Disclaimer: I don't own Swat Kats They belong to Hanna Barbara and whoever owns Hanna Barbara now. I am just borrowing them for my own and possibly the enjoyment of other fans.

Notes: This is a Series of ficlets that deal with different reactions to a single tragic event.

Each will focus on a different character and will interconnect some what. This is something I began writing to deal with some real life issues and clear up writers block on The Homecoming.

I'm unsure on how many ficlets this will end up being. This over arching story will not have a clear beginning or end.

Warnings: Character Death, Angst, etc.



"Commander, the deputy mayor is on line seven insisting on talking to you." His assistant said over the intercom. He glanced down at the glowing lights on the phone and repressed the urge to just start hanging up on them. He knew the unruly assortment would just call back demanding statements and offering advice on this mess in his lap.

"Yes, Deputy Mayor Briggs." He wasn't surprised when the first words out of her mouth were demands to see the prisoner. "I'm sorry Deputy Mayor but no one is going to see the prisoner until we are done with processing." He wasn't surprised when she threatened to make a formal complaint to the Mayor. "I am sorry Deputy Mayor but I have work to do I will have my assistant inform the Mayor's office of the situation as soon as possible."

Once he managed to get her off the phone he told his assistant to hold all calls and got up from his desk and headed to see if the Swat Kat was through booking yet. He only made it halfway before he ran into his niece. "Uncle, we've finished booking the prisoner and he's in interrogation room three if you'd like to conduct the interrogation yourself?"

"No, Felina, I want you to handle Furlong's interrogation." He could tell his niece was surprised but he was proud that she was professional enough not to ask him about his reasons. "Has he said anything else?" He asked the guard standing outside the door.

"He hasn't said a word Commander not since what he said to you at the scene." He nodded and gestured for Felina to head inside. He then made his way over to the viewing room to observe what was going on inside. He truly wasn't surprised to see that Furlong didn't even acknowledge his niece's presence in the room.

He'd always known that the existence of the Swat Kat would lead to a disaster like this but he was still shocked at the randomness of it all. He still had no idea how Hard drive had gotten control the Missile Defense Center. The fact he'd gotten a lucky shot and taken the Turbokat out of the sky only made the situation seem even more surreal.

The Nightmare scene that had greeted the Enforcers upon retaking the center was still stuck in his head. He could still see the two bodies. The small Swat Kat and Hard drive both dead by two very different means. He was waiting on the autopsy to reveal the cause of death for Clawson but Hard drives' cause of death was perfectly clear. The blood covering Furlong made it clear he'd beaten his partner's killer to death with his bare hands. He could still remember the only comment Furlong had made after he had personally removed the restrained Swat Kat's mask. "Surprised Commander?"

He knew the Swat Kat wasn't talking about his identity but instead the sheer brutality of his act of vengeance. It was also clear from his eyes that he didn't regret it at all. He knew it was irrational but he couldn't sit in the same room with Furlong again not after that statement.

He returned to the present as he heard his niece leaving the room slamming the door in frustration. He glanced back to see the Swat Kat turn his head toward the mirror and nod slightly. He turned away from the mirror and walked to where his niece was still fuming. "He won't say anything at all Uncle how can we help him if he won't talk?"

"We can't help him at all, Felina," He said unsure how he felt about that. He could tell his niece once again didn't understand. Even if he'd wanted to help, it would be useless. He'd seen that look before on the faces of criminals and Enforcers alike there was no coming back from that. "I need you to lead an investigation team; I believe I know where their head quarters are located."

To be Continued...