And we live in a beautiful world,

Yeah we do, yeah we do,

We live in a beautiful world.

Draco loved the outdoors – sure, the Malfoy Manor was grand, and in it's own unique way…pretty. But the outdoors was unpredictable, yet always beautiful. Draco Malfoy believed Mother Nature had created this earth to always be stunning. Even whilst so many people hated the rain, Draco found the breathtaking way of how each individual drop would splat against the leaves; how each drop would teasingly poke you in the eye every once in a while; how the drops would catch onto his eyelashes. And then there was the rainbow – the gorgeous rainbow that shone every colour in the spectrum that would linger for a while - and every once in a while, it was one that liked to shine brighter and longer than the rest.

Yes, Draco did have an eye for nature. And it wasn't just the specific weathers, it was everything; animals, flowers, grass, trees.

Of course, his father, Lucius wasn't all too pleased when Draco decided to tell him of his love, one day. Draco wasn't too old at the time, maybe five or six, when he told his father, but his father punished him heavily. He used a few curses that left him under his mother's care for a few days. Lucius was strongly against nature, and forbid Draco to tell anyone else of his love – or pay the consequences. He said to the young Draco that he should not ruin his father's reputation by acting 'weak' and 'poncy'.

So it was for that reason that Draco pretended not to appreciate the wonders of the outdoors, even at Hogwarts, where his father could not punish him, although, one some nights, Draco researched about animagus'. And one day, in his fifth year, he finally turned into one. He wasn't registered – of course he wasn't, what would his father say? Or even worse, what would his father force him to do with his form? He'd turned into a cat. Well, more of a kitten; a white kitten, with big blue eyes. He'd just about kept his light hair and his blue eyes, so he wasn't too surprised with his transformation. Although, he was a little disappointed at first – he'd thought that maybe he'd turn into something bigger, something more prominent. Although, after evaluating it, the small kitten seemed to suit Draco's personality – well, behind the façade – well. He preferred to be small and unseen, although if he was to be seen, he wouldn't want to be any ordinary animal, he would want to stand out. He was quiet, and preferred to sit and see things from an uninvolved view.

His animagus form later came into use when he fought against the Death Eaters – for months he would eavesdrop, from a windowsill, underneath a box, so obviously there, but yet unseen. The amount of plots he'd uncovered in his kitten form…well. He'd lost count after a while.

But it was in his animagus form he felt most free. He could wander through tall grass, unnoticed, not judged for Draco Malfoy, but an innocent kitten. Not judged as the nature lover. No whispers behind his back about everything he did. But, of course, Draco could never spend all of his time in his Kitten form. He had too many real friends now, he had more of a reason to stay human now than when he was in Hogwarts. He supposed he would be happy be stay in his kitten form if all of his friends also had animagus forms, so he could share it with them, but they didn't. Well, one did. Hardly surprising who it was really, since it was hard to best the male at anything. But Harry Potter also had an animagus form. Apparently he'd acquired his not long after Draco did. But when Draco did find out about Potter having an animagus form; a Golden Retriever, he felt a bit put out, Potter being the stronger animal. However, Potter's form was similar to Draco's. He was a puppy. An adorable puppy, too – even though Draco hated to admit this.

He had many times that he had to work with Potter in his form during the war, and during those times it was inevitable that they bonded. He and Potter soon became good friends, more so as Granger and Weasley started to become inseparable. Those years were fun, he had to admit, most of them were just him and Potter running around together as kitten and puppy, oblivious to the war in those forms. Of course, they couldn't ignore everything at some points, like when their friends died.

After the Final Battle, Draco wondered whether or not Harry would be bothered with him anymore, but all of his wonders were put to rest when Harry appeared at his house the day Draco got released from St Mungos. They had also both applied for jobs at the ministry, in the Auror department, along with Weasley. However, Draco and Harry ended up as partners. Which could be counted as both a good and bad thing for Draco – It wasn't that he did not like Harry. In fact, it was far from that. Draco liked Harry, way too much, and not in the friendly way. And, of course, Potter was completely oblivious, and completely straight. So it depressed Draco that he had to see Harry every day of the week, knowing that he would never have him.

Of course, it was no ordinary crush – how could it be, after all? It was Harry Potter, of all people. Draco had liked Harry for two years now.

And as Draco entered the office himself and Potter had shared for well over a year, he sighed to himself.


"Good morning, Harry. How are you on this fine, fine day?"

Harry didn't even have to swivel in his chair to see who it was. "Morning, Draco," He replied on a duller note. "Stop being so cheerful and I might be able to sulk in peace." Harry leant his head in his hands, tiredly. He and Ginny had another argument last night, and Harry had just spent the entire night sleeping on the sofa, and now his neck was stiff. He was tempted to go round to Draco's after the argument, but it was too late, and he didn't like to intrude on people when it was late.

Harry felt warm hands clasp on his shoulders softly. "What happened?" Draco asked him.

"Well, I just spent the night on the sofa again…" And then the heavenly hands started to work on the knots in his shoulders, which made it very hard to concentrate.

"Another argument?" Draco asked sympathetically.

"Mmm," He replied, never wanting the heavenly hands to stop their magic. "I never knew you could massage, Draco."

Draco's warm voice whispered in his ear, "There are a lot of things you don't know about me, Potter." Harry shivered.

Harry stood up and went over to their coffee machine. "I don't know about you and your heavenly hands Draco, but I could really do with a coffee. Want one?"

"Please." Draco followed him and leant against the side for a few moments. "Why did you sleep on the sofa, anyway? Are you suddenly allergic to me? My place not good enough for you?"

"No. It was late…and I didn't want to disturb you. It's rude."

Draco got a little closer and Harry felt little butterflies dance in his stomach. "You know my place is always open for you to stay in, Harry. No matter what time. Always has been and always will." Draco gained a little sparkle in his eyes. "Unless you decide to beat me in a race, cat and puppy, fair and square."

Harry laughed, then remembered it had been a while since they had ran together. "Cat and puppy? Pft. More like, Dog and kitten. Besides, you know I've only ever let you win those races, you could never win by yourself."

"Oh yeah? I'll have you on later. Loser buys Firewhiskey later."

Harry grinned. He knew he was going to lose to Draco anyway; he was speedy for a tiny kitten. He was actually supposed to talk to Ginny after work, but she could wait for a few hours. "Sure, why not. But anyway, about that Ben Goule case…"


Draco waited by the tree, grinning smugly. Or, he would be, had he been in human form. Harry prodded along, tripping over nonexistent things on the way to Draco. When Harry walked on a crisp packet, slipped and ended up face-first in the mud, it was as much as Draco could take. He rolled on his back, and wiggled as his laughs came out as a few amused meows. Eventually, the clumsy puppy made his way back up and glared through narrowed eyes at Draco. Draco sat up, daring Harry to make his move. But, surprising Draco, Harry did not leap on the kitten.

Instead, he pawed his way back over to the mud, and put his front two paws in tentatively. Draco saw what was coming a moment too late – Draco may be the more agile on his paws than Harry was, and Draco may be faster, but Harry had the best leaps and the most powerful leaps. And Harry leaped on Draco, and rubbed his dirt-covered paws all over Draco's…clean fur. When Harry got back up, staring wide puppy eyes that Draco could barely ever refuse, Draco raised a paw and few that his body was no longer his beautiful white. He looked like a scruff, nothing more than a wild cat who could not look after its' fur. Draco wasn't going to take that.

Now being the one to look at the puppy with narrowed eyes, Harry had the decency to whimper and start to run off.

'Yeah, you best run, you mangy mutt,' Draco thought.

Draco soon caught up with the stumbling Harry, and Draco soon came up with a plan. Draco lingered back a little, giving the impression that Harry was in the lead.

And as soon as Harry got close enough to the river, Draco ran faster, and run straight into the back of Harry, at full force. Draco watched in amusement as the dog went half flying, half stumbling into the river. And then there was a thundering splash, and Harry was in the river, facing Draco, paddling in the shallow waters, looking very wet.

And that was all that it took, once more. Draco was rolling on the floor in his weird cat hysterics, laughing at the look on the puppy's face. It was a classic.

Before Harry would get ideas, Draco looked around for muggles. Seeing an all-clear, he transformed into his human form and chuckled at the still helpless puppy. Feeling sympathy for Harry, not being able to get back onto the land, he summoned a towel and picked up the mini Golden Retriever out of the water, and cradled the puppy a little.

Draco thought it was a little sad how he wondered if this was the most intimate he would ever get with Potter. This thought made him put Harry down, still inside the towel. He was thoughtful once more when he caught Harry, looking up from his puppy form on the towel, playing the puppy eyes – and what wonderful eyes they were. Just like his human eyes, emerald gems. If any muggle ever saw eyes like those they would surely realise Harry was no ordinary dog. They would see his big emerald gems that told every secret to his soul. But the sad thing was, nobody really paid enough attention to Harry's eyes…well Harry's anything. It was just Draco.

Nobody knew when Harry would get this little crease above his eyebrow, it meant he was angry but he was keeping it from everyone else. Nobody knew that when he sat there and glanced around the room quickly every so often, he was anxious, he was waiting for something. All of the knowledge he picked up about Harry didn't make him feel special – to be honest, it just made him feel like a bit of a stalker.

Draco looked down at the grass, as he didn't want to meet Harry's lovely, shiny eyes; but he was only met with more bright green. He growled. Was everything going to remind him of Harry?

Draco should have quit his job long ago. His thing with Harry was starting to become an obsession – an unhealthy one.

Draco had never realized it but Harry had transformed back into his human form, and was currently shaking Draco out of his trance, his emerald eyes conveying worry.

"Draco? Are you okay? Do you need to sit down or anything?"

Draco shook his head no, not really sure if he was answering one or both. After all, there's nothing you can do with an unhealthy obsession. "No. I'll be okay…How about if we go get those drinks you owe us? I could do with a good drink."

Harry chuckled. "Now I know you're okay," he said, grabbing Draco's arm and apparating to The Three Broomsticks.