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Ch.11 The Guitar Pick,sneak peak.

--------------------------------------------------------Trent's POV------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

After Gwen and Court explained everything that happened here,I kissed Gwen and she sadly smiled and hugged of thoughts were running through my head,What if it wasn't Geoff and what if the other guy would have opened that closet door?!Why did Henry save me?Why'd he take the guitar pick mom gave me when I was little?What if we lost Gwen and Court?I almost died!!How'd Court know to hide?! Then Gwen spoke,"Court,how did you know to hide and then when you fainted and broke that cup,what happened?",she clutched to me more.I think she can read my GWEN CAN YOU READ MY MIND!?!If you can then ask Duncan if he's okay!,"And Duncan are you okay?",Okay creepy...kissed me if it's true... Nothing.

Court sighed though,"Can you guys keep a secret?",we all looked at her with curious faces.I thought Izzy and I knew all her secret!,"I'm,I'm....I am....Well you see....I'm...well....I'm a."she couldn't get it out,this must be big!