The Animal & The Hunter: Wolverine VS Predator

by War Journalist

I do not assume ownership over any characters in this fan-fiction or any backgrounds given for them. This is a cross-over between the Marvel 616 Universe (copyright Marvel comics) and the Predator movie series (copyright 20th Century Fox). This takes place after Alien Versus Predator (also copyrigth 20th Century Fox) and before Wolverine discovers his origin. Enjoy and feel free to comment/rate. Criticism is always welcome. Thanks for reading.

Chapter 1: Introductions

He was a traveler. At least that's the best way he could describe himself. Never making ties to anyone anywhere. He preferred the forests, jungles, even wastelands. He liked his privacy, moving from place to place in solitude, alone with his thoughts. His past, or lack of, had made him strong, paranoid, & violent. He didn't know who he used to be, when he was born, if he had any family or friends, or if any of it was worth remembering. Charles Xavier once told him that the mind's instinctual reaction to traumatizing events is to erase them. So he spent his life roaming; hoping to recognize or be recognized; searching for a tie to his lost life.

If anyone asked he said his name was Logan; a name he had picked up on his travels. The experiments on him by Weapon X had erased his mind, but had given him an unbreakable adamantium skeleton and three claws in each hand. That much he knew. How he got involved was another matter entirely. All he had to go on was the dog tag around his neck. The claws were strange; alien to him at first. Unfamiliar intruders & tormentors inside his own body. Whenever he clenched his fists in anger, he felt the searing pain between his knuckles every time. At first he tried never to get angry for fear of the pain, but now he felt they were a part of him. His wounds always healed. Now he used them as he would any other limb. They & his temper had earned him his other name: Wolverine.

He usually stuck with Chuck & his troop, but never longer than a month or so at a time. It was too busy, and that Cyclops guy annoyed him. He had been through all of Canada and the whole U.S. But for all he knew, he'd been everywhere and Area 51 already. He had been to Japan & met a woman. He almost considered himself a womanizer, but she was different. He actually loved her. She stole his heart right out from between his adamantium ribcage. But until he was considered good enough for her, he traveled. He had been across Europe and back again, but this was his first casual trip to Central America.

He was a hunter. That's all he was raised to be; all his species was raised to be. Strong, intelligent, adaptive, fierce warriors. His world was a wasteland, which is why they were sent to other worlds with jungles, forests, and prey.

As he understood it, his race had always been, or at least been everywhere at all times. They were born to hunt. Those who survived kept doing so, but those who didn't were either forgotten or commended for lasting so long.

Eventually it just became endless training exercises. It was all protocol: arrive, gather information, take a trophy kill back to the home world, then re-assignment. All he had ever known was the hunt, and his arranged bride. He had passed the initiation against the black reptilians and their queen expertly. He had never really had a challenge since then.

He had worked his way up to an A-class lieutenant and received his disk, spear, cannons, and blades. He prided himself on his skill in face-to-face combat. He preferred a direct attack rather than a safe theatrical approach, but it was protocol, and he was bound to it. He knew the code: No innocents, no impaired, no infants, & no traces.

A certain world had been a consistent annoyance to the pride of his race, which he fought for on a constant basis. He had worked many years for a chance to go to this planet and conquer it.