Trust in me

Drabble Fic: Fade.

A/N – Just a fic that came to mind and I thought I'd post it. In light of recent events in my life, I felt like I had to get this off my chest. Hope you enjoy it.


Sam had used his powers. Dean could tell. Sam's nose was bleeding, he was trembling and there was a body at his feet.

He brushed the blood away, smearing it as guilt glistened in his eyes.

Dean's heart sank.

That was when he knew he couldn't hide it anymore. He couldn't trust his brother, his only family.

His heart broke, but it was true.

Sam – his Sam – was gone, and this new person stood before him. Dean didn't know him and couldn't trust him.

All hope began to fade. Dean was truly alone for the first time in his life.


A/N – Imagine discovering the one person in your life that you had always trusted, always been able to count on and lean on, wasn't the same. Believe me, that hurts. I hope I managed to get how terrible that is when it happens.