my mother," Kagome whispered to herself. Inu-Yasha's keen hearing caught this whispered phrase, and he wondered how Kagome's mother had come into the conversation. Unbidden thoughts of his own mother –long since deceased- came to him, and he winced. Why think of her… why now?

Inu-Yasha felt oddly uncomfortable with the prospect of Kagome returning to her own time. It wasn't as though he liked it all the other times—he downright hated it, because it just proved to him even more that she had to get away—from him. Sure, he wasn't the best companion, but he did want Kagome to like him… even a little. Weren't they friends, at the very least?

But no… she had a life, a home… a future in a time that was too distant and foreign for Inu-Yasha to even comprehend. Once the Shikon shards were gathered, Inu-Yasha felt almost sure she would return home… and that would be that. He could see that much of the future in store for him—but after that… After Kagome… what was there? What would his world be like without her? All too often, she'd had brushes with death that had brought up that very sickening thought to the hanyou's mind. But knowing he could save her –or that, miracle of miracles—she was still alive, shoved that gloomy thought into the furthest recesses of his mind.

Every time, he kept telling himself—She'll come back. And, She doesn't hate me… and, Everything will work out… somehow. Not that it mattered… right?

Unsettled more than he ever had been before, Inu-Yasha had insisted on accompanying her to the well. Miroku and Shippou had gone back to the village to update Kaede on their progress as of late, and to get some rest. Inu-Yasha didn't really need it, and that uncomfortable feeling haunted him up to the point when he and Kagome stood before the well.

"Kagome…" Inu-Yasha started, and the aforementioned girl looked up, seeming startled. The silence between them had almost been scary, but Kagome dared not return home… not yet. Something odd was going on here, and she wanted to know whether Inu-Yasha felt it too.

Maybe… maybe there's another shard nearby, and I need to stay…?

*No! There's a test tomorrow morning you must study for! Besides, why are you making excuses?* Kagome's conscience now berated the girl, chastised her for her ill study habits.

Oh well…

Kagome caught Inu-Yasha's gaze and tried to memorize his features. This feeling… it was of impending dread… and something like sadness. Like…

Like I'll never see him again. Maybe he's angry with me, and will shove a tree down the well again so I can't return. But…

The memories of that time flooded back into Kagome's peripheral vision, and she had to blink away unbidden tears.  She'd been so scared, not being able to return… a million thoughts had swirled through her head, and the scariest of them all had to have been the one that whispered of Inu-Yasha's death. She had desperately tried to convince herself it wasn't so, and something else had happened, causing Inu-Yasha to be unable to return and retrieve her to continue their "mission." But so desperate and frightened was she that she had to try and go back… just to find out. When she finally did she Inu-Yasha, it was like there was nothing else in the world… he meant so much to her… but what that feeling of need was, Kagome just didn't know.

She was startled yet again by Inu-Yasha's clawed hands making themselves known on her shoulders. The hanyou held the girl at arm's length, staring at her intently. Then he drew her roughly into his embrace, whispering into her ear.

"Come back."

That was all he said before shoving her into the well. Kagome managed a shriek as she fell, one full of surprise and anger.


Inu-Yasha was promptly flattened into the dirt floor, forgetting that feeling of dread that had haunted him only moments before, causing him to simply hold Kagome, and breathe her scent so it would be imprinted into his head. He regained his mobility a moment later, and growled as he yelled to the darkness in the well, hoping Kagome would hear.


Kagome was shaken as she toppled into the soft dirt at the bottom of the Bone-Eater's well in her time. She hastily scrambled to the ladder affixed to the side, and stared at the darkness surrounding her. It seemed almost unreal that she should have been embraced—by Inu-Yasha of all… creatures.  But he had, as if… as if…

Oh no. Something… he knows something is going to happen! I have to go back!

Without even a word of greeting to her grandfather, brother, or mother, Kagome scuttled back down the ladder, and started digging gently in the soil. Any second now, she would feel the gravity shift, and light surround her… and she'd be back in the past.

Maybe it is where I belong…

That sense of dread seeped through the air as Kagome kept on digging, but nothing happened.

No! No! Inu-Yasha, please, don't have sealed the well!

Kagome kept on digging, to the point when she was moist with sweat, her fingers red and sore, her nails black with dirt. Having dug a hole nearly two feet deep without being pulled back into the past, Kagome's fear came on full force.


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Part 2: Time Goes By  

Inu-Yasha hopped nimbly out of the well, and paused a moment to look around Kagome's home. Everything was so different from the village… the forest he had known. All hard and gray.

Feh. Why should I care? If Kagome can live with this drab city, then what does it matter?

Inu-Yasha looked about, hoping to spy Kagome quickly, so he could give her an earful and then they could return home.

Home? But this…

Inu-Yasha's eyes alighted on a girl about Kagome's figure, with black hair tumbling down her back. But something seemed oddly off about her. Inu-Yasha had no mind for frightening useless humans anymore, so he hoped this was her. But why… why would Kagome be dressed in miko's clothing?

Making his way to the figure silently praying before the temple's shrine, he prepared the shout-out he would give to Kagome. Three whole days, she'd him wait! There was no excuse…

*Bah, you were worried about her.*

Was not!!


Inu-Yasha reached out one clawed hand to tap Kagome on the shoulder, but the instant the girl turned, Inu-Yasha's amber eyes went wide, and his jaw slacked. The girl, for her part, looked mixed between fright and anger. Her eyes narrowed as she withdrew something from her robes and tossed it to Inu-Yasha.

Startled, the dog-hanyou stared at the place the object was to land—and he was blasted back by a great force.

What in the seven hells?

Struggling to move, Inu-Yasha stared at the form of the girl who had done this to him—and stared at her limp body crumpled on the floor. She must have fainted. But Inu-Yasha knew what he had seen—Kagome, but not Kagome. It was… she was… different.

Taller. A different scent, with everything…


"It can't be…" Inu-Yasha murmured. It couldn't be!

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