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Story: All Ash Ketchum has ever wanted was to be the best. Ash's dream was to be the unbeatable, greatest and grandest Pokémon Master there ever was. So now of legal age to get a Trainer's license, Ash can start the road for just that. Problem? Ash is a girl. And the world is full of perverts as her mother had warned and so Ash Ketchum the girl must become Ash Ketchum the boy.
Set as an AU.
Spoilers: Probably.
Warnings: Perverts, raunchy humor, weird humor, craziness, etc…
Pairings: Reverse Harem Genre along the vein of Fushigi Yuugi, Ouran High Host Club, Negma! (regular harem), Love Hina, and other Ken Akamatsu works, with fanon Harem twist of multiple partners. Most guys are reoccurring unrequited or "character of the day" crushes, but a select number are permanent requited guys. Hence, Ash with a lot of people (mostly one-sided), Ash/Lance, Ash/Steven, Ash/Giovanni, Ash/Lt. Surge, etc. for sure.

Loyal to the Game
Chapter Nine: The Trills of Thrills

May wasn't usually too much into pokémon, despite her family's (especially her father's) interest in them. However, she admitted a certain like and pull towards Pokémon Contests, though she didn't broadcast that to everyone and she wasn't super fanatic about it. It wasn't a secret, of course –not among her family at least. She still wasn't all that wild about pokémon, so she wasn't crazy about those Contests either.

But due to even a small interest in Pokémon Contests, you'd have to pay attention to the annual and traditional Beach Beauty and Pokémon Costume Contest. It was a must.

And May was absolutely fascinated with the contestant named Ash Ketchum.

Ash was pretty. And she was creative too! She used a combination of her pokémon for the costume part, not just creating a costume and making her Seviper look the part, but act the part with her Espeon levitating it and making it look like it was flying, and her Pikachu hidden on Seviper's back and creating lightning effects. She used a theme to her cosplaying as well –and not just any theme, but a cool one that pulled from mythology.

And when it came to the talent portion of the Beach Beauty part, Ash's voice was sweet and clear as bells ringing. She chose to sing an unfamiliar song, but it was lovely to hear and made May want to hear her sing it to her all the time.

But what made her especially popular and stand out from the rest, was that there was a sweetness, sincerity, and simple genuineness that exuded from her, and made others want to watch her and drew attention to her.

"Are you watching that contest again?" her father entered the room, asking her in amusement. Norman hadn't personally seen the recorded broadcast of the talent show, but he knew that May had watched it a whole bunch of times already. Right now would actually be the first time he'd even really taken more than a glimpse at it, or paid any sort of attention to it.

May frowned and rewound the recorded program again. "Caroline! Dad's teasing me again," she yelled out, just as she pressed play. Ash's sweet voice played through the speakers again, as her pretty visage filled her TV screen. Seviper continued to float peacefully in the air, to the tune of the song.

"Hold on, hold on. You've got to hold on –"

"Take my hand, I'm standing right here," May murmured along, still watching the TV closely.

Norman took his eyes from the TV to his daughter, before looking back at the TV. Sighing, he ruffled her hair and walked passed her, letting her watch the recorded contest in peace.

"Are you bothering May again?" Caroline asked him in amusement. His wife shook her head and finished tying her shoes. "You need to find a new hobby, Norman. Your daughter will start to hate you. How about you start dating finally?"

Norman ignored her. "So you're going to go hiking with your boyfriend?"

"Yep. We'll be gone the weekend." Caroline hmmed as she examined herself one last time in her compact mirror. "But seriously, Norman. We've been separated for two years. Go find a girl to date."

Norman rolled his eyes, though he did glance back at the entranceway to the living room where May was still watching. Caroline noticed.

"What about that girl May keeps watching?" Caroline asked slyly. "She's pretty. I would like her."

He gave her a deadpan stare. "She's young. She's probably around May's age."

"Three years older actually," she chirped happily as she grabbed her bag. "And who cares? She's cute~" she winked at him teasingly. "I saw the way you were looking at her, Norman~ Go for it, Tiger!"

She was out the door as Norman glared at her, huffing. "Insane woman." Still, he turned to go to the living room, deciding to go watch with May.

He wondered if that was condemning him.

Ash took a deep breath and finally pulled away from Giovanni. She also let go of Meowth, who jumped away and cleared his throat awkwardly.

"D-don't get used to this, twerp! I, uh, hate water too! I was just clingin' back," Meowth sniffed. Then he glanced nervously back at the boss. He shakily pointed a finger at Giovanni. "That goes for you too, you-you nobody! Whoever you are! This never happened!" Then the cat pokémon turned and ran away.

On one hand, no one talked to him like that. On the other, at least Meowth was smart enough to not blurt out who he was and managed a quick cover up. He supposed he could praise him the next time…

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the Tentacruel sinking back into the ocean, and he and it exchanged one last look before it disappeared down into the watery depths. Ash shifting had his attention brought back to her.

"I'm sorry, I got your suit all wet," Ash sniffled and reached out hesitantly, tugging at his wet clothes morosely.

He waved it off. "I can afford more. It's not even my favorite," he lightly joked to ease her worries.

Her lips twitched up. "No…that one bright orange suit is, isn't it?"

Giovanni actually blushed a little. "Er, it isn't that bright…But I do admit I have a soft spot for that suit…"

"Hey, hey –you guys okay?" they heard someone holler out to them. They looked over and saw a guy waving at them. "You guys look soaked! Need some clothes?"

Ash sneezed. Giovanni opened his mouth and she glared at him.

"D-don't even. I don't have a cute sneeze," the pout she wore ruined her angry countenance.

"Sure you don't," Giovanni said sarcastically, standing up and helping her up as well. They headed over to the guy, who led them into his store. Giovanni inwardly twitched, seeing the all casual selection, but he supposed he couldn't complain. It was better than being stuck in wet clothes, and he didn't want to "whine" in front of Ash anyway.

He selected some jeans and a plain black shirt, as Ash grabbed her own clothing. They were directed to the back and were practically shoved through a door, before realizing it was a bare empty room that only had two benches in the middle of the room and a large mirror that covered the entire back wall.

"Wait, we can't both change in here!" Giovanni whirled around and grasped at the doorknob, only to find it wouldn't open. He began to sweat nervously.

"I'm cold," Ash said obliviously, not really thinking about their situation.

Or maybe he was the one over thinking it.

He turned around to tell her, just in time to see her taking off her shirt, and he immediately whipped back around and tried to not bang his head against the door.

Could she not do this?! Or be so oblivious?!

As he continued to sweat against the door, waiting for her to finish up, he tried to console himself with the fact he was facing one way and couldn't see anything, and even if she was facing the mirror, he was completely clothed and fine.

"Done! Hey, why haven't you changed yet?" Ash asked him in confusion.

"I will," he mumbled, turning around to see her thankfully in board shorts that went passed her knees and a white t-shirt that was too big on her. Although, the way it kept slipping off her shoulder…

He marched over to her and dragged her over to the door, firmly making sure she was facing it before he decided to even begin to take off his clothes.

"Eh, what's wrong, Giovanni? Is something the matter?" she asked, even more confused as she started to turn around in worry.

"I'm fine!" he yelled out hurriedly, twitching as he fumbled with his belt. "Just stay looking at the door!"

"What? But why –"

"Just do it!" and if a tinge of desperation was in his voice, he was steadfastly ignoring it.

He finally yanked off his belt and rushed to get the rest of his clothes off and the new clothes on. He only felt relieved when he was done and could go over to Ash.

"Done," he mumbled, and reached out to grab the doorknob again. He stared in disbelief as it twisted easily. Damn it, did that bastard of a storeowner –

Unless in his panic about the situation, he had imagined the locked door and had been delusional enough that his freaking out had made him unable to discern the door actually being locked…


He sighed and just opened the door, leading the way out.

"I don't even know anymore," he said in answer to Ash, but only just confused her more.

The storeowner sat by the counter, reading a magazine.

"Oh, you guys are done?"

Giovanni gave him a bland stare, before fishing out his wallet from his wet pants, glad at least that he hadn't been carrying cash in it. He grabbed his card and shoved it towards the storeowner, who rang up the purchases. Their wet clothes went into a plastic bag and they were getting ready to leave, when Ash had to go to the bathroom. While he waited for her, his eyes trailed over to the storeowner and he started to scowl.

The storeowner noticed and blinked. "Something the matter?"

"Did you have to shove us both into that so-called dressing room?" Giovanni growled out irritably.

"What's the matter? I thought she was your girlfriend?"

Giovanni stared at him blankly, practically frozen. Ash chose that time to come back and glanced between the two guys.

"What's up?"

The storeowner shrugged. "Eh, your man's a little slow on the uptake."

Before Ash could answer back, Giovanni grabbed her hand and started to storm out of there, stopping near a sunglasses rack and stealing one.

"I'm taking this for reparation!" he glared one last time at the storeowner, before practically stomping out of there while shoving the sunglasses onto his nose, and with Ash in hand.

"Giovanni," Ash tugged at his hand when they were some ways away.

He slowed down his pace and looked at her. "Yes?"

"You still have the tag on the sunglasses," Ash smiled in restrained amusement.

Giovanni stopped and grabbed the sunglasses, yanking the tag off before putting them back on.

"When I come back here, remind me to buy out that store," he grumbled.

She giggled at him.

Oddly enough, they ended back at the restaurant they started at. Ash's eyes lit up, especially seeing her food still there, and went back to eating as if she had never been interrupted. Brock and Misty had made it there as well, and also began to eat heartily.

Even more strange, and aggravating as well, was that Nastina's collection of men had made it to the restaurant and began to pamper an oblivious Ash the same way they had the short woman.

"At least she's being pampered," Giovanni mumbled as he watched the group of men with narrowed eyes.

Guns N' Roses "Don't Cry" blared through the restaurant and he stared up at the ceiling resentfully. He then looked at Ash before hanging his head.

He swore –if this song was prophetic, he was going to make Team Rocket self-destruct the entire world.

His phone rang and he answered it. Thankfully, the helicopter was there and he informed the others.

"Wait, don't leave us!" one of the guys said in a panic.

"Sorry, no room for all of you," he deadpanned and then went to Ash, pulling her away from the men and escorting her out of there.

Within no time, they had managed to get onto the helicopter without further interruptions, and were soon on their way to Giovanni's theme park. Soon enough, they were there and Ash squealed in excitement.

"I've always wanted to go here!" Ash nearly took off running, when Misty grabbed the back of her collar with a roll of her eyes.

"Not so fast, Ash," Misty smirked. "Aren't you forgetting the rest of us?"

She looked at them sheepishly and Pikachu mirrored her.

"Hey, are you going to catch Horsea?" Ash reminded Misty, who had been happy holding the cute pokémon.

Misty put Horsea on the ground and gently tossed a pokéball at it, easily capturing it. She then took Ash's pose, tossing a teasing wink at Ash.

"Hey! That's my Victory Pose," Ash pouted.

Giovanni ruffled her hair as he walked passed her. "Trademark it then. Until then, it's fair game," he gave her a smirk and walked on.

Ash pouted even harder, but raced to catch up to his long strides.

"Pikachu, they're all mean, aren't they?" Ash huffed.

"Pika!" Pikachu nodded in agreement, crossing his arms indignantly as he sided with his owner.

"Ash, wait up!" Brock ran up to her side. He thrust a bag of chocolates at her. "Um, I got you some chocolates to cheer you up, from before."

Ash grinned widely and hugged him tightly. "You're really sweet! Thanks so much, Brock!"

Brock practically melted in her arms.

Misty ruined it by stalking over and grabbing his ear, dragging him behind her.

"Come on, lover boy."

Her two friends barreled off somewhere and Ash and Pikachu looked at each other.


"What you said," Ash mumbled and they walked further into the theme park.

Giovanni was waiting for her by the entrance. He gave a small wave and she hurried to him.

"I've got to take care of some business," he said softly. "So you go on and explore the park." He took her wrist and put one of those plastic bracelets on it. "This'll let you onto all the rides for free, and eat at snack bars or get ice cream or whatever for free, alright?"

She nodded eagerly.

"I'll meet back up with you at this restaurant," he pointed at a place on a theme park map he took out and handed to her after. "I'll probably be done in an hour or two, maybe less. I'll call you."

She looked up at him happily and he squeezed her shoulder before he left. Then it was just Pikachu and her.

"Yeah, Pikachu! Let's go conquer this place!"

She dropped off most of her pokémon at the Pokécenter that was there, letting them relax and even enjoy the sort of day spa for pokémon that was there. Then she started to look around the place, with Pikachu tagging along with her and just as eager to enjoy the sights and rides with his mistress.

She saw a line for the Pokémon Tour and pointed it out to Pikachu. "Ooh, let's go on that!"

They got in line and Pikachu directed her head to the front, and she understood that he wanted to sit at the front of the ferry. After she sat down, a bulky kind of guy sat down next to her, huge sunglasses on his face.

"Uh, hello?" she smiled hesitantly.


"I'm Ash!" she introduced herself a little more confidently, holding out her hand.

His huge hand grabbed hers. "I'm Br…ruce. Yes. That's right. I'm Bruce."

A little confused, Ash just shrugged it off. Just then the Gyarados ferry tour started moving and their tour guide started to talk.

"Ohhh, giant pokémon!" Bruce excitedly leaned over her and pointed out the ferry.

Ash turned just as excited. "Where? Where?"

Following where he was pointing, she 'oohed' and took out her phone, snapping lots of pictures. She and Pikachu then took a selfie, trying to get the giant pokémon as a backdrop behind them. They ended with more than a few silly ones because it was a difficult thing to do, but then Bruce stepped in and offered his help.

"Here, I'll take some pictures for you," he held out his hand, smiling widely.

She quickly handed her phone to him and posed with Pikachu, and then they were further into the tour and taking more pictures of everything, and then each other, and also pictures of them together. They were disappointed when the tour ended and they were parting ways.

"It was nice meeting you!" Ash said sincerely as she waved backwards at him, and then she was leaving.

Next she was heading towards a ride that had people strapped in, before speeding them to the top and then rushing down before abruptly stopping. Then the pattern continued and the speed upped a little bit each time. She quickly lined up.

"Pikachu, are you ready?"

"Pika, Pika!" Fires lit up in Pikachu's eyes and he pumped a paw into the air.

"That's what I'm talking about!"

Ash was shocked to find an elderly lady with a shawl around her head in front of her, and who turned to her with an indulgent smile.

"You and your Pikachu are eager for the ride?"

"Un! Definitely, miss," Ash smiled widely, and Pikachu threw the lady a v-sign.

"My, my –I'm glad to be sitting next to such a lively girl," the elderly lady gave her just as wide a smile. "Call me Agatha, dear."

"You're a really cool granny, Agatha!" Ash cheered. "I don't know any other grannies or grandpas that'd go on rides like this!"

Agatha cackled. "I'm a thrill seeker, young lady! Don't you worry about this little ol' lady!"

And when they got on the ride together, both females were howling in delight about it. Ash was thrilled to see the old lady practically chortling madly as they speedily went up and down the tower. When they parted ways after the ride, Agatha turned to her and gave a double v-sign pose with a large grin stretching her face. Then she walked away, laughing madly like a "lil' ol' lady."

Ash shook her head in amusement, before becoming startled as Pikachu leaped off of her head and ran towards a sign. He pointed at it and Ash completely agreed with his choice.

"Alright! Let's go to that water pokémon show!"

They had to race to the stadium, since the time for the show was nearing, and barely made it in time to get in. A really pretty lady with a large sunhat gave her a friendly wave and gestured to the seat next to her.

"Hi! Why don't you sit here?"

Grateful for the kind gesture, Ash quickly made her way over and sat down, before introducing herself.

The pretty lady laughed lightly. "I'm Prima. Pleased to meet you."

Ash grinned at her before facing forward to watch the show. "Ah, Misty would have loved this. I wonder where she and Brock went?"


Misty screamed in frustration, banging on the elevator doors. She rounded on Brock, who was crouching in a corner and had his forehead plastered against the metal wall as he cried a waterfall.

"This is all your fault!"

"Ash! I'm so sorry I'm not with you so we can have a wonderful amusement park date!"

Ash sneezed and wondered if that meant her two friends were thinking or talking about her.

"You have a cute sneeze," Prima hid her smile behind a hand.

Ash inwardly sighed.

Together the two enjoyed the water show, and Ash tried to discreetly record bits of it to show Misty later. When she and Prima left together, they decided to stop by a vendor and buy some drinks to cool down, and they chatted a bit about the show and of the water pokémon in it. After they finished their drinks, it was time to part ways.

"It was really nice meeting you, Prima! I hope we meet again!"

Prima just gave a smile and a wave before leaving, and then it was just Ash and Pikachu again.

"I really wonder what everyone's up to…" Ash directed to Pikachu, a little put off that everyone seemed to have disappeared.

It was nearing two hours too, and still no word from Giovanni either…

After he'd left Ash, Giovanni headed to his office there at the theme park, where he barked at the workers near (most of them Team Rocket members) to not bother him. He first changed out of the casual clothes he'd had to wear, and put on another suit. Then his first order of business was to check up on the progress in Saffron.

That gave him a rather nasty headache.

In fact, the whole ordeal lasted for nearly a whole hour before he could move on to his next task. He began the process of his takeover on Nastina's hotel project, first designing teams to do certain duties after he'd called the mayor of Aopulco to inform him of the deal with the Tentacruel. He'd have to call in to place an order for a large shipment of Super Potions, and hire a team of builders if he didn't deem anyone in his organization competent enough to manage or help build the hotel, or the Tentacool coral reef home.

When he was done with that, he finally looked at the time and grimaced. It was a little after two hours, and he hadn't even put a dent in his plans. Damn it, he forgot to call Ash too.

He hurriedly sent her an apologetic text, and a passing thought in his mind said that he was never apologetic and he was actually texting these days.

Nonetheless, it was a thought he didn't want to go further into and made him uneasy. Instead, he had Jessie, James, and Meowth come in, and he was at least glad the three was somewhat predictable in following after Ash's group, and ending up nearby. Still, they were looking at him nervously and as if he was going to eat them or something. They shouldn't be that terrified of him…

Then again, they were always getting into trouble and therefore always on the other end of his ire.

The three had shuffled into his office, bumbling as always and visibly shaking. He inwardly sighed, but refrained from showing any other emotion on his face. He first briefly praised Meowth, who preened in exaggerated bliss.

"I have an explicit order for you three," Giovanni then got right down to business, his eyes boring down on them even though he was the one sitting. "I will be…planning on accompanying that girl. You do not, under any circumstance, reveal your relation to me, that you know me, or acknowledge in any way my role in Team Rocket or that I have anything to do with the Team."

They snapped to attention and nodded their heads rapidly, all of them making promises and loud exclamations at once. He dismissed them in a hurry, feeling another incoming headache. However, James lingered after his team left, looking hesitant as he waited for his boss to acknowledge him.

"What is it, James?" Giovanni just barely stopped from snapping at the other. He was wasting time and getting even more late in meeting Ash.

James cleared his throat awkwardly before he took a deep breath.

"Sir, um, not to be a nuisance and I don't want to offend, so please don't be angry! It's just…when I was with her in the St. Anne, I lied and said I was Jameson and that really hurt her. Um…this isn't the exact same thing, but I think you'll hurt her this way too," James tried not to rush his words. "Er, not that it's any of my business!"

Giovanni frowned, but despite James' worries his boss didn't reprimand him. Instead, Giovanni waved him away and went back to his paperwork. But just as he was out the door, he heard Giovanni gruffly say, "I'll be sure to keep that in mind."

And Giovanni would. It was the second time someone had warned him about his interactions with Ash.

Ash stared in awe at the large rollercoaster. This was what she'd been waiting for. The big thrill ride.

"Pikachu, I think I'm in love."


She and Pikachu were so alike. Ash cuddled Pikachu, who nuzzled her back happily.

The only bad part was that the ride operator was on break for half an hour, which left Ash to pout and wait nearby at some tables, which had other people waiting there as well. She also just received Giovanni's text that basically said he wasn't going to make it in time, and she felt further disappointed.

"It's alright, Pikachu. We'll wait, and thankfully there's actually no line," Ash rubbed Pikachu's head. "In the meantime, let's just wait here, okay?"

"Pika Pika!"

But inwardly Pikachu snapped his fingers while wearing a matching pout with his mistress.

"Hi, can I wait here with you?" she heard someone ask, and she looked up to see a red-haired man smile nervously at her.

"Sure," Ash gave him a reassuring smile.

He slid into a seat next to her. He glanced around a few times before turning to her, still rather nervous.

"Um, I'm…Lancelot," his smile twitched. Good thing she didn't notice though.

She, on the hand, wondered if his parents had been Arthurian fans or something.

"Nice to meet you, Lancelot! I'm Ash. Looking forward to riding the rollercoaster?" she asked him eagerly.

He gave her a fond smile. "Yeah, looks fun. Giovanni sure did a good job on this place. Expensive as hell though," he muttered under his breath the last part.

"Oh! Do you know Giovanni then?" Ash asked curiously.

Lance jolted slightly in realization. "Uh, yeah. I'm…a business associate of his," he covered up quickly.

On the other hand, he was a little surprised at how familiar it sounded like she seemed she was with Giovanni. Even with just calling him familiarly with his first name (which could be explained away with their first meeting/mock battle that had the Viridian Gym Leader interested in her), something told him that she was somehow rather close to the reticent man.

"Are you also a pokémon trainer? I know Giovanni is," she questioned him next, and he was once again struck by how familiar she was with Giovanni.

"Yes, I also train pokémon," he answered her instead of focusing on it. "I love dragon pokémon the most," he just had to add in, an eager smile spreading across his face.

Her face absolutely lit up. "Dragon pokémon! That's so cool! I've never seen a dragon pokémon before. Do you have any with you?"

Lance mentally berated himself, wishing he'd kept at least one. "I'm sorry, I don't. I left them behind in the theme park's Pokécenter. Which is rather clever of Giovanni to have added," he mused idly to himself, thinking about it.

Ash heard, nodding in agreement. "Yeah! He's really smart though, so I'm not surprised. Most of my pokémon are there too. Except Pikachu," she scratched her beloved starter under his chin.

Pikachu sounded his happiness, eyes closing contentedly. After, Pikachu tossed a relaxed grin at Lance. He laughed and reached over, patting Pikachu's head.

"He's a loyal sweetheart. Aren't you, Pikachu?"

"Pika Pi!"

Ash began shooting all sorts of questions about his pokémon and dragon pokémon in general at him, and he fervently answered and talked about them.

"You're really passionate about dragon pokémon, aren't you?" Ash asked him, sharing in his enthusiasm.

"Yes! I could even say I'm a…Dragon Master," he mentally pinched himself. No more clues, no more clues, no more clues –Damn it all, if he wasn't careful, he was going to end up blurting out who he was.

"Wow! You must be a really strong trainer," she said, impressed.

"Haha, I guess," he said sheepishly. His Pokégear buzzed and he inwardly cursed. Damn those guys –interrupting his time with Ash! He was having such a good time and talk with her. Discreetly checking it, he continued to grumble in his head as he saw the time, and realized he'd only had twenty minutes with her.

He looked up at her and smiled apologetically. "Sorry, but I think I'm needed elsewhere. Looks like I've got to go now. Enjoy the ride for me?"

"Sure thing, Lancelot!" he winced at his "name." "It was nice to meet you. Hopefully, since you know Giovanni, we'll get to meet again," she told him shyly.

He gave her a hopeful smile before he reluctantly got up and left her behind. And then Ash was by herself again. Well, she had Pikachu at least.

"Eh, we've got ten more minutes," Ash shrugged, addressing Pikachu. "How should we pass the time?"

"How about Electric Tag?"

Ash's head shot up so fast, she was surprised it didn't come right off her neck. But then what she saw confirmed her suspicions, and anything else went right out of the metaphorical window as she jumped up and squealed, running towards Lt. Surge with a burst of energy that rocketed her quickly his way. Pikachu raced after her, just as excited to see the electric trainer.


She jumped onto him and he caught her easily, and Pikachu scrambled up his leg, sniffing around his pokéballs and picking out a certain one. With a tap of his paw, Lt. Surge's Raichu came out of the pokéball and the two greeted each other just as loudly and enthusiastically as their humans.

"Well, those two are certainly happy to see each other again," Lt. Surge noted in amusement and Ash giggled.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, going back to his presence being a surprise.

He smirked at her. "I dunno. Vacation?" he answered her smartly, and she rolled her eyes at his smart aleck response. "But seriously, I heard you were found after the St. Anne sunk, and that you were doing okay, but I wanted to see for myself. I found out where you were going to through luck actually –Vermillion City's Nurse Joy somehow knew you were coming here, so I settled up some things and headed over so I could see you. You should've called me, you know! I was actually worried."

Ash wondered how Vermillion Nurse Joy knew that.

She gave him a sheepish grin. "Sorry, I forgot I had your number. After I woke up in the hospital, I was all out of it and then afterwards, there were just all sorts of things happening and distracting me. I'll tell you all about it, although maybe a little later. The ride operator's back!" she pointed over his shoulder, and he looked to where she was pointing. "That means the rollercoaster ride is back on! We got to hurry before the line gets huge and we have to wait in line for a long time!" Eheh, she ended up saying it like he was going to go on it for sure, with her. She should probably ask him first…

Lt. Surge gave her an answering shark-ish grin. "I got ya. I totally want to ride this monster. Giovanni sure knew what he was doing when he built this place."

He hiked her legs around his waist tighter and tightened his arms around her. "Alright, hold on tight! Let's beat the crowd."

She tightened her arms around his neck just in time for him to start running towards the ride's entrance, rushing passed the other people heading over. Luckily, Raichu and Pikachu had latched onto him beforehand.

But gosh, he was fast.

In fact, he'd managed to outrun everyone and had them first in line. Ash couldn't believe it, but then again, with how fast he had been running, she knew there was no way they were going to end up at the back of the line, or even in the middle.

"High five!" he held up his hand and she slapped it, both of them grinning in delight and eagerness. "See, no one understands adrenaline junkies like us."

Ash bobbed her head. "Uh huh. We're not crazy. Thrills are just fun!"



They laughed at their pokémon, who had no problems voicing their loud agreements for everyone to hear.

After a few seconds of waiting, everything was in working order and the ride operator was beginning to let in people to find seats on the ride. She and Lt. Surge snagged seats in the very first row, sitting down right next to each other and had their respective electric mouse snugly fitted against their front, with the seat belts snapped on top and then the whole body rubber barrier was pulled down over them. It wasn't long until the ride was filled up and beginning to start. Her companion reached and grabbed her hand, and she only had time to blush and look over to see he was looking forward excitedly, before they were starting to go up and get ready for the first drop.

Her focus was on screaming then.

Throughout the entire rapid thrill ride, he never let go of her hand. Her blush never let up either.

It was also rather cute when she noted that both Pikachu and Raichu had been holding hands too, and she wished she'd been able to take a picture of those two.

Several times through the ride, she and Lt. Surge had looked at each other with large, silly grins on their faces, with both of them thoroughly enjoying the ride. And when it was over, they were both disappointed, with Lt. Surge a little more so since he'd had to stop holding her hand.

When they began walking out of the area of the ride, there was a set up where apparently they had taken photos of the riders while they were on the rollercoaster, and Ash eagerly searched out theirs. When she found it, her face quickly went back to being red. The photo was of one of the times they'd been looking at each other, though their faces had been leaning in rather close and her face was flushed. At least, she actually did get a photo of Raichu and Pikachu holding hands, all paws up in the air as the pokémon cheered on the ride.

"So, uh, you want to buy it?"

She blinked and looked up at him, and she was surprised to see him looking rather unlike his usual confident, practically cocky, self, with a light blush on his face and a hand rubbing the back of his head as he looked away from her.

"C-can we?" she asked shyly.

He cleared his throat, still not looking at her. "…Sure."

He ended up buying the whole package.

As they left there, Ash fiddled with her new keychain and kept tossing him glances. He was content to watch the floor. Their pokémon were busy playing around in front of them, racing forwards and continually tagging each other.

"You want a ride?"

She looked at him in surprise, and was even more so when he explained further what he meant. She didn't know what compelled her to accept, but suddenly she was having a fantastic view of the park around them as she rode atop his shoulders.

"You are tall," she told him in awe, as she swept her gaze all over the place.

"Hm, really? I didn't think 6'4" was all that tall."

Compared to her? Hell yeah that was.

Although, she was sure that Giovanni was 6'2"…

Why was she surrounded by giants?!

But then Ash's phone buzzed and she looked to see a message from Giovanni saying he was finally done and would head over to the restaurant so they could have dinner. A wide grin grew on her face and she directed her human ride over to the pre-planned destination, jokingly tugging at his hair to steer.

She was caught off guard when Lt. Surge stopped suddenly and looked up at her, and she bent slightly to look back at him in confusion.

"I…" he started off hesitantly. "I'm sorry."

Her confusion upped. "What for?"

He grimaced. "I should have never given you those tickets. If I hadn't, you wouldn't have ever gotten stuck in the St. Anne and in that whole mess. I'm so sorry, Ash. It's all my fault you had to be there."

Ash gave him a tender look, having not realized he'd blamed himself for all of that.

"Don't be silly," she tugged at his blond hair. "You didn't know any of that would happen and beforehand, I really enjoyed myself and had lots of fun. Don't feel guilty –I really, really wanted to go. And despite what happened in the end, I was really glad that I did get to go."

He still looked unsure, but she gave him a gentle smile and he gave in for now.

Still, he sighed to himself and wondered how Remy was doing. The truth was, he'd handed the gym over to one of his subordinates to take care of for now, while he decided he'd go on with Ash on her travels. That little scare on the St. Anne with her had been an eye-opener, and he wasn't eager to repeat the experience.

At least challengers would have an easier time winning badges off of the gym for the moment, while he was gone.

Giovanni rubbed his temples as he finally finished the last of his business plans, feeling thoroughly exhausted. Glancing at the time, he scowled terribly and tried to console himself with the hope that Ash enjoyed herself. Hopefully.

On the way to the restaurant, where he'd planned to meet Ash, he collected two wayward trainers who he had no idea had managed to get stuck on an elevator that was broken down –and even was warned to be broken down with a sign outside of it. He just gave a confused look to a disgruntled Misty and a depressed Brock, before brushing it off and going on his way, letting them silently tag along.

Now at the restaurant, a nice outdoor setting, he waited and wondered what was taking so long. But when he finally saw her, he was taken aback (and oddly a little unhappy) at seeing her riding atop some man's shoulders, though it was someone definitely familiar to him.

He and Lt. Surge traded confused and wary looks, as the blond gym leader helped Ash down from his shoulders.

"Giovanni! Look who I met at the rollercoaster ride! Lucien was there and we went on it together," Ash excitedly told him, walking quickly over to him as she grabbed Lt. Surge's hand and dragged him after her.


Lt. Surge was also a little shocked and unsure how to take how familiar and well acquainted Ash seemed with the most renowned and also well-noted as the most taciturn of all the gym leaders in Kanto (and as was agreed, probably in all the regions). Cold, reserved Giovanni had a soft spot for little girls, did he? He narrowed his eyes at the other, who was quick to note the action.

Giovanni merely gave a cool gaze back, as befitted the aloof gym leader.

Misty had the hugest urge to grab some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show, darting her eyes back and forth between the two large males facing off. Brock inwardly huffed and wanted to get between the two and declare his own "claim" on Ash, when literal sparks began flying between the two men's cooled gazes, and he deflated and mentally backed down, acting like a puppy retreating with his tail between his legs. There was no way he was getting in between those two –those two were dangerous and scary.

Ash hadn't noticed their stare-off at all, too busy wondering about how Nastina's collection of male employees having found their way there and found them, and currently enjoying their continued pampered treatment.

Giovanni reluctantly broke his stare off first, if only because he wanted to check on Ash since he'd gone off and engaged in a mental war with this new opponent, only to lose control of his reaction (so unlike him) as he saw the group of men he quite clearly remembered leaving behind on Aopulco.

"What the –"

"Here you go, Miss Ash," one of them came forward, holding a tray with a pink drink that had a slice of lemon inserted onto the edge of the top of the glass and a small umbrella put in the drink. He gave a sparkling smile as he held out the tray and Ash curiously took it.

"That better not be alcoholic," Giovanni growled, forgetting about Lt. Surge and stomping over to there. Lt. Surge followed anyway, also frowning at these weirdoes and eying the drink warily.

"Mm, it's sweet! I really like it!" Ash exclaimed, pleased while being surprised.

Lt. Surge snatched the drink from her and took a small sip. "Keh, there's a tinge of alcohol in there, but not too much. It's not too bad."

They still glared at the guys, who all collectively smiled innocently back, sparkling background included behind them. Ash stole back her drink, savoring it as she awaited the waiter coming towards them cautiously, sensing a tense atmosphere and seeing the group he had to serve.

Orders were given and then they were seated completely at the table where Ash had been at, the air still stressed and thick with tension. Every once and awhile, when Giovanni and Lt. Surge weren't glaring at each other, they glanced suspiciously at the pink drink and watched Ash carefully. She seemed fine though…

They somehow missed the pokémon that were still there with the group having their own little food stand and congregating together.

"Rai Rai! Raichu!" Raichu was exclaiming loudly, holding up her drink and shaking it at Giovanni's Golem. Orange liquid splashed around violently, spilling slightly out of the glass.

"Pika…" Pikachu held up his paws and tried to calm Raichu down.

Sparks flew from Raichu's cheeks when Golem scoffed at it. "Golem!"

The humans as one leaned either backwards or craned around their table to see the pokémon, finally noticing the group.

"…Where did that food stand come from?!" Misty gaped.

"Never mind that! How's that Slowbro cooking?" Brock gawked at it.

Ash tilted her head. "Wonder what they're saying…Raichu and Golem look angry and about to fight."

Immediately, the pokémon straightened up and gave her smiles (that sometimes twitched) as they crowded together and gave half-hugs to each other and laughed nervously.

"I guess not," Ash said then, deciding not to focus on it.

The humans' focus not on them anymore, Golem and Raichu pushed away from each other from their fake half-hug, and went back to glaring. While the humans couldn't understand them, they could understand each other in their language perfectly.

"I tell you, Luc is so much better for Ash!" Raichu growled.

"Blind," Golem rolled his eyes. "It's obvious Master Giovanni is more suited to the girl. She's a delicate flower. Your owner is a brute."

Raichu almost tossed herself at the other pokémon, when Pikachu stepped in between them and was holding up his paws again to placate the other pokémon.

"Now, now –why don't we all get along and just eat?"

"Pikachu!" Raichu turned to him. "She's your mistress! Who do you think she should be with?"

Pikachu immediately turned to Slowbro, holding up a finger as he sweated a lot. "One more tonkatsu please!" he avoided the question.

"Psh, Giovanni is a cold and distant guy," Raichu started talking again. "He wouldn't know how to be affectionate with Ash."

All of Giovanni's pokémon scrunched together and loomed threateningly over Raichu, who didn't look scared at all and bared her teeth daringly back. Pikachu started sweating even more, though he thought Raichu was rather brave for standing up to all of Giovanni's large and scary pokémon all at once. And cute –definitely cute.

Meanwhile, at a nearby table, Jessie and James were poking at Meowth and trying to get him to tell them what the pokémon were saying. Meowth was sweatdropping.

"Eh…they're arguing about who should be with the twerp," he muttered in disbelief.

They also looked to their boss, who was still facing off with Lt. Surge.

"Poor boss," Jessie sighed. "Competition just strolled into town."

James pouted. "Would it be okay if I get considered to be with Ash too? Hey, maybe I can send over Koffing and Magikarp to argue with the other pokémon on my behalf."

Jessie slammed her knuckles into his head, while Meowth scratched his face.

"Idiot! Don't cause more drama, especially for the boss!" Jessie's eye twitched.

"Yeah! Who do you think you are, trying to go up against the boss! Don't go trying to pick a fight with Giovanni!" Meowth said after her.

James cried and sniffled, continuing to pout.

"You guys are so mean!"

"May! I brought some food so we can eat dinner tonight, instead of me cooking," Norman called out as he entered his home.

Hearing no answer, he frowned and left the food containers on the kitchen table as he looked for his daughter. Seeing nothing on the ground floor, he went up and looked for her in her room, only to find it empty as well. Slightly uneasy now, he searched through the entire house and then started frantically trying to contact her on her PokéNav, with her ignoring him.

He cursed and began panicking about the situation, wondering where in the world his daughter had run off to. He looked around the living room, still continuing to try to contact her, when he caught sight of a small piece of paper on the coffee table. He stopped calling on his PokéNav and just held it, while he looked at the paper.

Norman grew a headache as he realized, from the sound of her short letter, that May had run off to go looking for that pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum. In full blown panic now, he grabbed a bunch of his clothes and tossed them into a bag, and left a brief note for Caroline to tell her where he and May had gone and what was going on.

Then he was rushing out the door, and ironically realized that somehow he was reluctantly going on yet another pokémon journey.

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