Twilight FanFiction

(AU: I own nothing! This is my first, so be nice. It gets better)

Bella POV

After Edw…he left. I was dead. Charlie wanted me to go back to Florida, but I couldn't. I couldn't leave Forks. I replied to people when they spoke directly to me. I tried my hardest not to show anybody my pain. Every night I would break down crying. I would have to hold myself together, literally. 8 months later, I semi-snapped out of it. I sat with my friends at lunch. Eventually, Mike asked me out. I accepted. I had a nice time. Not as great as the time I spent with…..him….but closer than nothing. I grew up and married Mike. I was half happy. I never forgot….him. A year later, I had my beautiful twin girls, Ali and Eliza. They were my life.

"Momma," Ali asked me, "where is Daddy?"

"At work." I replied.

The twins just turned 3.

"I'm home!" Mike replied. I stood up from the sofa and went to see him, the girls ran over to him. He scooped them up.

"Daddy!" both girls screamed. I smiled.

"How was your day?" I asked him.

"Slow." He answered then kissed me on the cheek. "What's for dinner? I'm starved!"

"I made chicken sandwiches and fries. For dessert, I picked up some ice cream."

"Great! Let's go eat!"

"Alright then." I sighed. Mike was too hungry to notice.

I made 4 plates and set them on the table. I went to go pour the milk.

"Momma," started Eliza, "can we have chocolate milk?" She asked like she was confessing murder. I laughed.

"Sure." I giggled one last time.

"YAY!" Both girls screamed. I smiled, so did Mike. It was so easy to please them. I put the chocolate in the milk and stirred. I looked out the window, into the green forest behind the house. I saw something move, a human-like figure met my gaze.