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The Black Hole's Look at "The Change in the Game"

Everyone, including Sid and the fanfic bunnies, sat in stunned silence as the screen faded to black.

Then the fanfic bunnies began babbling at once. "They're gonna have a baby! They're gonna have a BABY! Baby! Baby!"

Hannah dropped her face into her hands. She couldn't believe it. It hadn't been that long since she'd been ejected from Seeley's life, and he was apparently quite content with how things were turning out.

She heard a plate being placed in front of her and Sid's sympathetic voice: "Here." She lifted her head to see an entire chocolate mousse cake in front of her, with a fork.

Hannah nodded her thanks and picked up the fork. Forget any thought of a diet right now, this was exactly what she needed.

"Bunnies!" Sid called out. "Calm down. We have the whole episode to discuss!"

"Seeley's gonna be a dad again," Jared said. "With Tempe. I guess they're a couple now."

"Yes, but how does Bookwormlady feel about this?" Catherine asked as she accepted an iced coffee from the black angst bunny (who was not in a good mood, things were way too cheerful around here). "She's a Christian, she'd want them to get married, right?"

"That's true," Sid agreed. "She hopes Hart Hanson will move them towards that, though she's not optimistic about that, given Brennan's views on marriage."

Everyone bowed their heads at the mention of the Creator, then Rebecca spoke up again. "They'll have a lot of issues to deal with next season. It does appear that Brennan wants Seeley a part of her life though."

"They were pretty cute together this episode," Tessa admitted. "It's clear they care about each other – even Max could see that."

"And did you see Seeley's smile when Tempe told him the baby was his?" Jared said. "It looks like Tempe's happy about it too. Good thing, yeah?"

"The case had its moments as well," Michael said, carefully lifting a loaded nacho chip to his lips. "That little girl was quite the brat however."

"What about Angela and Hodgins?" Cam said, wiping her eyes. "I mean, when Michael was born…and how sweet to add Vincent's name to his…I couldn't help tearing up."

Everyone else nodded. Bookwormlady too had been moved by the birth of Angela and Hodgins' baby, even watching the episode a second time.

"So now we know what happened to Tempe and Booth last episode," Sully said, nursing his ginger ale (like Hannah, he wasn't entirely happy with the outcome of the episode, given he still had feelings for the lovely doctor. "But was this a little much? Tempe getting pregnant? I mean, they're adults, they know about…you know…protection."

"Heat of the moment?" David suggested. "They probably weren't thinking clearly that night."

"Well, the B/B shippers are probably happy now," Perotta said. "It looks like Booth and Brennan are together and will have lots of things to deal with in Season 7."

The fanfic bunnies finished delivering food and drink around the room and began to whisper together in a group. The blue bunny went to Sid and muttered into his ear.

The proprietor of the mysterious place called The Black Hole nodded. "Yeah, we need to talk about that. People, listen up a moment."

The room grew quiet. "What's up, Sid?" Sully asked. "You look disturbed."

Sid sighed. "No one panic, okay? It's just that…Bookwormlady's thinking about not doing reviews anymore."

"What?" several people cried.

The black angst bunny burst into tears. Cam reached out to pat it as she spoke, her voice quivering, "She's closing us down?"

"No!" Sid said. "The Black Hole will forever be open to you and anyone else who needs its shelter. She's just worried people are fed up with her lateness and missed reviews and really don't want to read them anyway."

"But…no one's complained! Have they?" Hannah asked through a mouthful of cake.

"No," Sid said. "But given her time constraints she's not sure she'll improve. She's going to leave it to readers. Do they want the reviews or not?"

"What'll we do during the summer hiatus?" Tessa asked, wiping her mouth with a napkin.

"She might go back and review a couple of episodes she missed," Sid said. "She hasn't decided. But you guys shouldn't worry – as long as there are fanfic writers, The Black Hole will continue."

Everyone sighed in relief at that last statement. Conversation buzzed in the room, a couple of people ventured out of The Black Hole to brave the wrath of the fanfic writers. The fanfic bunnies began an intense game of Angry Birds on the huge television screen.

Sid cleaned some glasses and smiled. No matter what, The Black Hole would continue to exist in some form or fashion. Bookwormlady wouldn't have it any other way.

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