Oww! What did I do? What now?

I don't what it was! Or why or even how

What ever it was I assure you

I didn't do it!

A punch to my stomach…

My rib broke!...oh screw it!

Whatever it was

I hope it was good

'Cause this takes me back

To my days in the hood

"Mindy" Lord Daryl says

"You lazy bum

Get off your but

Before you end up like your mum"

"Oh yeah that's right"

I exclaim with all my might

"You're a b*****

I hope you know that

One day this will be switched

You can only beat me in combat"

He pulls me from the ground

And holds me tight

He bites into my shoulder

But some things not right

I try not to give him

The satisfaction of my pain

But I scream I and I moan

For he is driving me in sane

He releases me

To bite in again I fear

But I see that Jeshickah

Has grabbed him by the ear

"No more of that

My dear old friend

I do not want

This girl's life to end

She is very dear to my heart"

Jeshickah whispers in Daryl's ear

"Then I'll use my best art

I'll bond her to my self

Right now and right here"

"I want her bonded

Daryl, but only to me…

And I intend to do it

In my own safety

So I'm whisked away

By Jeshickah's mind

To midnight,

To be with my own kind

"Mindy, you will be

My very best friend

From now

Until times end!"

She bites me

And that's all I remember

Daryl and Jeshickah killed Mindy,

But now I'm Ember