I really don't know what kind of reaction I may get from this story... But I hope you as the reader may enjoy it just the same. My favorite pairing in Bleach has to be Ichi/Ruki. For me, they are one of the most unique couple I have ever come across in anime. I love them and I selfishly hope that they get together in the end. If they don't that's alright I suppose--I'll just write a slew of fanfics to console myself. *laughs*

- Zerolr -

Disclaimer: I don't own bleach. It belongs to Tite Kubo

Pairing: Ichigo – Rukia

Rating: M (for some cursing and the lemonish ending)

Setting/Plot: Alternate Universe

The Black Swallow-Tailed Butterfly

Chapter one

"Oh God this sucks!"

Ichigo Kurosaki was stuck in the worst scenario. In a camping program that's wasting his entire summer. Isshin beat him into submission and lectured him for the fifteen suspensions he had during his last school year, signing him up as punishment. "Jeeze it's not my fault I always get picked on, fuck, FUCK!" he groaned as he slammed his head on his pillow.

The only relief that was that he wasn't alone and that his friends Keigo, Mizuro, Chad and Ishida were with him. Ichigo shared his cabin with them except for Chad who served as a translator for some Latino campers in Cabin 3.

Keigo who was in the bunk above him stuck his head below.

"Hey Strawberry, it's not that bad, I mean we can go sneak and go peek at the girls while they go bathe."

"As if Kurosaki will be the kind of person who would join you in those ridiculous exploits," scoffed Uryuu. The pale skinned teen rubbed ointments all over his skin. His arms were dotted with insect bites of all kinds.

Mizuro rested in the bunk above with his headphones on flipping through a magazine that was months old.

"Oh come on! I mean there's nothing else to do. I hate going on those stupid hikes!" whined Keigo.

"Oh shut up!" snapped Ishida, "I've had it up to HERE with all your bitching and moaning." He scratched furiously at a mosquito bite stinging at his ankle.

Ichigo just rested his head at the pillow. He missed his sisters and even his stupid dad. His missed his bed, his room and the store that was down the street. Only three more weeks but those days took so long to pass by…

Keigo dropped down and got on top of Ichigo, "Come Strawberry, can you see it—A paradise of ass and titties just waiting for—,"


Ishida slammed a heavy book on Keigo's head, "I said he's not interested! He shouted, his face a furious color."

Mizuro took off his headphones, "Looks like you are—let's go I'm bored."

Ichigo's head remained inside the pillow not moving.

Ishida looked over him in worry, "I'll go in his place—just leave him alone," Uryuu begged.

Mizuro evilly smirked, "You just wanna go…"

"No, no I don't!"

"But it's not fun unless Strawberry comes with us!"

"Keigo, he doesn't feel well, he's going with us next time," Mizuro reasoned.

"If there IS a next time," grumbled Ishida worried about the trouble they were getting into.

Ichigo drifted off in sleep. He opened his eyes a while later and rose his head from the pillow.

"You guys?" he looked around. They were all gone. Ishida's ointment was on the little night desk between the bunk beds. Taking a whiff over the open top he reasoned it smelled rather sweet. Yeah, Mizuro probably replaced the actual lotion with something else that ATTRACTS the bugs rather than REPELLING them. Damn poor Ishida, he's got worse luck than me. Camping isn't his thing. He picked up a small knapsack and packed a few things. He decided to go on a little walk and sneak out and come back later.

Fifteen minutes passed as he trekked into the woods marking his path along the way. He's gone camping several times with his dad to know how to survive. The atmosphere was peaceful with the songs of the birds and the humming of the cicadas. He saw a deer in the distance ahead. It looked up at him and then dashed off. Ichigo kept walking then stopped at a small bubbling brook. He threw water at his face. Before getting back up he saw the moss on the rocks of the brook were a vivid green but a green so vivid it was scary. He lifted his head and saw the foliage across that brook was all that same green. Curious, he crossed it and continued on.

End Chapter