Well, the Highbreed invasion had been called off, the Earth was saved, and Grandpa Max had come back. All in all, things had gone pretty well, Ben reflected.

Ben waved good-bye as Julie entered Ship, who was currently a galactic arsenal on two wings. He was going to taker her home, and Ben was glad, since he really didn't have the energy left to do so. He was wiped out. Saving the entire galaxy does that to a guy.

Ben turned and walked over to Azmuth, who was standing next to Prof. Paradox, who was about to take the diminutive genius home.

"Hey, Azmuth, can you switch the master control back on? That energy wave seems to have reset it." Ben asked the Galvan, who smiled playfully.

"Why, yes, it seems it has. Have fun figuring it out." Azmuth chortled as he and Paradox disappeared in a flash of blue light. Ben grinned and examined the Omnitrix, pressing the two buttons to activate the holographic display.

He frowned as he turned the dial, looking through the aliens. "Aww, man. I don't recognize any of these guys." Ben looked distraught for a moment, then grinned. "Oh well." And, with that eloquent statement, slammed down on the faceplate.

His muscles bulged under his skin and his bones expanded, growing larger and more durable, while his hands grew long claws. White hair covered his skin. His face contorted as a snout sprouted from his where his nose and mouth used to be, and he grew, until he was roughly nine feet tall. "AXECLAW!" Ben cried as the transformation was complete.

Ben looked down at his hands, which were now four-fingered, with long black claws. He used one to scratch behind one of his small, round ears, and said to himself. "Okay…what can this one do? Whoa…my voice is deep now." Ben said, and indeed it was.

He had become a hulking, nine-foot tall creature with short white hair and a snouted face. His eyes glowed red, and his trunk was clothed in a dark-blue suit of amour, with the Omnitrix symbol in the middle of the chest. In short, he resembled a huge, bipedal polar bear.

Ben looked up, and realized that everyone had left him behind. Not only that, but the DNAliens had managed to seal the exit before they were changed back. Ben walked forward, his clawed feet making loud footsteps as he ambled over to the wall. He stood before it and, at his current height, was almost able to see over it.

He needed to get passed the wall and, utilizing deductive reasoning befitting a true hero (or, more likely, a bout of common sense), guessed that a giant bear would be able to punch through a thin cinderblock wall made in the fifties. And, it turns out, he was correct. He burst through the wall, crumbling pieces of cement showering onto the desert he was facing.

Ben looked out over the desert, discovering he actually had very good night vision. The lights of Bellwood glimmered in the distance like a diamond that had fallen onto the desert from the sky. He groaned, as he saw that the city was a few hours walk away. There was a flash of green light as Ben transformed back into himself. He scrolled though his new lit of aliens, examining each one as it passed him by.

"C'mon, one of you guys has to be able to get me home."