HI everyone cuteveemon is still taking a break but I am filled with story ideas and this one is going to be delicous. So those that haven't figured out who's going to be telling this story is me, gatomon! So let's get this blood trail on the scene! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ch.1 Joke orginazation

I was hanging out at home with a pink shirt on in my blue undies. I was practically bored or becoming. I just finished a story of patamon's way to a digikitty's heart and we were just hanging out. I was in tai's/kari's room just hanging out and I was playing soulcalibur 5 online.

"Heh, no one can beat me. But I think I'll let them live for a while." I said. I then looked out the window, it was nice and sunny and I thought I should go outside but mom was washing our clothes and I wanted to wear some shorts but she was washing them.

So I went out the room and the rest was sitting on the couch watching tv like Couch potatoes. "Hey kari, has mom came back with my clothes yet?" I asked. They were sitting in their PJs and agumon was naked. "Well she should be back, it shouldn't take long." kari replied. "Well where are you going Miss kitty?" agumon asked. "I'm going oput to enjoy the beautiful day unlike you guys, you're going have to be forced out." I responded. "By who?" tai asked. "Mom. of course." I replied.

I began to see if I had some more but then I heard agumon say:"Why what do we have here?!" I didn't know what he was talking about but he picked me up with his bare hands, revealing my blue undies! "Hey hey put me down!" I demanded. "But so blue they be, I can't resist but take a glance!" he said. "Kari, tell agumon to put me down!" I cried.

"Agumon, would you please put the kitty down before she goes kitty beserk?" kari asked. "Well if you say so. Please don't think of me as a pervert, gatomon. Just doing my job, humiliating you in the fun way." he grinned. "Whatever just put me down!" I said. He setted me down gently, I was actually calm for the moment but when I hit the ground............


"Yeeeep!" I squeaked. I thought I was dropping wind bombs already but I saw a pink thing. I got up and it was a whoopie cushion that made the fart sound. "Darn it agumon!" I cursed. Everyone had chuckled a little bit which got me a little irritated but I really didn't care. "Nice joke, agumon. Really slick!" kari complemented. My jaw dropped and kari then said to me:"Sorry, gatomon. I just had to comment when none of us saw that coming!"

Finally mom returned with the clothes. "You guys are just sitting there on such a nice day. Go out and don't come back until lunch, it's too beautiful to miss such a day." mom said. "I will. But mom can you make agumon stop with his jovial jokes?" I asked. "I'm sorry sweetie he's a jovial little boy and it's been a while since he's pulled off a prank and look who I brought!"

From the pile of clothes popped out nekomon. "Gatomon! I'm glad that you want to outside too, come on let's go!" she said. "Wait, nekomon! I gotta put on my shorts first, I can't go in my underwear!" I said, chuckling. "You wear undies, gatomon?" she said, taking a glance. "Those look really cute!" she commented. "Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh thanks!" I smiled. I quickly put on some shorts and we ran off. I didn't want her to comment anymore, that would probably get agumon's attention.

So we to another town's park and hanged out there. "So what's been with you gatomon?" nekomon asked. "Well it's my brother. He started with his stupid jokes again. I know everyone could use a good joke but the problem is he's a joke master!" I told her. "Well it shouldn't be all bad right? He hasn't made you mad or given you a wedgie, has you? You seem as if you're not happy about this." nekomon inquired. "Nah, I would have to throw him out of a window with no bungee cord if he gave me a wedgie. I mean he always does jokes but where the problem comes in is when he does it me." I told.

"So what's the problem?" nekomon asked. "He gets me often! I'm the only one he goes after! I would get him back but I just normally slug him but somehow he slips away from me and out of my kindess my heart I let him go and he thanks me. I just can't get him on my own! I want to play a joke on him and I will finally gotten him back!" I declared.

"Hey baby, you're a new one to these parts." I heard. I looked to my other side and it was a monodramon. "Come on to my place and once I'm done with you............then I'll show you around." he smiled. I glanced at nekomon and nudged her and told her through a look: "Watch this. This dummy doesn't know who he's hitting on." He then grabbed my arm, I slugged him in his face and put where I was sitting on the bench then sat on his face. "A heart of kindness you say....." nekomon said, observing. "Well he's my brother and I do want to get him back. Monodramon began to speak, his mouth was bothering me so I punched him in his stomach. "I know! Why don't you and me pull a prank on agumon that he's never thought of before!" nekomon suggested.

"That's perfect! Just what I was thinking about!" I said, happily. I got up and pushed the stupid boy off of the seat. "What the hell?! No girl has ever done that to me!" he stammered. "Really then watch who you mess with next time! You touch me again and I'll break your arm!" I threatened. "Oh yeah watch me!" he called. He charging towards me. "Do you think we should have gone to taco bell, it be the perfect timing." nekomon commented. "Only last resort only." I reminded.

He charged up to me, I countered by kicking him in his groin and slamming him on the ground and I told nekomon to look away. I would have broke his arms but he didn't touch me. I would have let him go but he slid his hand down my back. My waist was when I stopped him and he dared to touch me so..........................


Of course he screamed in pain so I threw him where I thought a hospital would be. "Now that's over, that's a great idea! I am so gonna get him back, and it will be fufilling." I purred. "Oh yes. There will be pies." Then we laughed and we thought it was fun too.

Me:Gato, gato,gato,gato,gato,gato,gato,gato,gato,gato,gato,gato,gato,gato,gato,gato,gato,gato.................

Nekomon:Neko, neko,neko,neko,neko,neko,neko,neko,neko,neko,neko,neko,neko,neko,neko.................

So there you go the first chapter! And nekomon's line:"Oh yes. There will be pies." was sorta like saw 2 or 3 I can't remember from which one but it was kinda funny for her to say. So just wait until the next chapter........agumon is going to have a taste of his own medicne.