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Their last case had led them to yet another argument. They were both tired and cranky, but both refused to back down.

"I'm just saying Bones, he's your father. Of course you forgive him. You don't have to feel guilty about it." Booth took another bite of Thai.

"So… your saying that because he's my father, I should forgive him for murdering people? That seems a tad off, Booth." Bones sighed as she put her cup down on her desk.

Booth thought for a minute before he finally found a way to explain this in a way she'd understand. "Alright, Bones, member' that game we all played last weekend?" He waited for a response.

"Yes, Monopoly. What about it, Booth?" She looked at him expectantly and took a piece of food off his paper plate.

"Okay. He's your dad. He's family. So, think of it as a 'get out of jail free' card. Every member of a family gets one. Alright, Bones?" He looked at her and she seemed to consider it for a minute.

"Hey Sweetie, are you…" Angela stopped and took a few steps back as she got shot two very angry looking stares back at her. "Okay, I'm gonna go then." She laughed awkwardly, trying to lighten the mood of the situation.

"No, wait Ange. Almost done." Bones turned her gaze back to her partner and narrowed her eyes. "Does that include your father, Booth?"

Booth's expression turned from frustration to utter shock. He was speechless. Did she really just bring up his dad?

"What did his dad do, Sweetie? What's going on?" Angela looked at the pair nervously. She received a very stern 'one minute' sign from Brennan, but Booth just kept staring at his partner with his eyes wide and mouth slightly open.

He finally gathered his thoughts enough to respond with a soft and un-believing "What?" He looked Bones in the eyes.

"Do you forgive your father?" She asked innocently. Booth drew in a sharp breath.

"Alright, I'm seriously gonna go now, you guys. Bren, call me later, okay?" She turned to leave, but was stopped by Booth.

"No, Ange. We're finished." Booth turned back to the confused woman on the couch. "See you tomorrow, Bones." He snapped before grabbing his jacket and exiting the office, spilling what was left of the food onto her carpet.

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