James Wilson settled into his big leather chair with a sigh. Today had not been a good day. The mayor, Lisa Cuddy, had been hard on his ass, telling him that he could do more for the city. Everyone was so ungrateful, always needing more. It was times like these that he wanted to just quit but he always kept coming up with reasons to stay in the superhero business. Besides, he liked being needed.

He sighed again and pulled out a cigarette. He knew he shouldn't smoke but he reasoned that he deserved it.

After a satisfying drag, he reflected on the past week. Not too bad actually. No major disasters and he still had the whole city adoring him. Really, he had cool superpowers, who was he to complain?

James put out his cigarette passive aggressively. Sometimes, his rationalizations could get really annoying.


James had had his powers for years now. He couldn't remember how he got them, but surely something must have happened. All he can remember is waking up one day feeling that something was significantly different.

The first time he had saved someone, it was an accident. He didn't go looking for someone to save.

He had walked past a dark alley and was hit by some hidden need for power and control and the desire to harm the next person who was unlucky enough to walk past. James looked around and saw it was some thin, nervous looking man still quite a ways away. James knew he had to do something. What he needed was somebody who seemed more vulnerable but could kick ass.

Suddenly, he felt a tingling all over his body. When he looked down he saw he was now at petite woman. Not stopping to be weirded out by this, he put his plan into action.

He walked forward with his eyes fixated on the ground. Like he expected, an arm reached out and grabbed him. He felt a knife against his throat and before James could stop to wonder what the hell he was doing, he lashed out with more force than he thought he had. The next few moments were just a blur but James ended up with his now stiletto clad foot against eh would be mugger's throat and the knife in his hand.

James dropped the knife and kicked it where the mugger couldn't reach. Not that he could anyway, seeing how he was passed out. Still, it was good to be safe. He reached into his purse which had appeared when he changed, and took out his phone.

Once he could hear the sirens, he decided he needed to get out of there. Who knew when he was going to turn back into a man? If he turned back. No, he mustn't think like that.

James poked his head out of the alley and looked around. No thin, nervous man in sight.

He sighed. He felt good for doing this but a little gratitude would have been nice. He took one last glance at the unconscious form, then hurried home.


As time passed, James learned more about his powers. He found he could always pick up on a person's needs and wants and that he could only shape shift when the situation called for it. He couldn't change his appearance for recreation.

He had another power too. He could rationalize anyone, himself included, out of, or into, anything. One of his most useful tools, but it had its downsides. Also, he somehow knew that if he came across someone strong willed enough, they would be able to move past his rationalizations. Thankfully, that has yet to happen.

A/N: What do you think? I was obviously inspired by this in The Greater Good:House(to Wilson)-"Thank you Rationalizationman, you have saved the village." Reviews would be lovely.