Obvious Vexation


Things are horrible when the kids you practically raised are cooing words of reassurance in your ear… when tears just fall down your cheeks every two seconds and your head snaps up whenever he takes a shuddering breath...

Kat, sweetie, this is hopeless, to keep all of us holed up. It's been 8 weeks! Think about the children! The ones inside you and the ones you're scaring! Near might not show it, but he's so frightened! Kew whispered to her.

I know…Kat responded, running the pads of her fingers over the little spindly veins in his wrist, using her other hand as a pillow.

Mr. Wammy woke up two weeks after we fled, something's gone wrong…Kew mused.

NO! Kitten shrieked. He's perfectly fine! See! He's breathing! Can't you hear his heart beating!

Kitten…we're 71 days along, about three-something months of a human term…the chance of miscarriage has gone down but…it's still there…Kat, we have to eat something…! Don't make me force you back! Kew threatened.

Of course, she sighed. I'll go get myself that repulsive nutritional smoothie the Orphanage cooks concocted for me…

She placed her hand on the bump between her hips before placing a kiss on Lawliet's pale forehead and walking along the hallway, buttoning her parka.

Nowadays, to see her tail drooping and her ears flat against her head was common. The only time they ever went up was when she was at the shooting range at her house with Matt and Mello, teaching them how to properly shoot a gun and manage a knife.

She had to rely on charts for the hand-to-hand combat because of her pregnancy.

"Ah, Kat, we fixed up your smoothie! It tastes like strawberries now 'stead of a bundle of nasty!"

"Thank you, Mrs. Clarke," Kat said. Mrs. Clarke was a kind African-American woman with a southern drawl. She was born in the United States, in Mississippi. Back when they were integrating schools. She had a natural gift with cooking and loved it too but the crow's feet around her chocolate eyes and callousness on her hands showed her struggles.

"No problem, darlin'. How's L?" she asked as Kat sipped at her drink, bending the straw with her teeth.

"The same," she said simply. "But I swear I saw his lips twitch this morning."

Mrs. Clarke gave Kat a warm smile, laying her hand on Kat's shoulder and giving her shoulder a small squeeze. "Well, that's better than nuthin,' ain't it?" She asked.

"Yes, I suppose, I just can't wait for him to open his eyes…Well, I will be heading back now. See you soon, Mrs. Clarke," Kat said, trudging out of the kitchen, picking up her pace only to flinch when her phone went off with a soft tune.

She flipped it open. "Hello?"

"Kat? It's Suture, any news?"


"We haven't found out anything new. The files have next to nothing, and Nuo keeps trying to analyze the blood samples you sent us, Beyond killed another two yesterday. They were planning against you, it seems. I will call you on the next appointed date, goodbye."

Kat blinked as the beep-beep-beep sounded in her ears.

Another source to her misery. Suture had been unusually cold to her. Polite, but she was still being closed off to Kat.

She shut her eyes, sitting down in a chair in the hallway across from the boy's room.

The day they arrived at a house Kat owned just a mile away from the Orphanage, Beyond had e-mailed her everything to do with the LABB murder cases. Her temper had flared when she saw that the information could have helped her evaluate the situation more clearly.

He certainly didn't help her temper when he retorted coolly to her call, "You never asked either L or my self."

She had snapped the phone shut when she heard the little bleeps, chucking it at the wall with impressive force.

The poor phone shattered, forcing her to go buy a new one while she screamed at all the scientists over the Orphanage's phone to get to figuring out the statistics.

"Sis? You alright?"

She glanced up, giving a weary smile. "Fine, Matt. I bought you that video game you wanted. Here."

She handed him the small cartridge, a soft sheen appearing in her eyes when he beamed.

"Thanks!" he said, already in the process of taking out his trusty Nintendo DS from his cargo pants.

"You're welcome, kiddo," she responded, reaching into her own pockets to get two bars of chocolate. "Does Near like his new puzzle?" She asked.

"Of course! He hasn't touched any other toy for days! It's amazing!" the redhead exclaimed; adjusting his goggles on his neck. Then he saw the chocolate in her hands. "Mello's getting dressed, I'm sure he'll be out soon."

"Thanks, Matt."

She brushed her bangs out of her face before twirling some longer locks of ebony and silver.

You shower them with gifts too much…no wonder Mello's such a brat, K noted sarcastically.

Mello's your favorite, idiot,

Doesn't mean he doesn't have the tendency of acting like a little spoiled brat.


"Kat! H-He- He—"

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