"Wow, my first time travelling this far!!" Tian Mo Xing cried excitedly, squeezing hard on the strap of her backpack.

007 came up from behind her, "Appears to be well-planned out somewhat..."

She turned to him with a smile which gradually faded. Pouting, she moaned, "But...but...I've never got on an airplane...now my heart's beating faster each passing minute...oh."

He smiled and reached out to grab her hands, "From this second onwards, I won't let go of my hand and you don't let go of yours too...Just rely on my presence by your side to overcome your fear of heights, okay??"

"Huh?" Tian Mo Xing uttered doubtfully. "I have a question..."


She added sheepishly, "What if I need to go to the washroom??"

It made 007 felt uneasy right away. He frowned, "Then just turn to the power of our hearts' telepathy...while we go separate ways." He then released his grip on her hand and walked away with embarrassment. Tian Mo Xing has to chase after him, "Hey you!! Don't fall back on your word!!"

He stopped by an accessories store and browsed around. Tian Mo Xing trailed behind looking sour-faced. As she thought about what he last said, she quickly added, "007, what I felt from my heart's telepathic connection to yours is that this time we're heading to accept the Whizter Award, the moment onstage when the prize is really presented to us, you're gonna announce to everyone that Sir Remus Chiang is the actual computer whizz who came up with the cure to FindMe virus....."

He faced her with an affirming expression, "You do think this is the best thing to do, right?"

She nodded fervently, "After all, you'll be meeting up with your grandfather in the States..."

He became thoughtful, "Hopefully, I can find a way to restore the long-lost relationship between us..."

Tian Mo Xing quickly snapped, "And Dr James as well, ha!!"

He smiled gladly at her and nodded. Not long, a sales attendant walked up to them, "Hello there, I see that you both are a pair of lovers, would you be interested in our promotion plush toys? It only cost a toonie if you buy them in pairs...They're cute so it's really worth purchasing!" She handed the items for them to have a look.

Tian Mo Xing and 007 looked at each other with surprise as the toys somehow closely-resembled both of their own appearances in cartoon style. They checked the rest of those on the same shelf and saw that they were even 187, 747 and Miss Cherry's look-alikes. Tian Mo Xing inquired, "Can I know where you get the idea of these toys from??"

The sales attendant replied, "Oh, they are actually the characters for a new school detective cartoon show about to air soon..."

"Really," Tian Mo Xing considered and asked 007 how many they should buy.

He was about to reply when the other two guys rushed up to them both. "Hey, you two! Took us a long time to find you people," 747 called out.

"What are you having in your hands??" 187 asked curiously and could not believe what he saw. "Oh, are we that famous already??"

The sales attendant quickly took the chance to introduce their promotional offers to them. 187 and 747 were amazed as a result.

"Here, I want these pairs," 187 told.

747 has a hard time to decide, "Hey 187, you got yours and Miss Cherry's...Which one am I gonna pair up mine with??"

187 simply ignored his dilemma. Soon, Miss Cherry appeared, "Ahh...you all...I have been searching all over the airport! It's time for boarding soon..."

The cashier handed the bag of toys to 187 after he paid for it. Tian Mo Xing and 007 also got themselves double pairs.

"Here, Miss Cherry, my belated Valentine's gift to you...Please accept my gesture of love," 187 gave her the toy.

Miss Cherry beamed with joy, "Oh my...It's a cutie me...thank you 187..."

On the side, 747 could barely stand their touchy-feely talk. He merely took a pair of similar toys which looked very much like himself and muttered, "I'll just give one to Genie by the time I return..."

Once they're all done with their purchases, Miss Cherry urged them to get ready their passports and boarding passes. Just before passing through the gate, Tian Mo Xing breathed hard and looked behind her, taking in the pleasure of the sight of people heading in various directions in the airport, the sound of baggage trolleys being dragged along, business people typing fast on their laptops, the sharp footsteps made by stewardesses' high heels and the soothing relaxing music playing which matched every traveller's mood, just to name some...She wished silently deep in her heart, "I hope that us, the Pi Li MIT gang - Miss Cherry, 187, 747, 007 and I will continue to stay as one always...despite any change in circumstance, we'll still be together throughout the journey of life..."

007 glanced behind him to notice Tian Mo Xing still far behind. He called out to her, "Li Xiao Xing! Hurry up!!"

Tian Mo Xing turned back around and responded, "Yes!" She put on a delighted smile and cheered on aloud, "America...Here We Come!!!"