Well, here's something I've been planning for a few days, ever since the last episode of Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu. Actually... I've been planning a lot of these ideas for a long time - basically since the first episode - and I combined those ideas with some that I got after watching Episode 51. Like mentioned in the summary, this is kind of my take on a third season, at least until a real one is (hopefully) made. I'm not really sure how long of a series this will be... I would like to try to keep it at 51 very long chapters, but because of my writing style, I'll probably have to break them up. If it gets too long, I might even make another "season". :P Anyway... I think that's all I need to mention until the note at the end, so... After a note and the disclaimer, we can get on with the prologue. :)

Note: I couldn't fit this in the summary, so that's why it's here... Anyway, the title should translate as Fiellnel's Destiny (or Fate, depending on how you translate it; either is correct).

Disclaimer: I do not own Blue Dragon. This is just a fan fiction made by a fan who wanted to see a third season. I do not claim this to be the real third season, if there ever is one.

They flew through the now-repaired Heaven's Castle, their destination not that far away. They were heading for the Watcher Sphere.

When they reached it, they found out very quickly that he was already there. And that he wasn't happy at all. "What took you two so long?" His arms were folded, a finger tapping, his face in a scowl. "I've been waiting for you forever!"

"You haven't been waiting that long." Rottares said as she switched out of her Dragon Form.

"You're not going to make a very good leader if you're this impatient." Hildegard said jokingly, changing into her own human form. "Right now, your case about not being a little kid isn't holding up that good."

"Shut up!" Noi unfolded his arms as he screamed at them. "I am NOT a little kid!! If you and Rottares weren't so slow, we wouldn't even be talking about this right now!"

"Then let's stop talking about it," Hildegard came closer until she and Rottares were next to Noi. "I thought you wanted to see how your little friends were doing."

"...Shut up." he mumbled.

Rottares chuckled, shaking her head. Even though she was perfectly fine with admitting that she wanted to know about how Bouquet was doing, Noi wouldn't so much as hint that he was concerned for his recently-found friends' well-being.

Rottares placed a hand on the sphere, focusing her energy into her hand. A moment later, the White Dragon symbol glowed in the center of it for a second, then faded as it was replaced with a blurry picture.

Once it had cleared, it became apparent that the place the sphere had located one of them in was Nirvana.

Noi sighed impatiently. "Closer. Show us where they are."

As Hildegard rolled her eyes, Rottares focused more energy. The picture blurred again, like rippling water, clearing once it had discovered it's target.

The view was now a closeup of the castle. Leaning on a window sill was Primula, her new tiara perched on top of her head, her hair blowing in the wind. And next to her, hanging from fastened ropes, was Shu.

Well... To be more specific, Shu scrubbing the side of the castle.

Noi gaped incredulously at the sphere as Rottares and Hildegard burst into laughter.

Shu threw the soaped cloth against the wall so hard, it was almost as if he was hitting the side of the castle with it. "For the last time, I didn't do anything. I certainly didn't do anything to deserve doing this."

Primula giggled. "What kind of queen would I be if I didn't reprimand you? Bringing out Blue Dragon like that and scaring all of the Rosenkreuz and White Brigade soldiers... That requires some kind of punishment, don't you think?"

"I think," Shu said acidly. "That you're letting your new position get to your head."

She blushed a little, glancing away from him. "It's not as if I enjoy it, you know. It's very daunting..." She looked out at the city of Nirvana. "I have the responsibility of uniting all of the nations on my shoulders. I don't mind doing it, but that's no easy task."

"I know. I was just teasing you. And you'll have to excuse me, since I'm more than a little annoyed that I have to clean the whole side of this thing." He glared at the white stone in front of him.

"You're lucky," Primula turned her eyes towards him again, a bit of mischievousness twinkling there. "I could've made you clean the whole outside of the castle."

"As if you aren't five seconds from doing that now..." Shu mumbled under his breath.

Hildegard chortled. "Shu... Child of Talta Village... Soldier of the Rosenkreuz-opposing Resistance... Owner of the Shadow Blue Dragon, the most powerful Shadow in the universe... Master castle cleaner!!!" She held her sides as she was set off into a new fit.

"Knock it off!" Noi ground out. "I'm trying to listen!!"

He had already missed a good part of the conversation, but managed to hear as Primula changed the subject...

"You know, I was planning on having a masked ball in your honor."

"Ugh, Primula, no," Shu groaned. "Please, if you have to do something like that, don't do it in my name."

"Why not?" She tilted her head to the side.

Shu flushed. "Going to something like that would be so embarrassing."

"Really? I thought you would've liked to have a bit of fame."

"When I was younger, I might've liked that," For just a second, Primula could see a distant look in his eyes. But just as quickly as it had come, it was gone. "Now, though, I think I'd just like a little peace and quiet."

"Well, it's peaceful and quiet right here." She gestured to the castle wall, her voice a little teasing.

Shu glared at her sideways. "If you're trying to make me feel better about doing this, you're not helping."

"Well, perhaps someone should be a little more careful with their Shadow-"

Primula gasped harshly, grabbing her head. This pain... She knew what it was, and she knew it very well. The kind of headache that she would have before a vision.

"Primula?!" Shu nearly fell off in his concern.

She could hear him continue to call her name as a new prophecy began to form before her eyes...

A dark dragon, its eyes glowing blue.

Shu... there was something large coming after him... He was in danger...

A voice, echoing through her head.

"You have misinterpreted one of your visions, Priestess."

"Primula!" Hearing his voice helped her snap out of it.

She blinked at him, a bit groggily. "Shu...?"

He sighed out in relief. "You scared the heck out of me... What happened to you?"

"I... I had a very bad headache."

Shu narrowed his eyes. "You get bad headaches when you have visions."

"Well..." She offered a small smile. "It's nothing, really. I'll talk to you about it once you've finished with this." It broadened into a grin as she swept her hand towards the wall.

As Shu groaned and started scrubbing again, Primula looked at her city again, thinking hard about what had just been revealed to her. She had seen the part with the dragon before, back when she'd had a vision while riding in the Mast Driver. She'd never seen the part with something coming after Shu, but... It seemed familiar to her, though she couldn't really understand why. And the voice had been one she'd never heard before. The thing that scared her about that voice was the fact that it sounded like someone talking in the present, rather than the past or future.

She glanced at Shu again, who had become preoccupied with an autumn leaf that had plastered itself to the side of the castle many months ago. He had just finished saving the world. Would he have to do it again?

Primula closed her eyes. She wasn't sure if he would have to save everyone again, but she was sure of one thing - the destiny of Shu and those around him was far from over.

Well, that's the prologue. If you want, you could consider it an extra long season preview that would've been at the end of Episode 51. ;) I can't actually think of too much else I need to say; if there's something I forgot, or you wanted to ask me something in general, just let me know (via review or message). Like all of my other stories, I will try to update this one after 10 hits. But unlike my other stories, I'm going to try and make the chapters longer than my other stories. Also, this story will have "chapter previews" at the end of each chapter, like Maple Leaf will whenever I finish with The Final Warrior of Light. Please review and let me know what you think. And that's everything, so I'll see you soon! :D