Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling is God of HP Universe. I am a subordinate. Marvel owns Marvel characters. Wow, that sounded awkward and bland.
Story: The Civil War continues. But before things could erupt in animosity, the world is dragged into a war worse –the War of Wizards. Harry Potter must find his place in the world and he might just find it with the Avengers.
Set after the fifth book and in the beginning of Marvel's Civil War comics.
Spoilers: Books1-6, CW1 definitely, Ultimate Avengers animated movie.
Warnings: Eh, I dunno right now.
Pairings: Tony Stark (Iron Man)/Harry Potter, Implied past Victor von Doom (Dr. Doom)/Harry Potter, Janet Pym (Wasp)/Hank Pym (Giant Man), Natalia Romanoff (Black Widow)/Steve Rogers (Captain America), Bruce Banner (the Hulk)/ Betty Ross, etc.

We are all like raindrops falling from the sky, eventually landing on this sandy star and drying up from the heat of the sun. Even if protected by a huge umbrella, we never know what tomorrow may bring. Someday we will be blown by the wind and absorbed into the sandy earth. –Trigun

Like Raindrops
Chapter One: Noir

It was hardly the time to bring in a kid. Nick Fury understood that he was important, but he couldn't quite understand why they had to be the ones to take care of one Harry James Potter.

The kid in front of him was hardly intimidating. Unruly jet black hair, china skin, jade eyes. A lightning scar in the middle of his forehead. He looked rather feminine.

"Ah, Nick…we should get going," his companion Natalia worriedly said.

He shook his head and gestured for Harry to follow them, heading towards a military-issued vehicle. No one talked the whole way back.

They entered the grounds of the Avengers' Mansion, seeing the sky above turning gray and the rumbling sounds of thunder following. Cringing at the prospect of rain, he looked towards his silent companion. Natalia had long ago abandoned him to get more sleep and he was left showing Harry where everything was and what was off limits.

The kid looked forlorn…

Nick cleared his throat, "Hey, I never introduced myself. My name's Nick Fury."

Harry looked at him blankly before offering a small smile, "My name's Harry, but you already knew that. There's nothing wrong with an actual introduction though."

"Can't cook worth a damn, but you want to go out to eat?" A loud clap of thunder followed the sentence.

"I can cook," Harry offered.

Nick grinned, "We finally have a cook in the house."

Harry looked down, hiding a grin, and the both of them started to walk back down to the kitchen.

Surprisingly enough, Nick had one damn fine meal for dinner. He suppose if the kid behaved himself like now then they could handle having another tenant in the mansion. If everyone else can keep their mouths shut about being superheroes and the kid didn't pry, everything should be alright…

Besides, no one in that damn place could cook worth a damn. That, in Nick's book, made Harry more important than anyone in the mansion.

"Which one was my room again?" Harry asked sheepishly.

"Ah, the West Wing. You can choose any room from there."

Harry nodded, smiled, and then excused himself. Nick frowned. That smile seemed a little fake, his eyes a little too sad. Maybe he should look into Harry's background.

The government was definitely not providing any answers.

"Since when did we have home cook meals?" Natalia's voice cut into his thoughts.

"Since our new tenant arrived. Try the breaded fish, it's really good."

The red-head yawned, "It's tilapia."


"The fish," she answered him as she piled two of them onto a plate and then put some rice next to them.

"So…who cleaned?" she asked.

"Oh, I didn't notice him cleaning everything…"

She looked over to him, pausing her movements, "Him?"


"Careful now, we're here to watch over him. Not make him a slave," she teased.

"He offered to cook," Nick grumbled as an excuse.

She laughed.

"Alright kiddies, just to inform you, we have a guest. I don't want any mouths running about saving the world and whatnot. Don't mess with the kid; treat him as if he were the President of the United States. We're charged with his care, and the government seems to acknowledge his importance. Everyone got that?"

"But why do we have to be the ones taking the kid in?" Hank drawled.

"Because," Nick snapped at him, "It's our orders and we don't question them. Besides, right now, he's more important to me than any of you."

Natalia snickered at her place and everyone stared in confusion at what Nick was talking about.

"What's so important about him that he's considered more important than us?" Hank continued to prod.

"He can cook. None of you can, so none of y'all really need to be in this house," Nick answered smugly.

"I vote to kick either Tony or Steve out of the house," Hank said immediately.

The millionaire and the soldier rolled their eyes.

"Can he cook good?" Tony asked.

"Oh yeah, you all were too busy sleeping to come down when we all asked you to. I mean, all that food…After he cooked it for us, Natalia and I ate up a nice home cook meal…Ah, a shame all of you were so tired," Nick said in a mocking sorrowful voice.

The door to the living room crept open and they stopped talking. Jet hair appeared before Harry's entire body came through. He looked sheepish and was rubbing the back of his head nervously.

"Um, sorry to interrupt, but is it okay if I use your phone to call home?" he mumbled.

"Sure, Ha –" Nick began.

"Hey, can ya cook again?" Hank cut in.

"Hank!" his wife glared at him.

"Um…okay. Sure," Harry continued to mumble.

Nick, Natalia and Janet glared at Hank as everyone else grinned. They all migrated to the kitchen and Harry began cooking as everyone else watched him. He coughed nervously in his head, feeling their eyes boring into his back as he began frying some eggs and bacon.

"So, Harry, you sound British," Steve started out, the first to try to make some small talk right then.

Harry's face turned red at all the attention, and he focused everything on the food in front of him.

"Yeah, I live with my aunt and uncle and their son in the London suburbs," he quietly added.

"Really? What happened to your parents?" Janet continued the conversation.

"They're dead," Harry said tonelessly.

"Oh…your aunt and uncle are amazing for taking you in," she tried instead.

"Yeah. They're…great," Harry finished off lamely.

An awkward silence followed and Harry turned off the stove, taking the food and placing them on plates. Putting the food on the table, he set up the plates and the utensils before turning back to the mess he made and began cleaning it up.

"You don't have to do that, Harry," Natalia tried to stop him.

"It's okay. You guys can go ahead and eat."

The food was delicious, but they felt strange leaving Harry out and letting him clean up after he just cooked breakfast for them. Steve stopped eating, grabbing another plate and piling food onto it. He put it on the empty space between him and Tony before going over to Harry and hauling him to the seat.

"I'm not finish yet," Harry protested weakly.

"Eat," everyone else ordered in unison as they began eating.

Harry blinked in surprise before shrugging and starting on his own plate.

"Hey, this is good! Who do you cook for?" Hank said with his mouth full of food.

Harry stared before deciding to answer, "My aunt and uncle and their son. That's all."

"Well, they're really lucky. This taste good, having been cooked by…hey, how old are you?" Steve commented.

"Um, fifteen. I was wondering what we're supposed to do today? Should I just help around the house or something? I could clean or something…"

"Oh, it's fine, Harry. How about you go and have fun…um…what do we have here?" Betty asked the others.

"I dunno. Hey, how about I teach him how to fly the plane?" Nick suggested.




Betty and Janet questioned as Harry stayed quiet in surprise. The others stayed quiet as well, not knowing how to respond. It was rather reasonable. But it was their plane and any evidence of their jobs as superheroes could expose them if left in there. And Harry was still young, not all of them sure he could handle learning how to fly it.

"That sounds brilliant. I mean…uh…well, I like the idea," Harry said weakly.

"I'm sure it would be a good idea. But it'll have to be really monitored. Though, I'm sure Harry would be careful," Natalia put in.

"But Harry, you need to know the plane's government property. Anything in there we must keep quiet about. We don't want to test the higher ups. I'm sure they have things in there that are top secret. We're not quite informed, but we're at least able to borrow some stuff." Nick informed him, making up a story close to truths.

"Okay. I'll keep secrets," Harry smiled, unaware of how close he was to what they were thinking.

"That's settled, why don't we go on ahead?" Nick suggested.

"We should all go," Tony smoothly replied, thinking they could distract Harry if one of them had left something there.

"Then let's go," Hank cheerily said, warmed up to the newcomer already.

"Alright, everything's been explained. You've learned the controls and practiced starting, I think we're ready," Nick announced.

Harry grinned and quickly started the engines, moving the plane off the runway. Before Nick could instruct how to fly up, Harry had already moved through the notions and was flying smoothly through the air.

"Looks like we have a natural," Nick said sarcastically, his heart pounding from the slight scare and surprise.

"Sorry, I've kind of always had an affinity in the air," Harry said offhandedly.

He was stared at, but he was so reminded of his broomstick that he began to do quite a bit of scares. He flipped the plane upside down, sped up, and then shot down before pulling straight.

"Oh my God," Natalia breathed.

Nick stared, his mind practically shut down. Everyone felt similar, not used to that kind of flying. Sure, some of them flew like that in suits and whatnot, but it's different when they're in a plane and they're not the ones in control.

They will admit that was some damn good flying.

"Harry, mind flying us back? We're going to need some time readjusting our hearts," Tony winced.

"Okay," and just like that, Harry flew back as if he'd done it all his life.

"Hey, we've all got to split to do some errands. Will you be fine at the mansion?" Nick asked, speaking for the others.

Harry nodded, his smile empty and his eyes dark again. Flying had brought up some memories.

"Harry? Are you okay?" Janet asked softly.

"I'm fine. I'll see you later. Good bye," Harry kept smiling, before he turned around sharply and walked away from them.

"Is Harry alright?" Natalia asked as they all stared after him.

"I don't know," Nick shook his head.

Black smoke flew into the air, covering the area. Harry flew down, getting off the broom and stumbling to the ground. He ran towards the building, praying everything was fine.

That people were still alive.

His heart clenched at the sight of Number Twelve Grimmauld up in flames. It was Sirius', no matter what memories or whatever feelings he and his Godfather had about the place. It was still Sirius', and it killed Harry to see it go. It was the last of Sirius he had claimed and knew of.

Still, he hoped the Weasleys', Remus, and whoever else from the Order was fine…and alive.

And yet the cloud of black grew, blurring the area to Harry's eyes. Everything was darkened and the smoke fogged up the area.

A scream pierced the dawn.

Started 3/14/07 –Completed 4/10/07