It really does amaze me where story ideas come from. I cut my foot and was putting on a band aid, and this just popped into my head. How strange is that?

Disclaimer-Bah! I really don't enjoy having to do these. I mean, come one, if we owned anything we wouldn't be wasting our time writing!

"OW!" Booth yelled as he yanked his arm away from a worried Bones.

"Oh, God! Booth, I'm sorry! Here, let me see." Bones reached for her partner/boyfriend's arm, but he pulled away.

"Uh uh. You get those fingernails away from me!" He said playfully and looked down at the reddening scrape on his arm, "Look at that! Blood!" He cringed.

"Oh, come on Booth! It's hardly bleeding! And it's not like I meant to hurt you! Just let me see." She grabbed his arm too quickly for him to pull back this time. "Alright, come on." She led him to her bathroom where she patted a spot on the counter which he gladly sat on. It was perfect. He didn't care about a little scratch if she'd be the one fixing it. Heck, he wouldn't mind a concussion if she'd be taking care of him. Life was good. He grinned…until he saw the bottle she was holding.

"Ah! No, I hate that stuff Bones! Just stick a Band Aid on it and call it good, okay?" Booth twisted his torso to keep his injured arm away from the peroxide.

Bones laughed, "Ex-Army sniper, Special Agent Seeley Booth is afraid of peroxide?" She smiled at him, but continued to pour some of the liquid onto a cotton swab.

"Ugh! Stop that! I'm not afraid of the stuff, I just don't like what it leads to!" Bones quirked an eyebrow and he answered her unspoken question, "Pain, stinging, ouchiness!"

"Booth, first off 'ouchiness' is not a word. Second, you've been shot, blown up, burned, and tortured. I'm sure you can handle a little stinging." She reached out expectantly at his arm with the cotton swab.

Booth sighed. He wasn't winning this one. "Fine, but you have to kiss it better…" He batted his eyes and pouted his lips.

Bones giggled. He loved making her giggle. She was so cute when she did it and he hadn't even known she could giggle until after they had started dating. "Booth, that is the most ridiculous face I've ever seen." He stuck his bottom lip out more and she sighed. "Fine…"

He smiled and stuck out his arm. "Fix me up, Dr. Bones!"

Bones slowly patted the scratched with the swab, "Now you sound like Parker." She looked up at him and smiled before putting the Band Aid on the scratch.

He chuckled and she started cleaning up. She was heading for the door when he cleared his throat and held out his arm to her. "Kiss. Make better. Now."

She rolled her eyes, "Since you asked so nicely…" She leaned down slightly and placed a kiss on the spot, leaving a barely noticeable lipstick stain on it. "Now come one," She pecked at his lips and grabbed his hand. "We're going to be late for work."

Booth groaned and jumped off the counter, letting her lead him out the door. When they got there, however, she stopped and turned to face him. He noticed she was trying very hard to suppress laughter and scrunched his eyebrows.

"I should have known you're afraid of peroxide," She leaned her head on his shoulder and wrapped an arm around his waist before starting to walk again, "You're afraid of clowns, for God's sake!"

Okay, that was the most fun writing I can ever remember doing. I had so much fun with it! Tell me what you thought of it? I love constructive criticism!

Thanks for reading!