Chapter35: time was enough

Was I some "monster now", I didn't want to hurt anyone here. I didn't even fell like I wasn't me; the me I have always been. Or was I not who I thought I was?

"Bella, Bella" I heard every one say my name like that had changed also. I took a another step toward Jasper ,he almost set himself into a semi crouch like I might attack .How insane was he being ,me attack him .

"Mason" I said and I reached toward the door and Emmett was standing there blocking my way."Move Emmett, I want to see my children it has been too long."Then Edward came over to me and took my hand slowly. Did he feel different about me now? My heart ached a little over thinking that he just might.

"Bella, love I won't hurt you". Like I didn't know that I said with kinda an altitude."Edward it's just me Bella." "The only difference is now I will live forever like you and our kids.""Please Edward,"I need you."He came to me and let me wrap my arms around him .Then I went to kiss him and he let me but I think he wasn't sure if he should or not.

This was the best kiss I have ever had." Edward" I said softly as I pressed my lips to his again, I almost forgot the room was full of most of our family. Jasper cleared his throat and I looked away from Edward, but I didn't move away from him he was close to me and I never wanted that to change.

"Yes, Jasper may I help you?" "Well Bella, he said aren't you thirsty?"I thought about it for a minute and said no not so much, I little but it is not like you said I am not driven by it. Right now all I am driven by is my husband. If I could blush I am sure I would have right about now. Emmett started to hoop and huller yeah,"all Bella wants is sex.""That's my kinda girl.""I'm glad you are my little sis, Bells". He went on to say.

I was embarrassed but it was true all I wanted right now besides seeing my children was Edward in any form. I wanted him to make love to me to have sex with me just with me in every way .Then Edward smiled my favorite crooked smile of his and took my hand and said" later love ,I promise."

Carlisle spoke up then and said hello to ma and ask me how I felt. I told him I was great. Then I asked about Rose and Em babies. He had told me they were all fine and growing like weeds. "Bella he said I need you to trust me and go with Edward and hunt .Then we will let you see your children, ok."I smiled at Carlisle and pulled Edwards hand and said what are we waiting for lets go.

We ran into the nearby woods to go looking for some "food". I am still not sure I want to drink "blood", gross was what I was thinking. We ran about Forty miles in a matter of two minutes."Edward can they hear us now? I had asked.""No, Bella why? He answered""Because I said then I hit him and he hit the forest floor with a loud thud."

I started to kiss him with all my might, easy he reminded me, that I am stronger right now. We lay there kissing and making love for the next three hours. How wonderful it was. It was even more magical then before and even more then I had ever dreamed. "Edward Cullen; I said you have been holding out on me". "He smiled and told me that he had to but now he didn't we has equals."

We got up and got dressed and he showed me how to hunt .We came across a mountain lion which is his favorite and his mate, so we each took one down. I was a mess the cat tried to scratch me and I broke its leg and it cried out so I went for its throat and drank it dry .Edward stood there in awe of me .

What I said with a smile across my face."Did you like that, love, he asked.""Yeap, I did, can we find more?"I would also like to hit that tree top for a little more alone time before we go back."Bella, you want to make love up a tree?"I smiled and he had his answer. So he grabbed my hand and up to the very top of the tree branches we went. Oh my god that was great, I said, I didn't want to stop but it was twilight now and we needed to be getting back to our family before they got too worried about us.

We ran all the way back; I loved all this felling of freedom. I didn't even trip or fall not once. We ran back to our house because that is where everyone had gone. We walked into our house and I was ready to see my children. Edward nodded and they knew I was going to be safe with them.

They smelt like Edward mostly and a little like flowers or something sweet, but they didn't make me think of food. Ali and Carlie ran over and hugged me almost knocking me over with all their force. We missed you so much mommy they both said together.

Mason was waiting his turn a little more calm then the girls. He hugged me and kissed my forehead and said he was really glad that I made it and how much he respected his auntie Rose for saving me. He is truly growing up .They all are. Next Roe brought in her and Emmett's little tots.

"This is Kyle and this is Zach, she had said as she handed a baby to Esme and one to Carlisle. This is Kassie and she handed her to Alice. Next we have Emmalie, she is named after Em and I then she hand Emmalie to Jasper. Lastly I would like you to meet Airabella she said." My eyes found this baby and then Rose put her into my arms.

"Airabella" I said is she named after me? Rose smiled and said yes, it was the least I could do, if not for you and Edward ,but mostly you we would not have her or any of them. Then Rose put her arms around me and hugged me so tight. "Thank you so much, is all I could say."

"Bella, Edward, Rose began but Emmett cut her off will you guys be their god parents please, pretty, pretty please?" I looked at Edward and he smiled and we both said how we could not be.

I looked around the room of my, no our home with all our family here and knew that today would be the first day of my forever with them all. After all that life that hit me with, after all the things I had overcome, I got to live my dream yes I said as I smiled "time is enough".


The End (or is it) Thank you for reading. I am kinda sad to see it end, I dream about it and I have to get up sometimes to write it down so I don't forget the ideas. Thank you for the reviews they always was helpful and I greatly appreciated them .I looked forward to them. I hope that my very first story didn't let you down in any way, and I have just a preview of my (part 2) story "Time after Time" here it is ……..

This is the follow up story to" Will Time Be enough "It will be about the kids and their journeys in life with some Bella and Edward through in because I love them so.

Time after Time

This starts five years after Bella was changed .Rosalie and Emmett's children are now five but look to be teenagers. Mason he is seven but looks and acts like he is twenty. Ali and Carlie are six but they also look like they are eighteen.

Bella and Jacob also made peace and are friends again. He has decided that it was better to be friends with Bella and be in her life then to not have her in his.

Bella has never harmed any humans and she and Edward are still going strong. Rosalie and Bella are best friends. Andrew and Kori moved to be closer to Alaska where some of Kori's family lived. Andrew and Bella still talk every Sunday afternoon on the phone and are still very close.


Hope you like it so far Bella is telling the story so far.

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