"Bokutachi no deai wo riyuu ga aru deshou?" "We Met For A Reason Right?"

First Ever Gokusen Story of my own... Be easy, I know I'm not good at capturing the personality of a character that isn't mine, please bare with me, my mind, and my addiction to Gokusen 2... And Jin... and Kame... Also, I'm altering the story a little according to my own imagination. ^^ Kay kay? EDIT: I changed the summary a little because I hadn't changed it before I rewrote the first chapter. EDIT Sequel: I had Juri and Kiri's personalities mixed up. XD Plus, I added a little bit more to what I do not own... I also don't own any of the songs I might mention in the future... EDIT #3: I updated the prologue with a second summary of the story pertaining to current events... Because I felt it needed to be done.

Ok, summary time, the real one to help understand the story more.

It all started when Misawa-kun's girlfriend dumped him. The guys had witnessed the whole thing too. She had brought along her look alike cousin. After seeing the two, Hyuga, Tsuchi, and Hayato had to agree. They were hot. And what was more, they went to Momogaoka Girls High School right next door. But they hadn't expected to see the two again.

Then, after Take met Maki-chan, they started to wonder what other types of girls were at Momogaoka Girls High School. They eventually meet Maki-chan's friends, Kitano, Juri, Jinnai, Kiri, and Hasegawa, Mitsu. But Maki-chan had two other friends that they were not expecting to ever see again. Then after a few attempts to get to know these girls, they find them somewhere they least expected them to be. Ever.

When the guys realize that Misawa's ex-girlfriend and her cousin have connections to their homeroom teacher, will they still use the group date to confront them? Or will they graduate before they can find anything out?

(This summary involves everything from the Prologue to Chapter 10. I've named this chunk "The Game of Fate Begins".)

Characters that I do not own from Gokusen 2 Dramaverse:

Yamaguchi, Kumiko (Yankumi/ Ojou/ Kumicho) (Math Teacher)

Sawatari, Goro (Kurogin Vice Principal)

Shiratori, Hitomi (English Teacher

Inuzuka, Taichi (Japanese Language Teacher)

Kameyama, Takeshi (Ethics Teacher)

Inomata, Shinji (Chemistry Teacher)

Wanibuchi, Sayuri (Music Teacher)

Baba, Seiga (Physical Education Teacher)

Kurokawa, Ginji (Chairman of Kurogin High School)

Kujo, Takuma (Teacher in Momogaoka Girls High School)

Kumai, Teruo (Former Student of Yankumi)

Noda Takeshi (Former Student of Yankumi)

Yabuki, Hayato

Odagiri, Ryu

Takeda, Keita

Hyuga, Kosuke

Tsuchiya, Hikaru

Misawa, Hiro

Mizushima, Maki (Momogaoka Girls High School Student)

All 3-D students

The girls from the Group Date with Momo girls in episode 9...

Characters that I am adding:

Minami, Ayumi (Music Teacher)

Hasegawa, Mitsu

Jinnai, Kiri

Kitano, Juri

Minami, Saya

Tsukioka, Sayo

Tsukioka, Mayumi

Tsukioka, Yuto

Tanaka, Miku

Yoshida, Tamaki

Kawamura, Jiro

Bryan, Kandi

Kerris, Melissa

Now to profiles~

Name: Minami, Saya (南さや)

Age: 18-22

School: Momogaoka Girls High School

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Light Brown

Fav. Color: Red

Family: Minami, Ayumi (Mother), Tsukioka, Mayumi (Aunt), Tsukioka, Yuto (Uncle), Tsukioka, Sayo (Cousin)

Personality: Bubbly, fun, and knows how to have a good time. She's really fun to hang out with, and is always seen with her look alike cousin, who was born on the same day. She's a tad more girly than her companion though. Loves her mother deeply, wouldn't let her get hurt for the world. Also loves her Aunt and Uncle a lot. Currently living with her mother in a two bedroom apartment.

Link: http:/ akizakura9. deviantart. com/ art/ Minami -Saya -121686862

Name: Tsukioka, Sayo (月丘さよ)

Age: 18-22

School: Momogaoka Girls High School

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Light Brown

Fav. Color: Navy Blue/ Silver

Family: Tsukioka, Yuto (Father), Tsukioka, Mayumi (Mother), Minami, Ayumi (Aunt), Minami, Saya (Cousin)

Personality: A little opposite of her cousin, Sayo is a non-talkative girl when she first meets someone. But once she gets to know someone, she's really talkative and fun to be around like her cousin. She's a little more tomboyish than the others. She loves her parents, Aunt and cousin to death and wouldn't let anything come between her and them. Her and her parents are living in a medium sized house not too far from the school.

Link: http:/ akizakura9. deviantart. com/ art/ Tsukioka -Sayo -121681353

Name: Jinnai, Kiri (陣内きり)

Age: 18-22

School: Momogaoka Girls High School

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Fav. Color: Orange

Family: Mother, Father

Personality: Hyperactive, loves to joke around, loves gossiping as well. She is a good friend, but can also be unreliable. A goofy girl with a crazy, interactive mind. She lives with her family in a large house, though to her it isn't large enough, around the same area of the school, but closer to Mitsu.

Link: http:/ akizakura9. deviantart. com/ art/ Jinnai -Kiri -121687417

Name: Hasegawa, Mitsu (長谷川みつ)

Age: 18-22

School: Momogaoka Girls High School

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Medium Brown

Fav. Color: Sea Green

Family: Mother, Father, Older Brother

Personality: A very composed, gentle, yet commanding girl. She doesn't like seeing her friends hurt, and would hurt, or at least try to hurt, anyone who has hurt them. Jokes around from time to time. Usually has a very serious tone though. She lives with her parents in a large house a few bus stops away from the school. Her older brother just recently moved out to live on his own for college.

Link: http:/ akizakura9. deviantart. com/ art/ Hasegawa -Mitsu -121688230

Name: Kitano, Juri (北乃じゅり)

Age: 18-22

School: Momogaoka Girls High School

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Hazel

Fav. Color: Lavender

Family: Mother, Father, Younger Sister, Older Sister

Personality: Shy, sweet, kind, and has good manners. She doesn't really like to speak up a lot. Her timidness is usually her downfall. She can rambunctious if she wants to though. She lives with her family in a medium sized house in the same area of the school.

Link: http:/ akizakura9. deviantart. com/ art/ Kitano -Juri -121687776

Summary #2 *Warning: Do NOT read if you have not gotten past chapter 10.*

Love is a trying emotion.

After graduation, things begin to get turbulent. Emotions are running wild, everyone's taking their own path, and it's getting harder to keep in touch. Relationships are being put to the test. Two of them are being really stubborn. There's talk of America, and no one knows what Sayo is thinking.

New faces make an appearance, and Sayo decides to test her own abilities. Could a wedding in the future change her mind? Who will she choose, the hot DJ? Or Ryu?

(This summary involves everything from Chapter 11 to the current chapter. Chapters 11-16 are chunk 2, titled "Life Always Gets in the Way". Chapters 17-23 are chunk 3, titled "Running Away Doesn't Solve Anything".)

Name: Kandi Bryan

Age: 20-24

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Fav. Color: Hot Pink

Family: Mother, Father, Older Brother, Sister-in-law

Personality: Crazy, unpredictable, and a joker. She likes to have fun wherever she goes, and is always the first one to start dancing.

Link: http:/ akizakura9. deviantart. com/ art/ Kandi -Bryan -162858605

Name: Melissa Kerris

Age: 22-25

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Teal

Fav. Color: Light Blue

Family: Mother, Father, Older Sister, Brother-in-law, Nephew, Older Brother, Sister-in-law, Niece

Personality: Sweet, caring, and sincere. Has a rich family, so she is very intelligent, though she likes house work very much.

Link: http:/ akizakura9. deviantart. com/ art/ Melissa -Kerris -162859115

Name: Yoshida, Tamaki (Yamashita Tomohisa)

Age: 23-27

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Fav. Color: Maroon

Family: Mother, Father, Younger Brother

Personality: Fun to hang with, enjoys a good party, and knows music. He's usually the life of the party seeing as he always controls the music. He's a really good Dj at the Dream Star Club and is also a ballroom dance teacher at the club's sister business, Dream Dance School.

Name: Kawamura, Jiro (Mukai Osamu)

Age: 22-26

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Fav. Color: Green

Family: Mother, Father, Younger Sister, Older Brother, Sister-in-law, Nephew

Personality: Usually serious about a lot of things, but can let loose and party with friends, joke around, and have a good time. Caution: when drunk, he likes to pick on people and his ego inflates… He usually talks about what a great dancer he supposedly is when he's drunk. Is a teacher at Dream Dance School with Yoshida.

Hope you enjoy the story~