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Story: All Ash Ketchum has ever wanted was to be the best. Ash's dream was to be the unbeatable, greatest and grandest Pokémon Master there ever was. So now of legal age to get a Trainer's license, Ash can start the road for just that. Problem? Ash is a girl. And the world is full of perverts as her mother had warned and so Ash Ketchum the girl must become Ash Ketchum the boy.
Set as an AU.
Spoilers: Probably.
Warnings: Perverts, raunchy humor, weird humor, craziness, etc…
Pairings: Ash with a lot of people (mostly one-sided), Ash/Lance and Ash/Steven for sure.

Loyal to the Game
Chapter Three: Colonel Bastard

Delia sighed as she looked at her window, holding her cup of tea quietly. Professor Oak looked at her in commiseration.

"Do you really think it was okay for Ash to just go off on her own?" she asked uncertainly.

"I think this will be good for her," he murmured, though he admitted to missing her presence, especially as constant as it had been in his lab.

She sighed again. "I just worry. She's so young and she's wandering about by herself. Who knows what decisions she'll make, and what if she gets taken advantage of or…"

"Or she makes the same mistake you did, getting pregnant and settling down so early," Professor Oak voiced her biggest fear.

"I didn't want to get married," she mused solemnly. "Not just yet. And I was too young to have a baby. Maybe I wasn't cut out and didn't really want to be a pokémon trainer too much, but I'd always wanted to travel the world."

"But then you met Faron and then he eventually left," he concluded.

"I didn't really mind the whole settling down early, not in the end, and I gained a new dream about having Ash and being the best mother and wife ever," she confessed. "But what really haunts me is that Faron left me behind. He left me and Ash both. I don't want Ash to be left behind like I was. Like she had also been left behind by her father."

Professor Oak was quiet for a moment.

"Ash is Ash, Delia. And besides…she'll have to learn on her own and make her own mistakes, and she'll have to learn from those as well. She has to find her own footing in this world…"

Delia stared down at her tea.

"I just hope she can."

"Are you the gym leader of the Pewter Gym?" Two Indigo operatives knocked on Flint's door and asked immediately.

"Yes, how may I help you?" he smiled jovially at them, slightly confused at what the Indigo League would want.

"We apologize for the intrusion, but we need the gym tapes of the battles from the beginning of this month to the beginning of this week," the blond one said politely, explaining their presence at his door.

"What about the rest of this week? There have been plenty of promising trainers," Flint said curiously, wondering about the cutoff time.

"Sorry, but if they couldn't make it here earlier then they're not worth it," the red-haired one said stoically.

"Alright, just one sec," Flint said as he went to go retrieve the tapes.

The operatives took them and left without another word. Flint stared after them before shaking his head.


At the same time, Ash was listening to her music, with her mind occupied. Neither Brock nor Misty could get to her.

Yuukoku. Roy Mustang's theme from Full Metal Alchemist.

"Yes! I've found the voice my pokédex should talk in! Pokédex, search anime. Full Metal Alchemist. Seiyuu Roy Mustang. Program pokédex voice."

"Programmed, effective immediately," Mustang's deep voice sounded.

"Oh yeah!"

Brock and Misty stared at their companion from a little way's away, near their campfire. The two of them had been glowering at each other while Ash had been preoccupied, silently battling over the fire (they were supposed to be stoking it) and looking more like they were having a swordfight with their sticks.

"Hey, Ash. Are you okay?" Misty tentatively asked.

"Of course. I've finally activated the right voice for my pokédex. Right, Roy?" Ash chirped, very pleased with herself and at finally having found the answer to her long, drawn out problem. It was not a minor thing to want the perfect voice for her pokédex, no matter what anyone said.

"Yes, an excellent choice," Mustang answered smugly.

Ash squealed and Misty laughed. Brock pouted as he cooked, feeling jealous. And over a voice!

"Anou sa, I'm going to go catch some more pokémon. I can't use Espeon just yet, but I need pokémon that can go against water pokémon for the next gym. I can't let Pikachu do all the work after all," Ash nodded in certainty.

Misty paled, but nodded with Brock. She gave Ash a strained smile, trying not to show how nervous she was while hoping her face wasn't going pale at the mention of the next gym.

"Okay, see you!"

She left the two behind and began walking, with Pikachu hitching a ride on her and taking his usual seat. Ash hesitatingly brushed a hand against Espeon's pokéball, hoping the pokémon would feel her. The warmth she felt in her mind told her that Espeon had, and Ash continued on with a large smile on her face.

She looked around until she spotted a river. Taking out her portable fishing rod, that had been a gift from Professor Oak on her last birthday, she let it go and waited for a catch. Ten minutes later, she found nothing. She pouted and sighed, hoping her luck would be better.

"Oh man, Pikachu! This sucks…not a single pokémon!" Ash shifted a bit, having sat there for a long time and her limbs starting to feel stiff.

"Pika!" Pikachu grumbled with her.

The two of them sighed at their luck. Suddenly, there was a rustle behind them and they whirled around in surprise. Nothing. But after they had turned back, there was another rustle and Ash turned back around rather annoyed and ready to tell off whomever it was that was sneaking around. Her breath caught in her throat.

A Seviper was right in her face.

Ash screeched and took off, scrambling onto all fours as she hurried to get away from the snake-like pokémon and then shooting up onto her feet, with Pikachu hanging onto her for dear life. It chased them and nearly caught up to them several times, but they began to tire and slow down. And after awhile they stopped, thankfully seeing it gone and using that chance to catch their breath and rest up before it might appear again and they'd have to run away once more.

"That was close, Pikachu. What was that?" Ash grimaced.

"Seviper, class snake -ahem. Class poison, I mean. Native to Hoenn, Unova, and Kalos. Level 25," Mustang answered her immediately.

"Ah, thanks," Ash sweatdropped.

"You're welcome," it said simply before, "behind you, Ash," Mustang added confusingly.


Ash turned around and let out another horrified screech when Seviper darted straight at her, its mouth opened wide with its fangs bared and ready to eat her and Pikachu alive.

She closed her eyes, waiting for it. But no pain came.

Opening her eyes, she saw Seviper floating in front of her. Espeon was sitting idly in between them, watching the floating snake.

"Thanks, Espeon!" Ash exclaimed in relief.

'You're welcome,' Espeon surprisingly replied in her mind, and Ash had to remember that she needed to get used to that.

Ash grinned and threw a pokéball at the frozen serpentine pokémon, crossing her fingers and hoping she had been able to catch it. After three seconds, she had caught Seviper and she jumped up and let out a loud whoop in celebration. Pikachu cheered along with her, while Espeon contentedly watched her trainer and fellow pokémon.

"Oh, this is bad," James said, smacking his forehead unhappily.

"Bad? This is horrible! The boss is going to kill us!" Meowth exclaimed, throwing up his paws into the air.

"Relax, we'll just steal that Pikachu and get Seviper back," Jessie tried, scowling at her companions and gaining a tick in her temple at their lack of hope.

"But the twerp captured it! It's in one of those pokéballs!" Meowth glared at her, slightly pouting at the situation.

"Who cares? Just steal all of them!" Jessie snapped at them, getting further annoyed.

"Hey, I think the boss is calling," James said, staring at the phone in terrified awe.

"Answer it, idiot!" Meowth snatched it from him and hurriedly answered the phone. He nervously greeted Team Rocket's boss. "Hello, boss! How're ya doin'?"

"Meowth? Put me on speaker. I want the other idiots to hear me."

The cat pokémon winced and forced on a smile that twitched more often than not.

"Yeah, boss?" Jessie faked being cheerful, though inwardly she was freaking out.

"What's going on? Why haven't I received my pokémon yet?" Giovanni's irritated voice came from the ear piece, and they all winced.

"Well, you see…we have a problem. This twerp captured your Seviper," James nervously said, oblivious to the shushing motions his partners were giving him.

They smacked their foreheads.

"What?" Giovanni's voice turned harsh, and all three of them gained shivers up their spine.

"Don't worry, boss! We'll get it back, and we'll get the twerp's Pikachu too! The mouse is really powerful!" Meowth promised, hoping it would pacify their boss and they wouldn't get into any trouble for this fumble.

There was a pause.

"A Pikachu? Let her have Seviper. Release Milotic in her path and let her capture it."

They were surprised but said nothing of it (they knew better than to question the boss), though they really, really wanted to ask and were wondering about the odd order given to them.

"Yes, sir!" all three chorused obediently.

They didn't notice that they never mentioned the twerp was a her.

"Yosh, I captured a Seviper!" Ash happily said when she came back to the campsite.

Misty furrowed her eyebrows, "But Ash, Sevipers aren't found in Kanto or even in Johto. Usually, they're found in the wild in Hoenn, Unova, or Kalos. And never mind how it got here, Sevipers aren't especially strong against water pokémon. The next gym contains water pokémon and you only have Pikachu, not including Espeon since you won't use it," she rolled her eyes fondly at that, though she was still rather confused at how a Seviper was found around these parts.

Ash's happy face turned dejected and she walked away again, feeling zombie-like as she left in depression. And she'd been so proud and happy a moment ago too! She still was, having caught a cool and tough pokémon, but she'd been hoping that Seviper would have been strong against water type.

And shoot! She should have known that too. Where'd all her studying gone?

"Ash, wait!" Misty sighed, unable to get Ash back. And she'd just wanted to help Ash out. Damn, she should have at least congratulated Ash first, and been happy for her catching a pokémon (her first one at that!).

Ash, however, was busy pouting and looking for more pokémon, determined to get one that would give her an advantage against the next gym's pokémon that she'd have to battle against. Quite unexpectedly, a Milotic crossed her path. It was rather random, and Ash really should have been a bit more suspicious and wonder more about the oddness of the encounter (and more so, gathering the strange type of pokémon that kept crossing her way…), but she was so excited at another pokémon and another chance to catch one, especially one that may be of help to her for her next gym battle.

She grinned widely, "Yes! Milotic's resistant against other water pokémon. Come on, Pikachu! Thunderbolt and then quick attack!"

Somehow, Milotic easily went down and Ash shrugged, though she was mildly confused. She wasn't going to question her good luck though. She threw a pokéball at it and captured it.

Cheering, she ran back to their camp eagerly, happy with her pokémon and her success at having caught yet another pokémon to add to her ever growing collection.

"Misty, Brock! I caught a Milotic!" Ash excitedly announced to them.

"That's great, Ash! Wow, that was quick! Four good pokémon already. I'll go ahead and cook my special pokéchow for them," Brock grinned back dopily, though he was also rather confused at the odd fortune. Still, he didn't want to dampened Ash's enthusiasm and good mood. And especially since Misty just had to do that earlier…

He briefly glowered at that irritating red head.

Misty blinked. What was up with all these Hoenn and other region pokémon appearing in Kanto? It just seemed so strange. She'll just mention it later though. Let Ash be happy for it for now, although there was her own problem she had to deal with at that moment…

"Oi, Ash. I have to leave. But I'll meet with you in Cerulean, okay?" Misty nervously and suddenly announced, upset about leaving Ash, but also upset at having to go back to that town and more so about that gym and reuniting with certain irritating sisters.

"Okay, Misty!" Ash said, still very much happy and not worrying too much, since Misty had said she'd meet back up with her in Cerulean.

Misty smiled, "Alright, see you."

She left, but not before glaring warningly at Brock. Misty was also upset at having to leave Ash with that guy…

After she left, Brock grinned goofily. What a great day for him…

No crazy red heads, no mallets in sight, and only him and Ash.

"Ash, I made my special no-chew lazy-girl stew just for you!" he almost sang. Oh, he was already picturing all the things he and Ash could do, spending time with each other and getting close together. They can get all lovey dovey, have picnics, hold hands…

"Sugoi! Thanks, Brock! You didn't have to!" Ash said, beginning to dig into the bowl Brock had set out for her. It was really good!

Brock just smiled blissfully.

"Pervert, class idiot. Native everywhere, but especially right here at two meters away. Level 0," Mustang's voice interrupted, sounding serious.

"Hm?" Ash said, slurping some soup and having missed what her pokédex had just said insultingly.

Brock glared at the device. Small snickering came from it.

Correction. There was only him, Ash, and Mustang

Giovanni rubbed the bridge of his nose in agitation. Those three tended to give him the most stress. And yet, he was still oddly fond of the idiots…

However, they had been useful in some way this time.

He hadn't been expecting this at all. Somehow, those three had managed to get the good luck to run into Ash, especially when she needed help, and had managed to provide a window of opportunity for Giovanni to silently reach out and help his newest acquaintance out. He didn't mind that he wouldn't get the recognition for the deed, or be able to tell her what he'd had done for her sake, which was unusual for him. Although, thinking about it, several points about helping her like this would most likely end up upsetting her anyway.

And yet…why was he so insistent and continually drawn to her and helping her out in the first place?

It was very odd. In fact, it was rather out of place and out of character for him, but he felt like he couldn't help himself and he just wanted to do so. It's been a long time since he'd ever cared for someone other than himself (had he ever?), so this was all the more strange.

Ah, so he cared about Ash then…?

He shook his head at himself, and thought that maybe he should stop thinking about the issue altogether, before his thoughts went towards more dangerous waters. He was Giovanni after all. He didn't care for anyone.

His phone buzzed on his desk, and he curiously took a look at it. Not many people contacted him, and he couldn't think of a reason why anyone would at that moment. But then he saw the picture attached to the message, and he laughed aloud.

Ash's selfie with Pikachu crowding into the picture and scrunching up his cheek next to hers made for a very cute picture, and Ash was all the more adorable.

Well…a pretty smile from a pretty girl made for a pretty good ending to a rough day at work.

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