Hello Everyone. This is my first pokemon story and my first Pokeshipping story as I am an avid Pokeshipper. R&R if you like it!

Misty Waterflower sat on the edge of the gigantic pool inside of the Cerulean Gym. She looked down at her reflection in the water. Her eyes were aqua in color but devoid of the fire that usually burned brightly within them. Her hair was a deep orange-red. It was out of its characteristic ponytail and now cascaded freely down her back. Misty raised her hand and splashed the water, destroying the image.

Anyone else who looked at her would've said that Misty was beautiful. She saw herself as plain, not ugly but certainly not gorgeous. Her sisters would agree, they'd told her so many times. Her friends never commented on her looks, but she doubted that they would say she was beautiful. Maybe pretty, but not beautiful. Misty sighed heavily. She had long resigned herself to the fact that she wasn't very good-looking.

It was lonely in the gym. Her sisters were never around that long, so she was by herself most of the time. The challengers were all rather weak considering they were just starting out and Misty beat most of them easily. The few that managed to get a Cascade badge from her didn't know that she allowed them to win either out of pity or admiration.

Her routine had gotten repetitive and she was bored out of her mind. Battling held no meaning for her anymore. She could've gone up to the Indigo Plateau and become a Water pokémon Master (or in her case Mistress) without much effort, but then there would've been no purpose in her life for pokémon.

The worst thing about the empty void she now called her life was that she missed her friends. She missed Brock's cooking and his advice. She missed all the love and care Delia gave her. She missed Tracey's quirky personality. She missed her wonderful child pokémon, Togetic. She even missed Team Rocket trying to steal Pikachu. Tears bean to fall from her eyes, muddling her reflection again (though she couldn't see it anyway, as her eyes were clouded by her tears).

Thinking about Pikachu made her think about the raven-haired boy that held her heart. Misty hadn't seen Ash in several years and the only contact she ever got from him was an occasional email or more rarely a phone call. Being away from him tore her apart every day. She knew he was in Sinnoh traveling with a new girl named Dawn, someone who, according to Ash, was nice and beautiful. Misty could never compete with that. She was rash, temperamental, and unattractive.

Misty had often entertained the thought of ending her miserable, and (as far as she was concerned) meaningless existence, but was always too much of a coward to actually go through with it. She believed (foolishly, now that she considered it), that throwing her life away would cause great grief to those close to her. But when she gave serious thought to the idea, she realized that no one would really miss her, at least not for long.

Her sisters would cry for a day or two and then promptly move on with their lives. Prof. Oak and Tracey would mourn her for maybe a few months at most. May and Max probably wouldn't give her death a second thought, considering she hardly knew them. Ash's mother had thought of Misty as a daughter so she knew Delia would be truly devastated, as would Ash and Brock (being her best friends) but even they would eventually forget about her and move on. After that, her existence would be permanently erased from the world's consciousness.

As Misty's mind wandered, she sank deeper into the cold, unforgiving darkness of her depression and loneliness.

No one will care that I'm gone. I'm worthless.

She made up her mind right then to put an end to all the pain. Before she did however, she felt an obligation to at least let her loved ones know of her departure. She trudged up to her room and took out a pen and paper.

Dear friends and family,

By the time you read this, I'll already be gone. I've decided to put an end to this sad state of affairs known as my life. I know some of you will be saddened by this news, but I want you to go on and live out your lives as best you can. I thank all of you for all the friendship, comfort, encouragement, and I dare say, love you've shown me. If you wonder why I'm taking this course of action, I simply don't believe that this life is worth living anymore. It has no purpose. I will miss you all dearly.

All my love, Misty Waterflower

Misty left the letter on her bed and went back down to the pool. She climbed the ladder to the diving board and walked to the edge. This was a fitting way to go into the next world, in the water that she loved so much. She took a breath-her last-and jumped into the pool.