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"GET HIM EM COME ON! TAKE HIM DOWN!!" I screamed as I watched my brother once again defend his heavy weight title in the UFC. Emmett has been one of the youngest fighters that was taken under the wing by Dana the president of UFC a few years ago when he saw him fighting in a local King of the Cage fight. Next to me cheering Emmett on was his fiance Rosalie, and honestly I could not imagine anyone else be more perfect for my giant of a brother. She was kind with a good heart and knew how to put him in his place and it didnt matter if he was a fighter or not. He would be completely lost without her, and she was really the only girl to ever put up with his career and knowing that there are huge risk when he steps into the ring to fight. Don't get me wrong I stand behind my brother and his career 100% but at times it just gets horrible because no guy would even think twice of taking me out on a date as soon as they realized who my brother was. Infact last night that jerk Jacob Black called and cancelled because he was sick and come to find out it was because my brother ran into him. Giving him the talk about taking out his baby sister, which only in the end ruined my dating chance with Jacob. Its not every day a hot guy ask me out on a date so I was excited as can be when he did..... Even had my clothes picked out for the date! I cried when I received the phone call.

Thanks to Rosalie she lectured my brother for taunting my date, making him feel like he was 2feet tall. I could only wish that giant would shrink to being two feet tall, than I could squish him like the bug that he can be at times. Unfortunately I could not, you see my brother is 6'6 around 245lbs which is not fat at all it is all muscle. He is like a giant but with a good heart. When he wants to be over protective then yes it can cause problems but no matter what with our fights or not I still have his back. As soon as I saw Emmett through a left punch to the guy's temple I knew the guy was out which ment Emmett here won by Knockout...Woohoo! This was the main event tonight, so with the fights officially over with Rose and I were trying to make our way through the crowd to get to Emmett. Getting past security was a piece of cake, they knew us all to well. Walking through the halls telling hi to the fighters as we walked past them only one guy I could not even get a word out. As I walked past my eyes stayed glued to him, he had to be about 6'3 maybe 6'4, golden blonde hair, muscles he was in great shape and he was no where near as huge as Emmett is. Thank god for that. As soon as I saw his eyes meet mine I looked away as my face turned red. I got caught oggling after a guy that I did not even know.

"Psst Bells, Why is your face oh so red?" Rose asked with a smirk. I knew damn well she knew exactly why but she wanted me to confess. I couldnt even talk because I was embarrassed for the fact that I had been caught starring at someone. "Emmett told me that there is a new guy that just got signed to the UFC and Dana wants Emmett to train him, take him under the wing just as he had." I could only nod to what Rose was saying as we came upon the door to my brother's room that was his before and after fights. We walked in to find Emmett already on the couch with the controller in his hand playing a video game as Dana was talking to him.

"Seriously Emmett, you are to take him under your wing, show him what you know. You are the best out there and he has potential that I believe in. You know there is a reward for this aswell..." Dana didn't finish his sentence as he looked up to see Rose and I standing in the doorway. "Rosie baby doll come here" Emmett said happily as he tossed the controller to Dana. Watching my brother and his girl make out was not something I enjoy so I turned around and walked out. " Bella can I have a word?" I nodded knowing it was Dana. Probably going to give me some lecture on how to handle my brother and his childish ways but whatever. " No this is not about your brother.." I was shocked, could he read my mind or something? I started to laugh. " Sorry Dana inside joke within myself...whats up?" He looked at me as if he was trying to figure out how to put whatever he wanted to say together. " See Bells, I have this new guy I just signed up he is a few years younger than Emmett and he is new to Las Vegas. He is 20 same age as you so I was wondering if you wouldn't mind maybe showing him around town. Making friends with him.....that way he has someone to talk to. I know Emmett would be to busy due to the wedding that is coming up..." Right. As much as I love my brother and can't wait for him to have his special day I am not looking forward to wearing a damn dress. I gave Dana a quick smile and nodded " Sure Dana, just tell me where to go and Ill meet him, or well wait. I have plans with Rose so go ahead and give him my number." I quickly wrote my number down on a piece of paper I had in my bag and handed it over to Dana. " Thanks Bells, you are awesome. You and Emmett or like family to me I hope you know that." I smiled and gave him a hug and watched him walk away. What he said was true, Dana had not only taken Emmett under his wing but he took me aswell. Our mother ditched out on us so it was just dad raising two kids. After dad passed away from a heart attack when Emmett was 18 he took on the role to raise me. There was a five year difference between us, but we were and still are close. The night Dana found Emmett is when he confided in him and told him the life story. So I guess you could say I was adopted by Dana without having actual papers...go figure that one.

I knew Rose and Emmett wanted time alone so I put my headphones in my ears and listened to my ipod as I walked around the building. I didn't have a way home yet and I really did not have any attention on riding the bus this late at night so I figured wait around. My mind kept going back to that guy I was starring at as we walked past him. He was a looker I will say, I couldn't wait to see him fight if he was the new fighter everyone was talking about. Not paying attention to where I was walking I tripped over a bag and landed on someone taking them to the ground with me. Oh god, just let me die now I don't even wanna look up to see who I had knocked over. " Well hello there" I heard a southern accent with that voice. I quickly shot my head up and came face to face with the guy I was just thinking about. "Oh my god..." was all I could say and at that it was below a whisper. My face turned a deep shade of red as my ability to speak had gone out the window. I was only a mear few inches away from his face....close enough I could feel his breath against my face.