Pink Dreams - Prelude

Once, the halls were either dead quiet, or trembled with the reverberations of firearms and angry shouts. Now, the evenings were more vibrant, filled with the symphony of love. Not since before Lady Sheena's untimely death, had the Manor taken on such a romantic tone. While l'amour did not completely take away the arguments and occasional hurled object thudding against the wall, it softened the atmosphere, making it radiate a warm and sensuous tone. Night hallways that once were hushed, now housed soft words and declarations of adoration. Light sighs were released into the air like wild dragonflies, while the endless creak of bed-springs made a joyful noise, rhythmically pacing out until the wee hours of the morning. Tender phrases, winsome whispers, and professed fantasies hung heavy on the lips of those in love.

"My prince, my darling..." a feminine pitch declared.

"My heart, my angel...." a ragged voice proclaimed.

"My Lord.... don't they ever stop...." a cranky tone whined. Seras rolled over in her coffin and pulled the pillow over her head, a pathetic attempt to drown out the rather um, passionate conversation her masters were having at the moment.... Ever since their union, the fledgling had been quite in tune with their emotions, a bit too much in her opinion. Due to Blood-ties and her rather sensitive vampiric nature, Seras was able to read and sense their fluxing emotions as clearly as her own, much to embarrassing results. Cold showers had become a daily routine, knickers were changed frequently, and on nights such as this, the little vampire made sure that she avoided the contact of anyone of the opposite sex like the plague. She was truly happy for her Sire and Sir Hellsing, but wondered just when things were going to get back to 'normal'- whatever that was..... A crescendo of cries pushed through the down of the pillow and the girl shifted uncomfortably. Bravo, the show was over- now perhaps she'd actually get a chance to get some rest as the sun began to creep up along the crest of the horizon.