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It was a nice day to be a member of the legendary council but for one of the legends specifically Raikou; the day could not be any better as he had managed to score two tickets to go see Seether live. He had asked Suicune to come with him and she had agreed but only because she had an abnormal love for Shaun Morgan who was the bands lead singer. As luck would have it Raikou had managed to get front row seats and back stage passes. Raikou had promised Suicune something special for their one-year anniversary as a couple.

Later that night as they got ready to go to the show Suicune asked Raikou what she could wear. " Whatever you want I guess" was Raikou's reply to her question.

Raikou decided to wear a red tank top with a lightning bolt in the middle of it and a pair of faded jeans with a studded leather belt and to finish it off a black leather jacket. Suicune on the other hand burst out of the bathroom dressed in a pair of tight faded hip hugger bellbottom jeans encrusted with jewels and sewing across the bottom that read "TOO HOTT" and apparently a white thong with a butterfly charm on it. She also wore an orange form fitting blouse that dipped into her cleavage line a little too much for Raikou's taste. The blouse read across the front " WHITE WIND" apparently from another concert she went to see. And to top it off a white designer jacket that sparkled. "What do you think of this Raikou?" Suicune asked her boyfriend. "Looks great!" replied the legend of thunder. With that set they went to see the concert.

When they arrived they found their spot near the front and waited for the arrival of the band. They only had to wait a few minutes until the band came out. First was John Humphrey who came out, waved to the crowd and sat down behind the drum set. Next was Troy who came out with his Schecter C-1 electric guitar in his hand. Then Dale walked out with his Spector brand bass guitar and last but not least their lead singer Shaun Morgan. Shaun looked out into the crowd and grabbed a guitar and began the opening chords of "GASOLINE" while screaming "GET THE FUCK UP!!" into the mic. Two hours later the band had preformed about every song they knew including "DRIVEN UNDER" "FINE AGAIN" "REMEDY" and last but not least a riveting version of Nirvana's "You Know Your Right".

After the show they got their autographs and strangely enough when Suicune seen Shaun she jumped on him and gave him a neck breaking hug which the lead singer accepted gratefully. As they drove home that night Suicune turned to Raikou and told him "that was the best gift ever!" to which Raikou replied "aww…it was nothing." They both slept well that night in each other's arms knowing that the next date would be just as fun…

Well my first attempt at a legendary pokemon fan fiction. Well that's that read and review.