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Dr. Gregory House sat staring at the board, hoping to divine some answer just by will. He had the blueprints of the bank and the surrounding buildings up on the board and the notes on the shifts of the employees in front of him. If they did this right, it would be an excellent haul.

House didn't really care about he money. Well, he did, but not as much as actually figuring out how to get the money and get away with. Nothing was more satisfying than seeing an ingenious plan being put to work and succeeding.

House let out a frustrated sigh. He leaned back in his chair and stared at the ceiling. This was going to be difficult. He needed to get away from the puzzle for a while and come back later.

Giving up on counting the tiles above him, he let his thoughts wander.

House wondered, not for the first time, why he was a criminal. He had a medical degree for God's sake. He should be saving lives or something. True, he did before but he was long since fired. Which was fine. He could still solve a difficult problem without having to deal with annoying people. Plus, it was always good to have some kind of title when you were a villain.

Villain. Didn't really seem to suit him. He wasn't hurting anyone and he was only stealing from the rich. It wasn't like he was Robin Hood and giving to the poor. He only stole from the rich because they had more money. Stealing from poor people just wasn't the worth the effort.

He didn't really do anything, other than thinking of the master plan. He had lackey to carry out the deed. Still, coming up with a beautiful, flawless plan was incredibly difficult, not everyone could do it. It wasn't like he had superpowers. Unless a massive intellect counts. Although frankly, from all the idiots he came in contact with, it should be. But no, he wasn't a supervillain. Besides, superpowers and cripples didn't go together. Sort of oxymoronic.

Superpowers, those would be nice. Not really necessary, but they would be cool. He could outsmart that superpowered idiot like Rationalizationman. What a stupid name, and what stupid powers. It was really like Wilson's power had just got magnified.

Yes, he knew who Rationalizationman was. He didn't really known him all that well, just met him at a few medical conventions and saw him at his short time at the hospital. Through clues and what he knew of Wilson, he had figured out who it was. Not like he knew who House was. Nobody did.

Most people had heard of him, his reputation of a jackass, but no one knew what he did. Which was kind of the point, when you're a criminal. Rationalizationman probably didn't realize that most of the crimes were connected and were directed by him. That was fine with House. It's much easier to get away with things when no one heard of you.

House sat back up and looked at the notes again. He flipped through them until he got to the page he wanted.

House smiled an evil smile. This would be perfect.

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