Summary: The past comes back to haunt Edward in the form of a young girl. How is she connected to his past? And why didn't Carlisle tell him about her?

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Chapter 11: Decisions

Even after I had heard Christina's thoughts I still couldn't relax. Her thought were a jumbled mess when Alice and Jasper returned from their little talk. The only thing she was positive about was that she had to decide by tomorrow. She seemed to want this over with. Almost as if she was running out of energy to keep doing this after a century. Either way I knew this decision would effect both of our lives considerably. This one decision could kill my father or my sister or both. The only consolation I had was knowing that no matter what Bella would still be by my side at the end of the day. Still losing a loved one is never easy. These thoughts plagued my mind all night as I lay beside my Bella. All too soon I was kissing Bella goodbye and was on my way to the meadow. I took a deep breath and listened for Christina's thoughts as I stepped out into the meadow.


"Edward I'm so glad you came." I noticed her then she was leaning up against a tree on the far side of the meadow. A second later she was three feet in front of me; from the look of it she had been here all night. As if she could read my mind she spoke.

"After I left your house yesterday I came here. Its such a pretty place to relax and think in. I had the whole night to sort out this situation and come to an understanding of why I am here and what I am really angry at."

"Which is?"

"You." Christina said simply.

"I understand." I replied and hung my head waiting for the blow I thought was coming. I would not fight her I couldn't kill my own sister and this was an acceptable alternative. After a few minutes of waiting a her hand raised my head back up so that I could look at her.

"I didn't mean it like that. Do you remember when we were kids, Edward? Do you remember our parents?"

"I only remember their faces. I am sorry to say I did not remember you until I saw Alice's vision of you. It was as if I repressed the memory." I said regretfully. I was ashamed that I had forgotten about her. Even though I knew I couldn't help it. And now, now that she was in front of me I remembered everything like it was yesterday. We were close, closer than most siblings were. She said I was the best big brother ever. And she, she was the world's best sister, so sweet, caring, kind. She was the kind of girl you couldn't help but love and I, I had not only turned her into a monster I had abandoned her. In that moment I hated myself even more than before.

"Edward its ok I don't expect you to remember only to understand. Understand why I thought I had to do this. When Mom and Dad died I was sad, yes, but I could live through it. You practically raised my anyway. On that night when you came in I wasn't grieving over Mom and Dad I had just found out about you. I was told you were dead. And I... I hated you for it. I hated you for leaving me. You made me a promise when we were kids. You said that you would never leave me no matter what. And I hated you for going back on your word. And then when you came in and I saw you I... well I ignored all the things that were different and focused on the fact that you were there. If I wasn't so consumed my grief and relief I would have noticed the pale shin, red eyes, or the enhanced beauty, even though you were already beautiful. But you were there and I focused on that even through the pain of the transformation I fully expected you to still be there when I woke up and if I didn't well you were there by my side as I died. I never expected you to be gone again."

Christina paused to compose herself she took a deep breath and continued. "To have you so close only to have you ripped away from me again was the worst pain I have ever been through. It was even worse than the transformation. Still, I am not angry at Carlisle or at even you. I have realized that it is time for me to get over this and get on with my life."

"I am happy to hear that Christina. If that is the case then stay with us. We would gladly welcome you into our family. Please stay with me Christina." I asked even though I heard the answer in her head.

"You know I was hoping you would ask me to do that. But being here all night has given me a lot of time to think. I have been dependent on you for so long. I don't even know who I am. I was just starting on the journey of self-discovery when I was turned. I feel that I need to complete that journey before you and I can be a family again."

"I understand." I said simply even though I was dying inside. "When will I see you again?"

"I don't know. Could be a year could be a century. I will find you though I have a talent for that." She winked then hugged me tightly. I stepped back from her and knew that it were possible we would both be crying.

"I love you, Chris." I said using my old nickname for her. She smiled brightly.

"Love you too, Ed. Catch ya later" She waved her hand at me then disappeared into the woods. I slowly walked back to my Volvo and resolved to ask Alice if she seen Christina it wasn't that I didn't trust her it was just to make sure. If she did I was sure we would see each other again until then I was relieved at how this had all turned out. I had a new member of my family and could share her with the my other family. Yep, life was definitely good again.

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