Chapter 17: Smell ya later...

Hidan is annoyed at the moment. It is probably because his ass burns like hell. Or... maybe it's because of the arm around his waist, restricting his movement. Whatever the reason, Hidan was going to resolve the problem as quickly as he could.

"Get offa me!" he growls and tries to toss the arm off. He glares at nothing then says, "If you're not going to move at leave wake the fuck up!"

He struggles some more against the restraint but the hold on him just tightens. He stops.

"You bastard! You are awake! Move your damn arm!"

"No." Kakuzu chuckles. "What are you so angry about this morning? Wake up on the wrong side of the bed?"

"I don't like sleeping next to someone I had sex with. Now let me up!" Hidan answers.

"Hidan..." Kakuzu mutters threateningly. He really couldn't believe that after everything they'd been through the last month or so, Hidan still wasn't realizing the truth.

Hidan starts getting slightly hysterical. "Kakuzu... I mean it's just se-" He stops and looks down. After a moment he says, "Kakuzu... it's not just sex."

"I know." Kakuzu sighs.

"Well if you know then what the hell is it!?" Hidan yells.

"We are supposed to be together." Kakuzu says solemnly.

Ha ha," Hidan says sarcastically, "very funny Kakuzu. But seriously..."

"I am serious Hidan. I mean, you couldn't even get it up without me and, not that I tried, but I kind of bet it would have been the same for me. We've ruined each other."

When he doesn't get a response for a few minutes he becomes nervous and turns Hidan so he can see his face. Hidan has tears running from his eyes and he looks like he is in pain. Kakuzu grabs his face and asks,

"What's wrong!?"

Hidan rubs his face and glares cutely. "I don't wanna be ruined! I wanna be able to do it any time I want! With anybody I want! I hate you Kakuzu!"

Kakuzu smiles and wipes away a tear aimlessly. He then grabs Hidan's face and kisses him fiercely. He breaks away to find Hidan glaring even harder at him. He laughs and says,

"I think I love you."

When that word comes out of Kakuzu's mouth Hidan freezes. His eyes go wide and his face turns down in a grimace surpassing any he had ever shown. Kakuzu is taken aback.

"Don't say that word!" He hisses.

"Love?" Kakuzu asks, perplexed.

Hidan shudders. "That word is the enemy of everything I believe in. The enemy of Lord Jashin himself! If you must speak it, do it elsewhere and do not relate it to me!"

"Wow... I didn't even know you could be so formal Hidan." Kakuzu stares at a still scowling Hidan then sighs. "I can't believe I never knew you were this cute. All these years I thought you were just stupid, loud and obnoxious but now I think I really do L-O-V-E you." He annunciates every letter and watches as Hidan squirms and claws to get away from him.

"You do NOT love me! Ugh... look what you made me do! I had to speak blasphemy for you! Go die Kakuzu!" and he finally breaks free of Kakuzu's grip and flees from the room.

Kakuzu sits up, pulls out a cigarette and thinks about what to do next.


Hidan runs down the hallway of Akatsuki and, ignoring Deidara asking him what's wrong, goes into his room and slams the door. He is furious and can't stop thinking about what Kakuzu said, one word specifically.

Damn him! How dare he use that word towards me!? And he keeps calling me cute? I'm not fucking cute! I'll kill him dammit!

Ugh... I feel sick just thinking about that word! It's such a horrible feeling just thinking about it. Fuck! My life is ruined! Ruined... he fucking ruined me. I hate him. Hate him, hate him, hate him! He will die! I swear to Jashin-sama he will die!!!!!

Damn... my ass hurts...


"Um, Kakuzu, un?" Deidara asks as he pokes his head through the doorway. "What did you do to Hidan?"

"I fucked him..." Kakuzu starts.

"Well that doesn't seem so bad..." Deidara laughs.

"...And then I told him I loved him."

"Eep!" Deidara squeaks as he gets a terrified expression on his face. "Danna! Come here real quick, un!"

Sasori walks in, looking tired. "What is it?" he asks sleepily.

Deidara looks up nervously and mutters, "Kakuzu said the L-word to Hidan."

"Oh shit..." Sasori says, his face betraying no emotion, like usual, but his voice thick with unease.

Now Kakuzu is even starting to get nervous. Is it really that bad? he wonders to himself as Sasori begins talking.

"Kakuzu... the last time someone told Hidan they loved him... He killed them."

"Just for saying they loved him!?" Kakuzu asks incredulously.

"Well..." Sasori starts. "'s what happened..." Deidara takes over from this point.

"There was a girl, yeah. One night stand, drunk, Hidan didn't even know her name, un. But... she tracked him down and professed her undying love for him, yeah. She was crazed with love, the look in her eyes was not that of a sane person, yeah. At first, Hidan tried ignoring her but she just wouldn't stop..."

Sasori nods and continues from where he was, "Then once, she was all up in his face saying that he had to 'love her back' or some shit. He finally cracked. He slapped her across the face and sent her flying. Then he pulled out his gun, and with a sick smile on his face, shoved it up her mouth and blew her brains out."

He turns to Deidara who is more nervous and says, "Poor Deidara was only about 14 then. He was traumatized. Luckily he got ever it. Now murder isn't such a big deal, right Dei-chan?"

Deidara smiles. "Yeah, un. But... still, that was terrible...yeah."

Sasori sighs and turns back to Kakuzu, "The sad thing is too, I don't think that was the first time something like that had happened to Hidan. Anyway! Point of the story is, don't say the L-word around him anymore. Or ever, for that matter. He caught us saying it once and threatened our balls if he heard it again."

"But don't you love each other? don't you want to say it? You can't tell me you stopped telling each other you loved each other just because of Hidan's stupid religion." Kakuzu almost yells.

Deidara smiles sweetly. "Of course we still say it. We just learned how to whisper." And with a wink he walks out. Sasori follows after him but before he leaves completely he says,

"I'm going to tell you this because you are my friend. Watch your back. He honestly might try to kill you."

They leave Kakuzu in a stunned silence.


"Hmmmmm..." Kakuzu growls to himself. "I almost had Hidan all to myself but then I had to go and ruin it. What a fucking idiot! Doesn't believe in love!? I should kill him for being so stubborn."

He grumbles some more then turns over on his bed and sulks until he hears a knock on the door. He turns back only to be surprised when he finds Hidan standing in his doorway. He thought he was still angry. Then Kakuzu looks closer and notices that Hidan is still scowling deeply and glaring at him.

"What do you want?" he asks.

Hidan struggles. "Just because I'm angry at you and you are saying stupid things... doesn't mean I don't want to still fuck you."

"Really?" Kakuzu asks, surprised.

"Yeah! Got a problem with it!?" Hidan snaps.



"Right." Kakuzu smirks. "I'll come to your room later."


Hidan turns swiftly and walk out of the room. Before he can get too far Kakuzu catches one of his hands and spins him back around to place a chaste kiss on his lips. Hidan glares as his smirk widens and he says,

"You know, having sex is often called... making love."

Hidan pushes away from him then points and yells furiously,


As he storms away Kakuzu yells after him,

"I love you too!!!" then for good measure he adds, "And I will come to your room later!"

Hidan door opens for a fraction of a second so he can call out,

"You'd better!"

Kakuzu walks back into his room with a huge grin on his face. In Hidan's room, he falters for a moment and lets a small smile slip onto his features as well...


The end!

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