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Loony for Luna

Chapter One



Luna Lovegood stared at the rough wooden door of the Hogshead. Inside, she could hear her school mates laughing. They seemed to be having a wonderful time together, but enjoying a day away from school out from under the heavy thumb of the new 'high inquisitor' and so called Defense Against The Dark Arts professor Delores Umbridge wasn't their purpose for meeting. They were meeting to ask Harry Potter to teach them defensive magic, something their so called DADA teacher refused to do.

Luna had been excited about the meeting since she had heard about it, but still she delayed. It wasn't that she minded walking a little on the outside of rules, or that she was afraid of being caught. It was that she knew exactly what would happen the minute she pushed open the door, the same thing that happened anytime she pushed open a door that held her school mates on the other side.

They would look over to see who it was and the room would go a decibel or two quieter as conversations went from normal to whispered behind hands. Eyes would stare, girls would nod toward her and inevitably, the whisper of "Loony Lovegood" would reach her ears. It hadn't bothered her much other years, but this year it seemed her reactions to things were magnified due to the added stress of having Delores Umbridge underfoot.

Delores Umbridge, that stupid cow in pink. Thinking of her made Luna remember what this was all about. It wasn't about who was popular and who wasn't. It was about learning to fight properly so that if the time came...when the time came, she would be able to defend herself properly.

Luna lifted her hand, pushed against the door and entered the Hogshead.

All eyes looked up when the door opened and she walked in. Harry smiled at her, then went back to arguing with Hermione. Luna looked around uneasily for a place to sit but all places close to where the meeting was taking place were taken, though had people been courteous enough, they could have slid over and made room for her easily enough. She was about to give up and pull a stool over from the bar when she saw the two boys with brilliant red hair wave her over and make room for her between them.

Luna swallowed nervously, these weren't just any boys, these were the infamous and wildly popular Weasley twins, and here they were offering her a seat! Luna was sorely tempted to check the seat for pranks before she sat down, after all, it had to be some sort of joke... right?

A small grin quirked at the corner of Fred and George's lips as they watched Luna Lovegood subtly checking out the bench for pranks before she sat down. Clearly their reputation proceeded them.

"Worry not Miss Lovegood" Fred leaned forward and whispered in her ear"You've nothing to fear"

"Were only being our sweet gentlemanly selves" George whispered in her other ear "For now at least" George flashed her a grin that left her blushing then she turned and looked at Fred to see that he wore the same grin. Luna forced her attention to Harry who was getting heat from Zacharias Smith.

"Is it true you can do a Patronus charm?" she asked hastily, even though she knew darn well that he could.

Harry nodded

"He can" George whispered in her ear "We've seen it"

"It's a stag" Fred whispered into her other

"Can you two do one then?" Luna asked innocently

"Well...er...no" George said "But we've never had reason to, have we Fred?"

"Right George. Not many Dementors in Ottery St. Catchpole are there?"

"It's a relief I suppose" Luna giggled"With your reputation, I shudder to imagine just what your Patronus would take the form of."

Luna gave them both wide grins and stood to join the line to sign up.

"Ain't she a feisty one?" George cocked an eyebrow as he watched Luna disappear into the group of people

"Cheeky." Fred agreed "Cheeky as hell."

They signed the parchment then left the Hogshead and began up the path back to Hogwarts.

"Fred! George!"

A girls voice called out to them and they turned to find Luna running up to them. They waited for her to catch up.

"You left before I had a chance to thank you both." she puffed, she was out of breath and she put her hand on George's arm to steady herself while she caught her breath.

"Thank us, for what?" Fred asked

"For making room for me to sit of course." Luna smiled up at them and her eyes sparkled in the afternoon sunlight.

"It was nothing" George was very near to blushing

"No..." Luna shook her head and looked at them both in turn "It was very nice of you. People usually aren't so kind to me, specially not at school. Besides, no one else was about to allow me to sit with them, not Loony Lovegood"

Fred and George didn't know what to say, so they blurted the first thing to come to mind.

"That's a horrible name." said Fred

"Terrible" said George

Luna shrugged it off with a small giggle "There are some who would say it is perfectly descriptive." she crossed her eyes and twirled her finger around her ear in the universal sign of lunacy and Fred and George couldn't resist smiling with her.

"Anyway" she said "I just wanted to thank you." she stood on tip toe and kissed them each on the cheek in turn. "Bye."

She turned away from them and began to skip through the snow back up to Hogwarts.

George looked at Fred "What are you grinning at?"

Fred looked back at George "Not a thing, what are you grinning about?"

"I'm not grinning." George rolled his eyes "C'mon."

They turned back to see the long mane of moonlight blonde hair bobbing in the distance ahead of them, both grinned like fools as they watched Luna Lovegood disappear beyond a hedge.


"Well, aren't you two just a couple of valiant gentlemen." Angelina Johnson snickered over breakfast the next morning "I never would have thought you had it in you."

"Obviously up to something." Hermione shook her head with disapproval.

"What are you on about?" George looked at her, his face blank, eyes bright with curiosity.

Angelina smirked over her porridge "Loony Lovegood of course."

"Luna?" Fred corrected "What about her?"

"Give it a rest..." Angelina giggled "and tell us what your up to now."

"I have no idea what your talking about." George rolled his eyes as he cut into a huge stack of pancakes.

"Oh please!" Hermione looked back and forth at Fred and George accusingly

"Luna is a nice person" Ginny said in her defense

"Nice, yes, I suppose" Ron agreed "But barking mad."

"I don't think she's completely mad." Harry said, his voice hopeful. Luna was one of the few people who believed that Harry was telling the truth about Voldemort.

"Really Harry." Angelina rolled her eyes "Have you heard her go on about Nargles and Crumble headed Snorsacks? Loony Lovegood will believe anything as long as it is totally far fetched. The girl is a complete nutter."

"I suppose she must be, after all, she believes me." Harry gave Angelina a hard look, his eyes blazing with temper.

Angelina narrowed her eyes at him "That's not what I meant."

"It's what you said." Fred

"Don't you turn this around on me Fred Weasley." Angelina smirked "It's you and George who are up to something with Loony Lovegood."

"What do you mean "up to something?" Hermione looked at Fred and George suspiciously.

"If you do something mean to her" Ginny shook her finger in their faces "I'll owl mum, I swear."

"Exactly what are you accusing us of?" George looked from one to the other, a hint of anger reddening his ears.

"It was a bit dodgy" Ron squinted at them

"What in the name of Merlin's sweaty nutsack are you all going on about?"

"You two" Ron pointed at them in turn "Making room between you for Loony Lovegood yesterday."

"Ronald really!" Hermione gave him a look to kill "Stop calling her that."

"Whispering in her ears all during the meeting." Angelina smirked

"Were you even paying attention?" Harry looked at them with concern "Do you even know what you've signed up for?"

"No dad we don't" George rolled his eyes "Better take us off the list and send us to our rooms."

"This is serious!" Harry clenched his teeth, exasperated by their nonchalance.

"Calm down Harry." Ginny put her hand on his arm "of course it is, and they know that...their just being Fred and George."

"Yes we are." Fred crossed his arms "And frankly I resent the implication that in order for me to be nice to someone I have to be up to something, how bout you George?"


Angelina snickered "But its Loony Lovegood!"

"Stop calling her that!" Ginny, Hermione, Fred, George and Harry all said in unison.

"And were not up to anything." Fred's voice was almost angry

"Deny it if you like" Angelina rolled her eyes as she got up from the table "But I know you both too well to buy this total innocence ...remember that."

Hermione watched her go "What do you suppose has got her wand in a knot?"

"You're not up to anything..." Hermione looked at Fred and George in turn "Are you?"

"You know" George looked at her as if he would like nothing more than to turn her over his knee "All this faith in us is giving me a such a warm, fuzzy feeling inside."

"When have we ever done anything mean to anyone?"

"Four people going into the water..." Ginny began

"Will four come out?" Harry finished for her

"Well yeah..." Fred shifted slightly at the reminder of the Triwizard betting pool the year before

"But have we ever specifically singled out one person and then been mean to them?" George leveled them a look.

"Well, Percy..." Ron finished

"Percy!" George scoffed

"Percy's a git who deserved all her got..." Fred looked at Ron with disgust.

"And worse." George finished

"So you were really just being nice to Loon..." Ron stopped as he was surrounded on all sides by nasty glares "...Luna?"

"Honestly." Fred rolled his eyes "Why is that so hard to believe?"

"I think I'm hurt." George looked at Fred "How about you Fred?"

"I'm definitely hurt. See what you've gone and done now?"

"Abused our senses." George shook his head

"Shattered our innocent hearts..."

"Battered our delicate souls."

Hermione snickered "Don't over do it there David Copperfield."


"David Copperfield." Harry urged "He's a muggle illusionist."

"What's an illusionist?" Ginny asked

"A fake wizard who pretends to do magic with slight of hand."

"This Copperfield bloke sounds dodgy to me." Ron knitted his brows together considering.

Hermione rolled her eyes "Not THAT David Copperfield, I'm talking about Charles Dickens David Copperfield...tragic waif and all that."

"Who's Charles Dickens?" Ron asked innocently

"Another muggle illusionist?" Fred asked

"He happens to be an extremely famous author."

"What's he written then?" George looked at Hermione like she was insane.

"A Christmas Carol? Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities...His characters are the most famous in all of literature...David Copperfield, Jacob Marley..."

"Isn't that a muggle music performer?" Harry smirked, though quite aware of Dicken's works from his own muggle school years prior to learning he was a wizard

"The Christmas Ghosts, The escaped Prisoner, Ebenezer Scrooge" Hermione ontinued

"Sounds like an unforgiveable curse." George smirked " Scroogeo!"

"Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchett..."

"Bless you." Fred grinned

"You people have no appreciation for the arts."

"I appreciate the arts." Harry grinned "As long as they aren't dark, they are just spiffy with me."




Chapter Two Preview

The first meeting of Dumbledores Army...

and Fred and George once again encounter Luna Lovegood.



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