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Chapter Twenty One

"Thank Merlin you're okay."

Thank. Merlin. You're. Okay.

"Draco?" His face was so close and his eyes bore into hers, penetrating and concerned.

"Hermione, I am so glad. I thought, I thought…"

Strong arms buried her and she felt the contentment that came with feeling safe.

"How did you find me?"

There was sniffling and relieved sighs. "I am so glad you're okay. When I heard him shouting the curse, I didn't know what to do so I did the only thing I could think of."

"What was that?"

"I blew the door open. I didn't know he was standing behind it. But thankfully the blow caused the curse to miss."

"Is he..?"

"He's still unconscious."

Silence reigned over the room for a moment. Acting on impulse, Hermione reached up and brushed a strand of hair out of his eyes.

"There are some things I've never told you."

His quizzical expression quickly disappeared as Hermione was cut short. The door burst open and Harry, along with a large entourage, piled into the room.

"Oh, Hermione," Ginny threw herself on her friend, hugging her tight. "We were so worried."

Hermione hugged her friend back. "I'm okay now, Ginny."

Harry patted her on the shoulder and Ron gave her knee a comforting squeeze. "We're going to take care of Lucius, Hermione."

Draco looked at Harry, his facial emotions unreadable and Hermione reached for his hand, taking it gently in her own.

Ginny and Blaise noticed the exchange and smiled covertly at each other.

"Don't worry," Draco squeezed her fingers.

Lucius Malfoy woke to white walls.

And a lone figure stood at his bedside.

"You tried to kill me."

He smirked to himself; he'd tried to kill a lot of people. Usually, he succeeded.

"My dear, you fail to understand the fundamentals of society."

He hoisted himself into a sitting position and the stern and uncaring face Narcissa displayed was enough for him to almost forget about giving his speech.

"Fundamentals of society?" her eyebrow raised, mockingly.

"Yes; society, as anybody would know has parts, like anything to ensure functionality. There are the important parts and the not so important parts."

"You're comparing society to machinery."

"It's very simple to grasp." He chuckled again. "Now, as with everything, all the parts must be fully efficient for smooth operation. Class is important. Intermingling," he pulled a face, "completely detracts from functionality. Do you understand?"



A tense moment ticked past. "Lucius Malfoy, I'd like a divorce."

It felt like she was spending the majority of her life surrounded by white walls.

Her walls at home were white; the hospital walls were white; the spaces behind her eyelids were white and she couldn't remember how to bring colour into them. The colours were what she missed the most; especially the blues and the reds. But it was all a bright, unforgiving white now and for the life of her, she could not find a way to splash the passion back into her life.

But what was passion, anyway?

Love. Love was a passion.

You have to be the change you wish to see in others.

Was she ready to change? Did she want to change?

But the walls weren't so white anymore and as she looked around, the colours of the lives around her mingled and blended into the whiteness of her life. Ginny and Ron's red hair, Harry's green eyes and Draco's grey blended into one and Hermione found herself crying and laughing and sobbing and pairs of arms were around her and questions were being fired at her and for the first time in a really long time, Hermione found that perhaps smiling wasn't so hard anymore.

When the group left and it was just her and Draco, watching the charmed sunrise out the window, Hermione turned to him.

"I didn't thank you. So thanks."

"What for?"

"For saving my life."

"You've saved my life, too." You saved my life over and over again.

"How so?"

He grinned at her.

"You saved me from an eternity with Astoria Greengrass. That, in itself, is deserving of a medal."

Hermione chuckled and leant across, her mouth hovering near his ear.

"Let me tell you a secret," she whispered.

He shivered at the proximity of her voice and the feeling of her breath in the shell of his ear.

"What?" He whispered back, not entirely sure why he was whispering.

"I don't regret marrying you."

He felt his face split into a magnificent beam, his cheeks and eyes unaccustomed to the expression. If there was one thing Draco Malfoy didn't do; it was beaming. But he beamed, unashamedly and proudly, at Hermione and felt that maybe, just maybe, it was something he'd have to do more often.

She was released from St. Mungo's the very next day and she accepted an invitation from Narcissa to have tea.

Narcissa's wounds had vanished, leaving no traces on her perfect, unblemished skin but Hermione suspected that the woman would be sleeping with her wand taped to her wrists for a while.

"How are your parents?"

Despite their recent breakthroughs, Hermione still found it nerve wracking to be alone with the woman. She had, in the beginning, been completely opposed to the idea of Draco marrying Hermione. She'd warmed up to the idea when there was a wedding to be planned and then, her reservations towards Hermione had been completely abandoned when she announced her pregnancy. Hermione was afraid of Narcissa's feelings towards her; now that she'd lost the child, would she still be accepting? Or would she revert back to the women who'd created such anxiety and fear within Hermione?

"They're fine and told me to pass along their thanks for the flowers."

"It was nothing," Narcissa smiled into her tea and Hermione relaxed infinitely.

That morning, a huge bouquet of assorted roses had been delivered to Hermione's parents, no note attached. But Hermione knew they were from Narcissa's garden; each cared for and blooming in such a way that she knew their originating address.

"They were beautiful."

"I could show you my garden, if you'd like?"

Hermione smiled and placed her tea back onto the table with a steadier hand.

"That would be lovely."

Draco Malfoy gasped and threw another curse.

His father sneered back, shooting a red jet at him, narrowly missing his left cheek. "Draco, when will you learn? I have years of experience on you boy; learnt magic you never will."


His father's chuckle met his ears and he growled.

"You honestly think a weak disarming spell is going to stop me?"

He leant against the bookshelf in the library and exhaled. Earlier, when he'd apparated in, he had noticed his father halfway up the driveway, a brisk urgency in his walk and Draco had snuck quietly after him.

Lucius had first entered his private study and pulled a stack of parchment, tied together with a piece of string, out of one of the drawers. He placed them onto the table and collected an assortment of things around the room; vials of liquid and strange contraptions, which he placed next to the papers.

When everything had been collected, Lucius muttered a shrinking spell and swept the items into his palm, placing them into his breast pocket.

Curiously, Draco followed him out of his study and into the library where books were pulled off the shelves and placed haphazardly on the floor. Halfway through his collecting, Draco frowned, pulled out his wand and inquired, in what he thought was a calm voice, "What are you doing here, father?"

Lucius showed very little surprise on his face, instead a calm and defiant expression reigning supreme where surprise should have been.

"Draco." His voice sounded slippery in his ears, like the tongue of a snake, lightly gliding over its surroundings. "Run along."

"Just what are you doing?"

"Draco, it's no secret that I completely disapprove of your relationship with Miss. Granger."

"It's Malfoy."

His father was before him in a flash, his wand pressed deep into the side of Draco's throat. "How dare you disrespect the Malfoy name? That filth will never be a Malfoy."

Well really, what choice did he have at that point but to withdraw his wand and start blindly shooting spells?

The sound of glass smashing tore through the calm in the air and Narcissa dropped the rose she had just clipped off the bush.

"What was that?"

The clichéd line every protagonist uttered before a final dramatic scene flew from her mouth before she could think about it. Hermione looked fearfully at Narcissa before they both began to run towards the main house. Hermione, sprinting faster that Narcissa, reached the manor and puffed in exertion as she pushed open the glass door. Silence reigned supreme for a moment until muffled yells and shouting reached her ears.

Without a second thought, she tore down the hallway towards the library.

"You don't seem to understand what the terms lineage and purity mean, do you boy?"

Draco, having smashed the window just seconds ago with his stupefy spell, slumped behind the bookshelf as another red jet lit up the space next to him.

"There's no use fighting me."

He'd always known how to hate. It was the emotion that came the easiest to him. It was rage and jealously and annoyance and disrespect rolled into one and he easily knew how to utilise the emotion. People used to say he was emotionless –that wasn't true; he just didn't display the good emotions. He didn't know happiness and sympathy and love. He knew envy and gluttony and hate.

But he'd never felt hate for his father. Not once during his upbringing did he feel hate for the man; there was fear and reverence and even slight jealously. But there was never hate.

And he hated the man who'd played a part in giving him life; the man whose blood ran through Draco's veins; the man whose ideals and teaching ran through Draco's mind.

"Bombarda!" The spell hit its target and Lucius Malfoy was at the mercy of his son.



Lucius' wand flew into the air and hit the floor with a sharp clickety-clack, rolling underneath an overturned bookshelf.

"Are you going to kill me, boy?"

"You tried to kill Hermione. Over and over again. Tell me one reason why I shouldn't."

"You don't have the courage. That's what you lack. You were always pathetic and sniffy, even as a boy. Could never face your fears."

"Shut up!"

"Have I hit a nerve? Don't try to deny it, not to me. I know you better than you do. I am your father and you are just like me."

"I'm nothing like you!" he shouted, the frustration evident in his voice and Lucius eyed him in eagerness. His son would crack and he would have the upper hand when he did.

"Oh, but you are just like me. Not just on the outside though, of course, the resemblances are uncanny. No, on the inside too. Cunning and devious and slippery."

"Shut up." Draco said again, his voice softer and more controlled. "I'm not you."

"Oh, yes. You are. You just don't quite know it yet. Soon, you grow tired of that Mudblood and when you do; she'll be right back where she belongs; in the dirt beneath my feet."

"Avada-" his grip on his wand tightened and quaked.



She wasn't sure if she had gotten to him on time. It seemed like the green jet flew out of nowhere and she didn't know where it had hit, not really having the wits to look for its destination. All she knew was that she was holding onto his arm and she was falling and he was falling and there was shouting ringing in her ears.

They landed with a thud in the dust and the books and she sprang to her feet, wand trained at Lucius.

He was lying beneath the rubble of books and she found herself hoping for his life.


Draco stood and also lifted his wand to point at the crumpled figure of his father.

"Is he dead?"

"I don't know. Why did you stop me?"

There was a groaning beneath the pile of books and Hermione bowed her head solemnly. "He's not worth it."

Ropes were conjured out of the air and Lucius was levitated from the fallen literature and into the air.

"The Ministry will deal with him," Hermione asserted and began to direct Lucius out of the room.

"The Ministry have never been good with their proceedings."

Hermione allowed a small smile. "I don't know; we've done well so far."

It was like the ending of a book.

Relief flooded the air like excitement at a Quidditch match and Hermione slumped into a chair in the Malfoy's good sitting room.

Officials from the ministry had reacted quickly when Hermione made the call to Harry. Within moments, Harry, Ron and five of their best aurors flooded into their home via the floo system and Lucius had been taken-unconscious and floating, back to the office.

"Are you alright?"

Hermione blinked at Harry for a moment. "I'm fine. You should be asking Draco that question."

Draco sat, bent forward with his head in his hands and his mother gently rubbing his back in comfort.

"He's answered all the questions for now but we'll need to summon him into the office for further questioning later this week," Ron informed her and Harry patted her shoulder comfortingly.

'He'll be okay. Will you be okay?"

Hermione nodded. "Of course; thanks for coming so quickly."

Harry beamed. "That goes without saying, Hermione."

Ron nodded and shot her his best grin.

There was a swelling in her chest and she pulled them both into a tight hug. "Thank you."

The next two weeks passed chaotically.

Hermione stayed in her parent's house for three days before Draco asked her to move back in. She rolled her eyes and told him, "All this packing and moving is driving me crazy." Then she packed a bag and moved back in with him.

Her room felt big and spacious, a change to what she'd been sleeping in for the past four months. The first night, in a fit of discomfort and unfamiliarity, she piled their entire bed with pillows, despite the calls of debate from Draco, and woke in the morning with half of them on the floor.

Draco was called into the ministry four days after the incident for inquiry and Lucius was currently awaiting trial. Narcissa Malfoy started divorce proceedings and the press went crazy. Photographers snapped away at their front gate mercilessly and Hermione found the incessant noise was slowly driving her mad.

"Can't the just go away? It's not like they're getting any good shots anyway."

Draco shrugged. "I could try hexing them?"

She shook her head, trying not to convey how much the idea appealed to her.

"You don't need to do that."

Awkwardly, he stared at her for an extra moment.

"I think I would do anything for you."

The eye contact was held for an extra second before Hermione blinked and looked down, the moment gone. "Well, er, thanks."

The awkwardness lingered for an extra moment before he cleared his throat. "I should go check on mother."

She nodded slightly and avoided eye contact, pretending, instead, to be completely engrossed in the commotion outside.

As soon as he left the room, she placed a hand over her hot cheeks and the other over her pounding heart. What was this? What was happening to her?

Was she? No, she couldn't be in-

Her thought patterns were disrupted when the door opened again and Draco stood in the middle of the doorway, his hair a mess and his cheeks tinged with pink.

"Are you alright?"

"Will you…" he paused. "Will you go on a date with me tomorrow night?"

Well, of course she said yes. She was living under his roof, holding his hand every night and becoming best chums with his mother; she wasn't in a position to say no.

He had told her it would just be a quiet night out, a simple dinner and let the night decide for itself what would happen. That night, he didn't return to their room and the worry she felt kept her clutching at his pillow all night. When she woke up, she found a note taped to the bedpost. On it, scrawled simply was 'Good morning. See you tonight.'

Butterflies started to bounce in her stomach and the prospect of an entire day of them drew out her nervousness. "A date? What were you thinking?"

What exactly was she thinking, anyway? What was she doing, getting all giggly and nervous like a teenager? They were simply going to have dinner together and get on with-

With what, though? What was exactly going to happen? A date was for people who wanted to get to know each other better; she already knew enough about him, thank you very much and besides, they were already married! Surely, courtship at this point was rather pointless.

But then, she realised exactly what he was doing.

They'd never been on a date. They'd jumped straight from acquaintances to marriage and the things in between had been lost to each other; the awkward first kiss, the awkward hand holding, the awkwardness at the beginning of anything new; he was trying to provide the beginning of their "thing", even though they had skipped that part and started in the midst of everything.

Really, how could any woman resist that?

Clothing and makeup had always been a bit of an issue for Hermione. She'd contemplated calling Ginny over to help her but the idea of having to answer a million questions about everything turned her off that idea quickly. She needed someone who was slightly self-absorbed so that all questioning would be limited.

Her next choice was Pansy but, a quick call later, it had been confirmed that she was busy.

The last choice was Lavender. Twenty minutes after she called, Lavender appeared in her fireplace and began to shriek excitedly.

"I always knew you were perfect for each other!" Lavender gushed as she started to flick through her wardrobe. "Oh dear, don't you own anything a little less," Lavender pushed a white striped shirt aside with a horrified face, "conservative?"

There was a knock on the door and, without waiting for a reply, a figure burst into the room; his large hair and colourful clothing an assault to her senses. Tucked under his arm was a small dog, frantically wagging its tail.


Hermione launched herself at the man and placed a hug over his slim shoulders. "What are you doing here?"

"Why, darling, I have brought you a dress."

Hermione felt worry sneak into her chest. "Dress?"

Lavender clapped her hands. "Yes! Hermione has nothing in this wardrobe that's appropriate for a first date."

Hermione cleared her throat. "Lavender, this is Pierre. He's a top fashion designer. Pierre, this is Lavender. She's married to my best friend."

Pierre reached for her hand and stooped to give it a gentle kiss. Lavender giggled. "Enchanté, mademoiselle."

"Now, about this dress," Hermione ignored Lavender's burning cheeks and loud giggles. "I hope it's not too…extravagant."

Pierre winked. "Extravagance is the new understated, my dears."

The little dog in his arms yipped excitedly and it gave Hermione a small start. "This must be Yves?"

Pierre laughed. "Indeed." He gently dropped the dog onto the ground and it promptly started to run around the room in excited exuberance, sniffing and licking.

"He's not going to…"

Pierre caught the worry on her face and looked shocked. "Of course not! He's trained!"

Hermione eyed the dog suspiciously for an extra moment before relaxing and nodding. "Let's see this dress."

Pierre looked absolutely giddy with self appreciation. "May I present to you; my best work so far!"

With a flourish, he swished his wand through the air and a garment bag flew into the room. He lifted the bag quickly to reveal a dress.

Lavender's mouth dropped open and Hermione gulped in apprehension.

It was a beautiful dress, no doubt, but Hermione wasn't sure that it was first date worthy.

"Pierre, are you sure that-"

"Oh, it's gorgeous!" Lavender clapped enthusiastically and bounded towards the dress.

"It's a bit…short."

Both Pierre and Lavender turned to glare at Hermione who shrunk into the wallpaper.

There was no way she was going to wear that.

By half past six, Hermione had squeezed herself into the dress and, despite what Lavender said, she looked ridiculous. The dress was short, mid thigh short, and strapless, misshapen ruffles and lace and beading scattered randomly. She was assured that it looked perfect and the light pink complimented her eyes or her skin or her hair or her somethingperfectly.

Underwear had also been a hassle. She saw nothing wrong with her plain white underwear; they were both practical and comfortable but Pierre mumbled something about lines and his first suggestion made her cringe. There was no way she was going au naturel! His second suggestion sounded a little better but when the garment was produced, it was all string and no support.

"I don't think I can wear that."

"Just put it on." Lavender pushed it into her hands and shoved Hermione gently towards the bathroom.

And now, well, it just didn't feel right.

To top it off, Pierre had gone and demanded that Hermione not wear a bra.

What was he thinking?

In fact, what was she thinking?

Seven o'clock came and her face had been primed and primped and plucked, her dress magically attached, her hair tamed somewhat and her nerves given an extra boost.

As she slipped into her coat and he shoes, Lavender sprayed a mist of flowery scented perfume about her person. The perfume made her scrunch her nose a little in irritation and she smiled kindly at Lavender and Pierre.

They beamed back.

"My finest work, yet."

"Oh, I completely agree."

Hermione gulped. "Thanks for the lovely dress and for helping me get ready."

Lavender waved her off. "Go, Hermione! Don't be late! And have a great time!"

Pierre pulled her into a hug. "Have a fabulous night!"

And he winked.


Just what did he think was going to happen?

She was late.

Draco paced the restaurant in a nervous mess. He had the entire place cleared out for the night and had candles lighting the table. Surely, this is what first dates were like? Quiet and intimate with minimal distractions?

It was four minutes past seven.

She'd decided not to show.

He'd be humiliated in front of the entire restaurant. The chefs were probably already laughing at him, deciding on whom they should send out to give him to cheer up speech. That there were plenty more fish in the sea. That it would be okay. He'd probably have to move to China to avoid the embarrassment. Stood up by his own wife! He'd have to change his name and permanently colour his hair for the rest of his life. He'd have to live the simple life, in order to attract minimal attention to himself and thank the Lord, there she was.

What exactly was she wearing?

He tried to stifle the smile.

She was walking like she had something very uncomfortable in a very intimate part. And, good Lord was that perfume she was wearing?

Who was this woman?

"Hi," Hermione reached where he was standing and smiled.

Oh, thankfully, it was still Hermione under everything.

"You look smashing." Well, of course she did but the compliment made her smile none the less.

"Thank you. And you look great." There it was; the first date awkwardness. He showed her to her seat and made special attention to push in her chair for her, like his mother had reminded him.

Her coat was placed on the back of the chair and -Holy Lord- he noticed that the dress was strapless and unbelievably short. Where did she get that from?

Stop it, Draco. Why are you reacting this way? You've seen more before. And why are you shaking man? You look like a bleeding Chihuahua!

He cleared his throat, took his seat and smiled at her.

"This is lovely." Hermione mentioned and looked around. "Why is it so empty tonight?"

Draco beamed, clearly proud. "I've booked every single table for the night."

Hermione cocked her head to the side. "But why?"

Draco looked confused for a moment. "I actually have no idea."

Her laughter tinkled in the air and he felt his nerves relaxing. This was going well, just keep making her laugh.

"So, I heard this joke the other day."

Oh no.

"A poltergeist and a banshee walk into a bar."

Oh, please no.

"The poltergeist ordered a butterbeer."

Why couldn't he stop talking?

"And the banshee decided that-"

"Are you ready to order sir?"

He was saved! He'd have to give this waiter a hefty tip at the end of the meal.

"Ah, yes!" He said a little too loudly and enthusiastically. "Food!"

Hermione smiled at him. It was strange; she'd barely said three words tonight. What was wrong with her?

She found her brain didn't exactly connect to her mouth tonight.

Sitting in awe, she felt a flattered swelling in her chest at the consideration he'd placed into everything; the flowers, the wine, the candles.

He was nervous and boy, did it show. But she was nervous too. Her hands shook and she had to try and steady them under the table. Her heart, pounding at jackhammers pace before, had calmed though and she laughed, for no apparent reason.

"This is the best night of my life."

Draco looked up from his next bite of salmon and smiled.

"What can I say? I know how to please the ladies."

Hermione guffawed. "Pleasing the ladies, my ass, Mr. Malfoy."

The evening passed at a leisurely pace; the atmosphere calmed and Hermione found herself relaxing into the pace and the conversation. They talked about everything from current books that they'd both read to the new ministry laws.

It was a night of laughs and she found that through all the past months of sadness, she didn't feel bad for laughing anymore. And she was glad he had stuck with her throughout it all.

As Draco helped her into her coat and paid the bills, she felt a strange feeling in her chest.

He gripped her hand and pulled her out of the restaurant and into the street.

"Thank you." She told him softly, not referring to the night at all.

"It was my pleasure."

There was silence. "It's a nice dress you've got on."

Hermione laughed. "Don't remind me; I can't believe they forced me to wear this! And you won't believe what's underneath."

"Is that why you're walking like you've sat in something uncomfortable?"

"I do not walk like that!" she stopped to protest. "And even if I did, I'd like to see you try better! This shouldn't even be considered underwear."

"Please stop talking about it. Otherwise I can't be held responsible for what happens next."

She smiled and bowed her head in embarrassment.

They strolled for another few blocks until he stopped and faced her.

"Would you do me a favour?"

She blinked. "As long as it doesn't include more humiliation about my clothing choices; sure."

"Would you close your eyes for me?"

She laughed and let her eyelids drop. "Okay."

There was the faintest rustle and then his breath was tickling her ear.

"I love you, Granger."

Before she had a chance to respond or blush at his honesty, he'd apparated her away with a small pop.

"You what?" she shrieked as they landed.

He looked confused. "Pardon?"

"What did you just say to me?"

He grinned and stepped back a little, letting the city speak for itself.

Paris; the city of love. She was on top of the Eiffel Tower, the city stretched out beneath her, expanding into the distance.

The lights twinkled at her; the sound of the city reached her ears and the ultimate feeling of declarative love in the air choked her.

"Draco Malfoy, I demand you tell me exactly what you just said."

Hope began to balloon in her chest and unsurmountable joy exploded behind her eyes.

"I told you," he moved in closer, obviously proud of her reaction.

"That I love you, Hermione Granger."

Something inside snapped at hearing his feelings reaffirmed. So her mind wasn't playing some sort of trick on her. She slapped his arm. "You're a complete ass."

He grinned wider. "What are you doing to do about it?"

She laughed into the air and he bent to one knee.

She gasped in humour. "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like?"

"Are you proposing to me?"

From his coat pocket, he pulled out a small velvet box.

"No," she gasped. "Are you serious?"

"Hermione Granger, will you marry me?"

"Will I?" she laughed aloud, into the night air. "No, I will not!"

He stood, looking slightly worried. "Why not?"

She brought her hands to his cheeks. "Because you've already married me."

He grinned and brought his lips down to hers. Familiarity and contentment washed over her and she found that for that moment; she was exactly where she wanted to be, with the only person she wanted to be there with.

"So, how about it?"

"How about what?" she twirled a strand of hair on the nape of his neck.

"Isn't it customary to say 'I love you, too.' when faced with a proclamation like this?"

"Oh, but I don't think I do." She grinned up at him and found him with a smile in his eyes.

"Granger, has anyone ever told you that denial is not a pretty facial feature?"

She scrunched her nose at him mockingly and realised that he simply needed to hear her affirmation.

"Draco Malfoy," she paused and his eyes twinkled in the dark. "I love you too."


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