Title: Desperate Measures
Fandom: The World Ends With You
Pairing/Characters: Minamimoto, Hanekoma
Warning(s): Spoilers
Genre: Gen

"Nice digs," Minamimoto said, strolling into WildKAT like he owned the place. "Zetta nice. You do anything with it other than admire the wallpaper?"

Hanekoma grinned. "I sell coffee and pastries – you know, little things to chew on…and I keep my artwork here. It's a coffee shop-workplace hybrid, yeah?"

"You merchandise little bytes, huh? You're one zetta weird dude." He found a bar stool and draped himself over it, spinning himself to face Hanekoma. His eyes betrayed their dark purpose – and there was no joking about that.

"Right." He grabbed a nearby dish towel and wiped his hands clean of any imaginary dirt. "It's in the back. Follow me."

Minamimoto was uncharacteristically silent as they stepped into the studio, his golden eyes flittering around to take in the heart of Shibuya. Every so often he gave a small sound of approval or disapproval directed towards a certain work of art, but otherwise said nothing until they came to a large cloth-covered canvas at the back of the room.

Hanekoma unveiled it with neither the pomp nor the circumstance he normally found so easily. Instead, he found his heart cloudeed with a hint of uncertainty, but knew that desperate times were calling for Shibuya.

"Taboo Noise refinery," he said, cursing the way his voice went up slightly. He wondered if Minamimoto noticed those things. "Not the best, but it'll likely work. If you –"

But Sho wasn't listening, concentrating instead on the painting. It wasn't Hanekoma's finest work, and the paint had smudged a little – spray paint was meant for asphalt, not canvas – but the intent was there, and the glint in Sho's eyes was telling.

"Gonna take down the Composer," he said, more to himself than anyone. Then he laughed. "This zetta owns! The Composer's gonna have his brains derived out with this!"

Hanekoma gritted his teeth and forced himself to remember what it meant for something to be a desperate measure.