Hey guys the last chapter wasn't supposed to be like that. I didn't save when I was done and I was tired and wanting to get it published so I'm gonna make how it was supposed to be! Get some snacks!

Ch.4 Who wins?

So how it started at first was I was sleeping and I woke up at 6:40 in the morning. Everyone left and me and agumon was the last one left. I think he farted in his sleep, I giggled at that. Luckily I don't, only when I'm awake. He was still the same goofy lovable brother and DEAD VICTIM OF PRANKS!! I was already thinking about going after him.

Anyways I drunk some soda and I burped a little. While he was sleep I decided to drink 4 large cups of soda for a little burping fun. I belched a few times and then I got some clothes on. Nekomon came to my door at 7:15, she was already to go after him. So we gathered the boys and it was nekomon's turn to go after him with a pie gun that cuteveemon let us have from one of his garfield stories that he told to his only live audience before he came here.

She came back and failed and reported that she think agumon's getting suspicious. I shuddered I was up next. "Oh man. I'm up next, if I can't win then I give up!" I flatly said. There was a silence as I began to walk but I faced them. "Come with me, you guys!" I cried. "What? Why?" veemon asked. "I don't want to lose! Please come with me!" I said. Of course they doubted and they said no. Now it was "No more nice cute kitty".

They did came with me, I dragged them all with me. They let me drag them to where agumon was. "Was this drag neccesary?" veemon asked, as he dusted himself off. "Well I had no other choice. Either kindness or force." I growled. While they were dusting them selves off I grabbed them and jumped in a bush.

As soon he crossed the X on the ground he fell into a pit. "Aaaahhaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" he screamed until he hit bottom. "Here we go!" I grinned. I pushed the Red dragon activation button on my little control. He sprang from behind us a let out a roar. The guys jumped and stared at him, I chuckled to myself. I controlled him to go down the pit and he did. "Victory has arrived for this cat!" I smiled. But so I thought......

A flame erupted from the hole and burned my clever dragon to pieces of ash!!!! The ash pieces floated in the air. ".......................my-my-my..........." I couldn't believe what happened, agumon must have set my dragon on fire!!! He climbed out of the hole and scanned the area. "Wow I don't know where that dragon came from, luckily I attacked before it attacked." he smiled. My lips quivered, he destroyed it without hesitating!!! "What do we do now?" veemon asked. "There's only one thing to do." I toppled. I jumped out of the bush and fell flat on the ground.

"I give up! There's no way to beat him! Waaaaaaaaaaahhh!" I cried. A waterfall fell from my eyes, I lost to him! It was so humilating. Me, the cat that will kick any pervert's butt can't even play a revenage joke on my own brother! Agumon of course noticed me and he walked towards while the others walked out of the bush. "I knew it! Nekomon gave all the evidence. I knew all this time that someone was up to something." agumon grinned.

I continued to cry, so humilating it was!!! "So it was you trying to play a trick on me. Nice try but I think fate gave me a hint that something was going on these days. So sadly that you lose, for I am unstoppable." he taunted. I stopped crying but he said a speech that felt like someone threw a boulder at me so I let the river run over again. I began to throw a tantrum, I slammed my fist on the ground. "Dammit, I can never win! NEVER!!!" I cried. "Awww don't cry, gatomon. It's not like it's the end of the world!" nekomon comforted. "Yeah, you know that we're digimon and we live always so you'll be able to get him back!" patamon added. I wiped away my tears and they were right.

"Well that is if she can...." agumon smiled. "Hey wait you!" I called. I got up from my puddle of tears. "I'll get you back right now!" I growled, unstably. "Okay lets see what you can do sis." agumon smiled. I cleaned off my face and smiled at him, cleverly. "You asked for it......." I smiled.

Hand sign~Rump, Girl, Sedeuce, Nude, Sexy!~ I made the last hand sign and........POOF! A cloud surrounded me and my friends couldn't see me. "Gatomon?" they asked. "Oh agumon........" I meowed. For I had turned.............to a cute looking naked lady. My hair was purple and eyes blue. My fur was gone and I was pale skinned. Nekomon, veemon, and patamon jaws dropped and they turned a little red with surprise. The mist covered the back.................but not the front.;)

"Gaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" he shouted. His nose bleeded like 4 puddles until he fainted. I put on my clothes and the mist vanished. But I didn't transform back, I looked at my friends and smiled. "So what do you think guys?" I asked. They were speechless and I noticed agumon waking up, I skipped to him. "Gosh, what was that?" he groaned. I kneeled in front of him and when he saw me I asked:"Want to see 'them' again?" Oh yeah I got some.^^) I began to take off my shirt and he screamed again and ran all the way back home.

I giggled. "Gatomon, is that really you?" I heard veemon said. I looked behind me and my friends were right there. I got up and and bent over to pick him up. "Of course it's me silly!" I said, giving him a hug. He began to blush that he was right on my "chest". I put him down aand when I was just about to transform back to my cat body but.........

"Can I have a hug too?" patamon asked. He was smiling at me and blushing. "Awwww. Okey dokey." I picked him up and put him where the same spot veemon was so he could get some sweet stuff too. I put him down and jumped in the air, not to hig, and converted back. A cloud covered me while I put on my pants and I dropped down. "So how you think I did?" I asked. My shirt floated down and I put it back on, nekomon made the first comment. "That was so...........cute. How did you do that? I didn't see that in the book!" "I know! But that was naruto's sexy harem jutsu so I altered it a bit to a jutsu for me:Naked Sexy girl jutsu!"

Their jaws dropped in surprise. "Well I guess we can go home." I said. "Wait, aren't we to get a kiss?" patamon asked. "Nope, I did that all on my own so I owe you guys nothing. See ya! Come on nekomon." I called. Nekomon came with me as we left. "Awww well at least we had fun......." veemon moaned. Someone tapped them on their shoulders-us. "You think we're gonna leave you unkissed?" I said. Nekomon and I leaped for our friends and gave them a smooch. It lasted over 1 minute and it was getting close to lunch so we decided to go get some lunch, on me and nekomon.

For agumon, still did his jokes but he watches my hand signs, most of the time.


And that's it! I did have many other plans but I forgot about that jutsu. When I first read it I thought it was so childish, not showing anything but the legs and stomach, head but no chest and one day I altered to my level! But I think cuteveemon is ready to make another story! See ya in the next one!^^)