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Chapter 6 – Don't you know who I think I am?

The room had a nice view. It was far too large for her, but it was something she was already used to. Her room back in Australia was as big as this one. Kaoru sauntered over to the window and opened the curtains where only but the darkness and the light from the top of Tokyo Tower could be seen. It was beautiful to see, but all she could think about was the airplane crashing and her parents screaming in fear. She closed her eyes, choking back tears.

"Are you all right?" Takashi's voice spoke through the dim light of the room.

Kaoru nodded as she turned to face him. He was just so handsome standing there. His golden hair shining from the little light peeking from the ceiling and he was so tall, that it was odd seeing him stand beside a very petite Koboshi Uematsu. In fact, Kaoru was a lot taller than Koboshi and she would fit better in his arms without him having to bend down a little.

Takashi stuffed in his hands in his pockets, awkwardly. "So uh…why don't you rest and I'll come wake you up in the morning okay?"

"I just want to say thank you…for everything."

Takashi nodded. "No problem. Have a good night." He was about to leave when he felt a small hand grab his. Takashi paused and looked back. Kaoru had grabbed his hand and gently, she was pulling him towards her. Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him, without giving Takashi a chance to react. She gave him a kiss on the cheek, then walked away, as if nothing had happened.

"Good night," she replied. She turned to face the window again and watched Takashi through the reflection of the window. He stood there for a while, wondering how to react to what she did and when he still couldn't figure it out, she heard the door close behind her. Kaoru smiled to herself, happy that she could kiss him. It was enough to make her feel better. Sighing, she turned off the lights to allow only the moonlight through the window and plopped down on the bed.

"Don't worry you'll get your wish," a voice came in the darkness.

Kaoru wasn't surprised at this. She knew Drake had been in the room the whole time and usually had a few words to say after the other humans left. She didn't understand why she was the only one who could see him.

She felt a little bit of apprehension as she stared out the window, wondering what was going on now in Kaoru's room. Koboshi knew there really was nothing and that she should trust Ten-chan in whatever decisions he made. After all, they were both adults. He has already made it clear who he loved.

Koboshi turned her head towards the clock blinking on the bedside table. It was almost 5 am and the sunlight was just peeking over the horizon. She had lost track now on how many hours they have been in Tokyo before they got interrupted by the tragic accident that happened to Kaoru's parents.

As soon as she finally made her decision to go back to bed, Koboshi saw the door opening. Slowly, perhaps thinking that she was fast asleep, Takashi entered back into the room. When he was saw her just climbing into bed, he approached her and gave her an apologetic look. "I'm sorry. I was kind of worried about Kaoru. She was crying all night and I thought I should wait before she finally went to sleep."

Koboshi shook her head. "It's all right," she answered, although albeit quite unsure whether her response was an honest one. Takashi didn't seem to notice, however that her tone seemed, to her, a little bit vexed.

"You didn't go back to sleep?" he asked her, a little bit worried that she didn't get enough sleep. He climbed back to bed on his side and laid beside her, staring into her eyes.

"I…couldn't sleep," was the only answer she could come up with. She blinked and gave him a smile.

It was then that he took notice of the worry etched on her face. "Are you still worried?"

Koboshi stared at him. "About what?"

Takashi sighed, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. "Koboshi, how can you still not believe me? Nothing will ever happen between Kaoru and I."

That was it. He could read her like a book and Koboshi, knowing full well the guilt she felt of feeling the way she did, moved closer against the warm body beside her and buried her face in his chest. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to make our weekend perfect and…you know…"

"Yeah…I know." Takashi sighed and kissed her forehead. "Tomorrow, once we drop off Kaoru to the hospital, her brother will be there to take over in watching her and we'll have the weekend all to ourselves."

Although she has known Takashi for most of her life and that he was a natural charmer, Koboshi couldn't help but blush at that thought. She was getting excited for whatever Takashi had planned for their wonderful weekend alone in the beautiful city of Tokyo.

Morning had finally settled in and the ray of the sun was starting to be so unbearable through the window that it woke up the sleeping form on the bed. Koboshi tiredly opened one eye and stretched before opening both her eyes to the day. She glanced over to the clock and read that it was already almost noon. Startled by the time, Koboshi quickly sat up and her head swerved to the right where Takashi was supposed to be. However, he was already awake and was also not in the room.

Curious, she called his name, thinking that he could be in the bathroom taking a shower, but she didn't hear the water running at all. When she confirmed he was no longer inside, she put on her slippers and walked over to the window.

Tokyo had a beautiful sight in the morning. It was a complete opposite of the night life she knew when they first arrived here. Last night, there were countless sleepless people walking the streets and trying out all the food vendors available to them. The lights from buildings, especially Tokyo Tower were so bright that it was like a giant spotlight radiating the city. There was countless noise of cars and other forms of transportation being used as the people went to and fro and enjoying it all.

As she watched the people below, sure, they were still walking to and fro, but everyone were in their business suits and continued on with their day as they head to work. Those who were selling food in their little carts could only make business out of people who had time to stand in line and buy food from them.

She heard the door open behind her. Koboshi turned slowly and was happy that it was Takashi, carrying two cups of coffee in his hands. "Hey. How was your sleep?" Takashi asked, approaching her. He handed her one of the cups of coffee.

Koboshi took a sip from her cup and nodded. "It was all right." She contemplated whether she should ask the question that has been nagging at her the moment he walked through the door, but Takashi understood and decided to answer her before she could ask the question. "Kaoru is all right. I stopped by her room before I went to get us some coffee. She's still asleep."

The blond haired girl nodded, staring down at the coffee in her hand.

Takashi watched her for a while. He could tell she was still a little bit worried, but he didn't want to ruin their weekend together by acknowledging that Koboshi was worried about nothing. "Hey." He walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her, resting his chin on her head. Being just over 5 feet tall compared to the 6 foot height Takashi was, both of them enjoyed each other's company. "I'm pretty sure her brother is heading here now to pick her up, so we can enjoy the weekend I have planned." Takashi pulled himself back and stared into her eyes. "So let's get ready and enjoy the last day here, okay?"

Koboshi smiled and nodded. She went on her tiptoes and kissed Takashi on the lips. "Okay."

"Was this your plan?" Her eyes wandered to the hovering form by the window, his small wings barely moving, which made her wonder how he could be above ground like that. She sat up on her bed, without even removing her eyes away from her new "friend."

"What are you talking about?" He stared back at her, his arms folded across his chest. "I had nothing to do with your parents." Drake turned his head away and flew towards her, stopping at the end of the bed. When he was positioned, he locked eyes with her again. "Do you really think that I would go as low as getting your parents killed so I could get you to cooperate with me?"

She still doubted his answer. "Well, you are a demon aren't you?"

Drake scoffed. "So what if I am? That doesn't mean I have the power to mess with an airplane and kill hundreds of people in there." He was getting irritated with this girl and he was beginning to doubt his own ability to choose a human to make him pass his exam. Sure, he could be responsible for her parents' death. It wasn't his fault that the pilot just decided to….have a heart attack.

Kaoru studied his face, but she could not read him. Of course she knew she couldn't trust a demon, but in her heart. Her heart was longing. Her parents were gone. This being in front of her may or may not have been responsible for their deaths and that she was suddenly beginning to feel lonely. She only wished for one thing… that Ayanokouji-sama would only love her and not a certain blond that irritated the heck out of her.

"Hey. I'm only here to make your dreams come true, remember? I told you that from the very beginning and you still decided to trust me. And you should, because I was the only one who was really here for you when you found out your parents were in that crash." Drake moved once more and this time at her bedside. "Let's figure out what to do about that blond girl, hm? Let's talk about that one girl who would stand in your way to getting your Ayanokouji-sama."

Kaoru nodded.

They had one day left before they were to head back home. Takashi had to change his tactics in surprising Koboshi with the plans he originally had before arriving Tokyo. It was a quick one, however so either way he was pretty sure his girlfriend was going to be happy with it. He glanced over to his side at Koboshi walking beside him and grabbed her hand. "Are you getting excited?"

Koboshi gave a big smile and nodded. "Of course I am!"

As they walked down the hallway to the elevator, they heard another door open just at the very end of the hall. The two paused, noticing that Kaoru was leaving her room. When she noticed the two of them, she approached them with a smile on her face. Koboshi still felt that nagging feeling that she was up to something, but decided to brush it off.

"Good afternoon!" she greeted the two. Kaoru glanced at Koboshi. "Koboshi-chan, I'm sorry with the way I have been acting towards you. It's just that…I have been so saddened to know that you have taken the heart of Ayanokouji-sama!"

Both blondes stared at each other. Koboshi was wondering what was going on, but she shouldn't be complaining since this was a better choice of a Kaoru personality than the one she had to deal with since the Mitarai siblings arrived. "That's okay," she finally replied after a few moments of contemplating for a response.

Kaoru smiled and walked over to grab Koboshi's hand. Startled, Koboshi wasn't sure how to react and just stared at the younger girl. Kaoru looked at Takashi. "Ayanokouji-sama, would it be all right with you if I take away Koboshi for a moment? I won't be long and then after you can both go on with your weekend planned together!"

Takashi's eyes wandered over to Koboshi. "I don't mind! Is that all right with you, Koboshi?"

Koboshi thought for a moment, then gave in. Surely, Kaoru meant well with this odd gesture of kindness. "Okay."

"Great! I want to make sure I say this right, so I'm gonna need a private conversation with your girlfriend, Ayanokouji-sama!" With that said, Kaoru dragged the older girl along with her and they headed to the nearest women's restroom on to the next floor below them.

"I'm so glad we're talking, Kaoru," Koboshi spoke first as they entered the bathroom. "I've always wanted to discuss with you about your little….crush on-!" She was unable to finish her sentence that as soon as she turned around to face the younger girl, Kaoru had backed her into a corner and was literally face to face with her. "Kaoru? Wha-?"

"I don't want to TALK about my LITTLE crush with Ayanokouji-sama! I want you to listen to me!" Kaoru slammed a hand on the wall beside Koboshi. "You are gonna end it with him."

"What?" Koboshi stared at her in disbelief. "Are you telling me to stop seeing MY boyfriend?"

Kaoru smiled. A smile that brought chills down Koboshi's spine. "If you don't, something else might happen."

The blond girl's eyes brows furrowed in anger. "Are you….THREATENING me?" She couldn't take this anymore. How could this younger and littler girl be threatening her? Koboshi wasn't the kind of girl to give up on a fight. Takashi was HER boyfriend fair and square. What could Kaoru possibly do to make her change her mind like giving up on Takashi? "I knew I was right about you! You're crazy! What, is this some kind retaliation because you lost your parents? Is this some kind of victimized drama thing you're doing so that Takashi would feel sorry for you? Are you telling me that your parents were NEVER inside that plane? They're probably safe and sound in your house having a cup of coffee right?"

Kaoru sat up straight and took a few steps back, giving Koboshi a little bit of room. She was silent, her eyes covered by her bangs as she stared down on the floor.

"You know, you should be an actress. I think you should win an Academy Award for doing such a great job in crying while making people believe that you lost your parents in a plane crash. I can't believe this!" With her final words that kept Kaoru silent, Koboshi unlocked the door to the bathroom and walked out, surprised to see Takashi standing by the door to the restroom.

"Hey. How was it?" Takashi watched as Koboshi, with a flustered look on her face, approached him. Kaoru came out a few seconds later, her eyes red from crying. "Wha-? What happened?"

"She lied to you, Ten-chan," Koboshi replied. "Her parents never died in the plane crash. They're alive somewhere in their house or something so you would feel sorry for her." She grabbed his hand. "Don't pay any attention to her. This is all an act."

"What?" He pulled away from Koboshi and looked at Kaoru in disbelief. "Is that true? Why would you tell such a lie?"

Kaoru shook her head, but said nothing. Koboshi sighed. "I told you…she's been obsessed with you."


All three turned to the familiar voice. Hiroshi Mitarai was seen running towards them, his eyes, though very genuine, were comically filled with tears. He stumbled for a bit, before reaching his younger sister and hugging her with all his might.

"Nii-sama…" Kaoru whispered.


Drake smirked, watching this whole scene unfold before his eyes. "Good on you, Nii-sama….perfect timing! It will only be a matter of time before Koboshi and Takashi break."

Takashi glanced at Koboshi." You think Hiroshi is lying too? Koboshi…" He shook his head. "I think even Hiroshi deserves an Academy Award for acting so well on this one…"

Koboshi could not believe her eyes. Hiroshi was in on this too? That can't be. "But…I KNOW she's lying." She stared at Kaoru and Kaoru stared back at her, her eyes now filled with tears.

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