Spuffy Poems

Just a little something I've written…and needed to get out of my system…there probably won't be anymore but I like them so here ya go

Sunlight to the Darkness

At night she comes to me

The stars gleaming in her hair

She thinks I do not notice

That she is never really there.

She was ripped out of peace

Out of comfort out of wholeness

So her purity is sacrificed

Just to get the pain to cease

She cannot she she's kidding

Just lying to herself

What she really needs is living light

Not the dark to do her bidding.

At night she comes to me

To abuse and be abused

Just to keep herself feeling

Just to keep herself amused.

She uses my love to amuse her

As she plays her hurtful games

Pain is better than the numbness

She says as if to reassure.

She wants what she cannot see

The calm before this storm

So every night to me she returns

To try and simply be.

At night she comes to me

Using the same exhausted excuse

Although really her heart is shattered

And she seeks cause for the abuse

She comes from the real light

To which no sunshine could compare

She craves my comfort in the darkness

She craves the stillness of the air.

At night she comes to me

Still in her daylight clothes

In my world she can no longer be

Her pain she finally shows.

At night it comes to me

That she lives in the sunlight

Yet comes alive in the darkness

In both worlds stands she.


He stands there

There in the darkness

Longing for the light

Longing for me.

He acts so tough

Tough man that's truly

Loving and kind

Loving to me.

He's always watching

Watching me live

Protecting the innocent

Protecting me.

He's saved my life

Life I didn't want

Fought off the monsters

Fought off me.

He's constantly helping

Helping me live

Abused by the world

Abused by me.

He wants me to love him

Him who loves me

Hiding his pain

Hiding from me.

He's gone to the ends of the world

World he's already seen

Soul for forgiveness

Soul for me.

He's sacrificed it all

All I could possibly need

Deserving the universe

Deserving more than me.

He's no longer here

Here by my side

He saved the world

And he truly saved me.