It had been many years since the passing of Kira, and criminals had slowly come out of their little hidey holes to taint everything as they so please again.

But on that day, four adults stood around a set of graves, just a short distance away from the infamous Wammy's house.

A woman kneeled by them, leaving flowers and specially wrapped sweets on a few.

"I miss them…" she muttered, swiping at her eyes with her wrist.

One of the men stepped forward, putting his hand on her shoulder, "We all do, Selena…"

"But it's not fair, Toshio!" she muttered, rounding on him, her eyes flashing. "I barely remember Momma!"

"Neither do I," spoke up the remaining of the triplets who remained next to Kai. "But Dad, Suture and Beyond always told us stories about her, Uncle Mello and Uncle Matt as well."

Kai ran a hand through his hair, feeling the uncomfortable prick of tears in his eyes. In his thirties, he was the one who had taken over for the triplets as a parental figure. Even if they were fully grown, they were prone to the immature impulses and tendencies of their parents.

Selena frowned, bowing her head, round circles of moisture appearing on the gray of the concrete slab. "We all know that, Ryuuhei…" she paused, making to bring her thumb to her lips then thinking better of it. "But it still…hurts…It's been seventeen years and it hurts to know Momma is….reduced to a lacking inscription, and Dad…" she trailed off.

All four of them merely gazed at the slabs in the burnt orange glow of the sunset, the shadows flickering on them. Though there physical bodies aged slowly, like their mother's, the solemnity and tiredness in their eyes reflected a much deeper maturity. As if the weight of the world, immense and incredibly depressing, were pushing down on their backs.

The first two were simple, with crosses. Over one of the crosses was a rosary, the inscription Mello 1992-2013 Beloved Little Brother and Best Friend.

A similar inscription was on the one marks Matt 1993-2013, except someone had taken the liberty of trying to tape a picture of a gameboy to his gravestone.

L was there as well. L 1982-2025, Father, Husband, Justice.

It was so cute, in a morbid way, as soon as the orphans of Wammy's were informed of the original L's resting place and his apparent sweet tooth, they had taken to wrapping sweets up in baggies and laying them on his resting place.

Kai frowned a bit.

L had died, but no one knew of what.

In his forties, he would have only lived half his life. (Beyond Birthday had assured all four of them of that)

And it was certainly a shock when they found him curled up in his spinning chair, smiling faintly with a sour apple jolly rancher half unwrapped in his hand.

Suture had done the honors of examining him, and declared heart attack as the culprit, deeply unsettling the family.

When they heard this, they were quick to think Kira.

But Kira's body had been among those of their mother and Uncle, according to the adults at the time. And Misa Amane had thrown herself off a bridge…

So they were left to wonder if it was some wandering Shinigami…

Kai shook his head of those thoughts, his eyes landing on the last of the graves.

He had only known the woman for a blink of time, but she had been the most fascinating person he had encountered, besides her husband that is.

Her tomb was the plainest of all, with only K, She Will Be Missed on it.

Selena made a choked crying sound, standing up abruptly and turning around wicked fast, her long black hair nearly slapping her.

Her brothers quickly pulled her into a hug, murmuring words of assurance. Kai felt the burn in his eyes as he stroked her hair.

Kai motioned sharply towards the orphanage with his head, turning his only sister away

Today's cemetery visit was over with.

But they'd do it again next year.



"Hi! What's your name?" she asked.

How could she not know him? She had been there throughout most of his life, helped him, married him, gave birth to their children...

But she didn't look as she had when she was alive. Her ears were gone, tail as well. And her pupils, if he looked close enough into the dull green, they gave only the slightest suggestion of a slit.

Matt and Mello—a younger version of them, he noted--were hanging around her, looking at her a bit broken hearted. When they had died, did they have to suffer through this introduction to someone they all ready knew?

"I'm L," he said simply, a tad bit startled by his response. Upon further inspection, he saw he was back to his seventeen year old body.

"Hi L, I'm Kat, nice to meetcha," she smiled brightly. "Come on! I'll show you around!"

He let her pull him forward, too startled at the return of her touch.

And in that moment, he made a deduction.

This was what Kat would have been like, were feline genes never grafted into her chemical make-up.

However, that meant she would NOT remember any of them.

Just as they crossed a cloud of vapor and dust, he heard a voice whipser in his ear, the hairs on the nape of his neck rising.

"I have to go now, Lawliet...thank you..."

And the voice disappeared.

"Why do you look so sad, Lawliet?" Kat asked.

He looked at her, "Because a good friend just left me."

The girl tilted her head, so painfully the same as his wife, and said, "You'll meet her eventually! We all end up here!"

L couldn't have agreed more.