Title: Let's Try Something Else
Fandom: The World Ends With You
Pairing/Characters: Neku, Shiki, Beat
Warning(s): Spoilers for W3D7.
Genre: Gen

The last thing Shiki remembered was the man with the dark glasses telling her that she had been given another chance. Then there was a flash of light, the scent of charred feathers, the feeling of the space between her hand and Neku's- and then she woke up in some sort of weird underground tunnel, still in Eri's body.

She pinched the skin on the inside of her elbow gently, then harder; convinced she was at the very least not dreaming, she pushed herself onto two feet. The sudden rush of blood downward almost caused her to fall over. Once she had reclaimed her bearings, she allowed herself a look around and startled herself when she heard the voices.

I must be dead again. I'm hearing Neku and Beat and I'm dead again.

There was a red skull pin heavy over her heart. Oh, God, she thought, and she wasn't even religious.

Nobody is, after dying.