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She knew that she didn't have much time but she still found herself pausing as she stood on the river bank looking down the small triangular device that had been her lifeline for so long. She'd lost count of how many times her having that device had saved not just her life but the entire city from destruction. It was even stranger to think that less than twenty-four hours ago she'd used it to tell them about the very situation where everything had gone wrong.

She'd disconnected the battery shortly after she'd gotten word about the full extent of the tragedy just before she'd called Feral and he'd refused to let her in to see T-bone. She wondered what was going through her friend's mind as he sat alone in a cell deep in Enforcer Headquarters. As much as she'd like to keep the transmitter to remember how things used to be she had to get rid of it. It was only a matter of time before Feral learned the Swat Kats' had an accomplice and started searching for their identity.

She couldn't risk being searched and having the communicator found. After taking one final look at it she hurled it into the river. She watched it sink and wondered if it would ever be found. It didn't matter if it was her prints would be washed away and thankfully she wasn't the only city official who made use of their garage.

She forced herself to stop thinking about it and instead focus on pulling herself together for the meeting she was attending at Enforcer Headquarters. Commander Feral had asked to see the Mayor and herself so she was finally going to get solid details on the situation.

She'd always known that the Swat Kats might lose their lives one day but she'd always pictured them going together, not one dead and the other imprisoned. She had no idea how T-bone was handling things since so far Feral had refused her request to see him.

She took a deep breath got back into her car and pulled away from the deserted small picnic spot by the river where she's pulled over to get rid of her communicator. She wasn't surprised that the small park area was deserted the entire city was holding it's breath waiting to see what happened next.

It wasn't hard to imagine the various criminals the Swat Kats had held in check for so long coming out of the woodwork to run wild now that they weren't going to be swooping in to save the day anymore. She was slightly surprised that so far there hadn't been any immediate attacks on the city but she was sure such an attack was inevitable

She frowned as she approached the gate to Enforcer headquarters as she was reminded that somewhere in the building one of her dearest friends was alone and there wasn't anything she could do to help him. She couldn't help but think that it would have been better if both of them died and she hated herself for it.

To be continued.

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