I hugged Severus as he looked to me.

"Why did you pass?" he asked. I led him through a large door, which led into a castle. I smiled as I danced with him into a parlor area. I sat down and gave him a spot next to me. I was still wearing my ring.

"Well, that was not my first life. God gave me the challenge to fall in love with you, but you were the greatest friend that I could ever have, and I thank you. I watched your memories, every moment, just as you wanted, so now I want to show you mine," I whispered. He nodded. I put my hands over his, sending us into my entire life, which was now clear. ?

Everything started with the second child of two parents. She was given everything she ever needed, including a best friend at the age of three. Keith, who went by Kip due to speech of the common youth, lived up the road from this daughter, named Christina after an aunt, but she preferred Chrys. Chrys and Kip had a wonderful relationship, which caused them to spend every part of life together, including a dance, where the went together, despite the casualness of the whole thing.

Well, the two friends decided that they would go after more adventure in their fifteenth year of life, and this meant some serious training, and enemy gaining. Kip built a bike for Chrys, whose enemy became a girl named Sandy, who was fighting until the day of the race. This proved to be fatal.

Sandy flipped on a rough curve, sending them into a ravine. Chrys lay in a coma as Kip looked on. She then went into a vivid dream at the age of twenty-six. She came to know a man named Severus, who kept her healthy and fed. He became the greatest thing, other than her new powers. Chrys loved her new self, yet she had amnesia. She was given the name of Patricia with Severus.

Severus and Patricia began a very giving relationship. Severus gave her a job, and she used her spare time to return the favor that he had given her. So, they ended up going to a ball together. They danced happily, but it was soon ended by a murder charge. Patricia was in jail throughout the remainder of spring and until the last two weeks of summer, when Patricia was released due to Severus's testimony.

That evening, in the presence of Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall, Severus proposed to Patricia, who said yes simultaneously. They were married the day after school began, and this date was commemorated with a ball, but the next year meant hardships for Severus and Patricia, who was pregnant with their twins, names Lily Severia and Lamar Severus. Also, they visited her family in America, but everything was not as it should be.

On November the thirteenth, Patricia delivered her children. Severus cut the chord; Patricia looked to everyone, and then looked into her children's eyes. She then passed on and sat in front of our maker, who gave her a challenge. She was to fall in love with the real Severus. She was given the powers she wanted, except for one, which was the power of Internal Connection. She could not use her powers to her advantage, so it took a good of ten years to get what she most desired, particularly since her memories and feelings were rekindled for the great Kip, who ended up marrying Sandy.

Now, their love has been realized, but there will be obstacles. ?

"I never thought that," he whispered. I nodded.

"I wanted you to know. Unfortunately, I already knew about three years ago of your secret. I did not like it at first, and I forgot. She is very pretty. Are you going to try to talk with her?" I asked. He looked away. "Severus, I still have my powers, and she is no longer blocked.

"Are you going to talk to Kip?"

"If I do not kill him first. You forget that he did the ultimate betrayal. Even in the dream, I cared about him, but we were already married. That is where these rings came from, but my amulets never came back, but these make up for everything I lost. This gives back everything that I lost. Do you want to watch the rest of the battles? You protected Harry for his entire life, and I know that it is getting rough."

"I am finished with him," Severus whispered. I shook my head.

"You will be forced to care, Severus. Harry's opinion of you has gone full circle. You are a hero in his mind, and I believe him. He loves you now, as a great person and as a second father. He understands everything now, as do I," I whispered. He nodded as I looked around the room. "This castle is never-ending," I smiled.

You love me still?

"Of course I still love you, but we both deserve our chances. You have waited much longer than I have," I whispered. I had my own opinion of Lily by this point, and I knew that she and James were still deep in love. "Well, she will not be here tonight, particularly with Harry being in such danger. Would you like to help me find my mother?" I asked. He nodded as I took his hand. I then kissed his cheek. "She will probably be ready to see me and you, but do not get offended. I am sure there is a wardrobe in here somewhere," I whispered. I then flashed us to where I sensed my mother.

"Christina!" Mother yelled as she ran into my arms. She was young again, and she looked a lot like me, particularly in the face. "I knew you were coming. Where have you been?"

"Fulfilling a dream," I smiled. "This is Severus, my friend who likes your chocolate."

"Well, you can call me whatever," Mother smiled. "Kip has been looking for you. Grace and Gabriel had to keep them locked away to avoid any kind of interference with your deaths. Things had to happen like this, you know," Mother whispered. I nodded.

"I already saw that his was coming. I knew that I had to pass with him, or soon after, due to the mission. I do not want to talk with him right now, by the way," I whispered. Mother nodded as I looked to Severus. "They are near-by, but not currently. Lupin passed, along with his wife, and they would be very noticeable. Harry probably figured everything out, so he is or has seen everyone in his or her current form. Wait…his wife is still up here."

"I need to do this on my own," he whispered. I hugged him gently. I then looked to Mother.

"Not used to the life after death?" she asked. I shook my head.

"We both have a long and tragic history," I whispered. She nodded. "Midnight is probably still out there somewhere, but he has done his duties."

"He is currently with your Dumbledore friend. He will want to see everyone again, particularly Severus," Mother whispered. I looked around the area. I heard Kip's thoughts coming closer, but Sandy's were nowhere near. I smiled to myself as Kip came up behind me.

"So, you found out the secret?" Kip asked. I nodded.

"Severus and I passed near each other, and I was pleased. I got an actual death this time," I whispered. Kip nodded.

"I'm sorry…for being with Sandy. She was relentless, as you know. She has me now, though, and nothing can change that," he whispered.

"I know, but that cannot stop things, I guess. You knew what I felt?"

"You would mumble before your death, and it was always weird stuff, like when you would hold up your left hand. Are you engaged?" he asked.

"We were planning to, but his thoughts are also on someone else," I whispered. I was trying to listen for Severus, but he was nowhere to be found. "I love Severus, but we are both rejects, obviously," I whispered. "I have to find him and make sure that he is not getting hurt," I whispered. I thought back to many months before school began. It was summer, so I guess it only seemed like a while. Severus found a letter written by Lily. It was her last, I knew. Severus was crying deeply, and he got a picture from the same place. Harry and I saw this moment, also, in the memories. "I still have my powers," I whispered as I went invisible and flashed to where Severus would be. I saw him talking with her. She was pulling her kindness thing, but Severus was ripping apart inside. He soon left after holding back emotion. I slapped Lily and became visible.

"How do you have powers here?"

"You died without a wand, you fool!" I yelled. "At least I love him. I am not of evil," I said sternly before hovering to Severus quickly. I flashed him back to the castle and sat him down in a dining area.

"You do not have to see me like this," he whispered as I wiped his tears.

"It is my duty. Kip still says no," I whispered. Severus nodded as he put his head on my shoulder.

"I thought that things would be different, now that I held my end of the deal with Dumbledore. Harry is safe, but many have lost their lives, just as you predicted," he cried. I nodded and kissed his hand.

"So, that's how God joined us. Our true loves married our worst enemies, leaving us to depress ourselves outside of the triangle, where we remain alone, until we find each other," I smiled. "Everyone is given a true love, and that is why you fell in love with a living-dead girl. May I keep my love with a currently dead man?" I smiled. He nodded as we kissed. I then looked into his eyes. "We will never forget them, and I hope that we do not, since we will spend eternity with them. Oh, Lily hates me now," I smiled.

"What did you do?"

"Severus, I hate to tell you the truth, but she fits with James. She has his cocky attitude, and the whole 'worst memory' part had nothing to do with it. She had been looking for a reason to get away. If she did not have previous ties with you, she probably would've joined them, and you know it as well as I do," I whispered. "I do not like talking like that to you of all people, but I want to try to make you feel better. You have me now," I smiled. I kissed him gently. "We should eat now," I smiled. I then snapped my fingers. Dumbledore and our food appeared.

"I needed to come here to thank you both. I am very proud, and I thank you, Severus, for tricking the Dark Lord until the very end. Harry understands now, and he praises you highly. Chrys, you deserve and honorary medal for your actions, also. I would have spilled a long time before, and those thoughts would drive me insane!" Dumbledore chuckled. I nodded.

"They can be truly horrible, and I thank you two for understanding. Severus, I think that we should make everything official," I smiled. He nodded. ?

"You two are now joined for eternity. You may kiss the bride!" Grace smiled.

Severus and I spent the day together, and we were able to do this in front of our former loves and our current enemies, including a small dream that Dumbledore would pass on to Harry. Severus and I then did our dance.

"This is what I have always dreamed of," I smiled as we went into our symbolic dance. I looked directly into his eyes happily. "And together we will always be."